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Madison Tax Group’s team of Enrolled Agents and accountants have years of experience and success in negotiating favorable settlements—sometimes even eliminating all liabilities—giving you a fresh start and an opportunity to get on with your life.


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Frederick S.

28 August 2017

I was$50,000 plus owed to the IRS. After 3 to 4yrs with Madison Tax Group now I owe $2,000. My agent Cory worked hard with me and kept informed on every question and answered that I didn't understand about my case. We developed a good long distance relationship ( I'm in Indiana) He and his staff is a perfect example of what type of service you get from Madison Tax Group. They really help me through some hard times. They really had my back. I was blessed to to have them. I would recommend them to anybody who needs there superb service. A very happy client ********* ******* More...


Claudia P.

24 August 2017

I use to pay my taxes every year. Then things took a turn for the worse in my life. Divorce, a suicide in my family and the death of my mother and sister. I was so devastated that I allowed my tax debt to amount to $20,000. I started receiving letters from the IRS that made my stomach hurt and I couldn't sleep at night. I came across an advertisement for the Madison Tax Group. I made that call and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. The team was so kind to me and worked with me untill this matter was resolved. I highly recommend me them. More...


Mr. Brandon Lee Dedrick of Lubbock Texas....

18 July 2017

To whom it may concern Madison Tax group helped me out of my tax debt. First off, I would like to thank Madison Tax Group for their help and the work completed on my case. I will admit at first I was not aware of how it worked and became very agitated at the pace at which things were going, So I walked away for more than two years without finishing the program. In their constant diligence, Corey T***** reach out to me with a hand of help. I decided to finish the program and continue my payments to them to complete the work. After a couple years and signing different paperwork it was announced to me that all the debt they were taking care of would be cleared from my name. The way it was explained I guessed confused me and I thought that a new balance was accrued. After few weeks of confusion and ignoring their calls I finally got clear information. This explained that 90% of the debt was clear with me owing nothing but the current taxes that accrued during the process, Thus, leaving me a small balance to satisfy with the IRS. They also did a great job with the state taxes which are much more difficult to handle. In the end, I am completely satisfied with the results. I would recommend them to my mother if ever needed. None of this letter nor none of the facts have been changed to make Madison look better. I wrote this with the intent to help inform others that they are trustworthy and capable of completing the job. Your patience and continual understanding is the only thing needed to complete the task. It was not easy nor was it smooth as my ignorance and impatience caused for it to go a little rocky and long for me. Going forward I hope to continue my relationship with this firm as they are a wealth of knowledge and experience that I can use now and the near future. Again, thank you to all the people whom were a part of completing my case. I truly send my deepest thanks and admiration to you guys. Best regards and wishes, ******* *** ******* More...


Yvette C.

20 April 2017

For several year’s back taxes debt has been a panic starting in 2001 to a 401K issues and working with different tax businesses who left me with IRS collection process forms. Madison Tax Group continues to bring me the best service today for all my tax needs since 2013. This team of professionals have my best interest. Their actions still prove great results more so after speaking with the IRS who referred me back to Madison Tax Group my CASE CLOSED. More...


James B.

4 April 2017

My experience with Madison tax has been a life ssaver! I am a contractor and I had not filed in over 10 years but Corey and his team were not intimidated. They have been very professional and my case has turned out beyond all expectations. My debt was reduced by over $40,000 ! Thank you !! More...


Sid S

1 April 2017

I'm self employed and one of the biggest struggles is finding the right person to take care of your tax work. A few years ago I got myself into a jam and ended up owing a considerable amount of money to the state and federal government. Then I found Madison Tax Group and after speaking to them I slept easy for the first time in months. Not only did they save me a lot of money they corrected years of mistakes a self employed person makes while filing taxes. Once I received my clearance letter I was excited and decided Madison Tax Group will do all my tax related work. Not only is the staff professional they go above and beyond to help clients like myself. I highly recommend Madison Tax Group to everyone for their tax related work! More...


Martha R.

31 March 2017

I had a great experience with MADISON TAX GROUP. They really got be out of a big bind it was a nightmare. But if it wasn't for them I would be dead some where's


Melissa K.

31 March 2017

Madison Tax Group is the most efficient and organized company that has handled my taxes. Tax season is such a stressful time for so many people and businesses. Their professionalism and attention to detail reassured me that I made the right move to switching to this company. If you want personal attention and a group of people that work hard to make sure your taxes are prepared the right way then make sure you switch to this company! More...



a. Entering Invoices from vendors
b. Data Entry (Excel Sheets / CRM programs)
c. Bank Reconciliation
d. A/R A/P
e. Build Financial statements monthly
a. Income Statement
b. Balance Sheet
f. A C.P.A reviews and approves of the financial statements at monthly closing.

Tax Resolution

The professionals handling your case with Madison Tax Group have years of experience in providing sophisticated tax defense services.

For Taxes: A licensed Enrolled Agent will oversee your case from start to finish, and will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Their goal is to empower you with the full knowledge of what your options may be. When we are engaged, all communication with the IRS will be handled by an expert with a track record of success, which may include a vastly reduced settlement or even a complete dismissal of all obligations.

For Bookkeeping: Each client has a set Bookkeeper whom works on their account. Our dedicated CPA'S reviews the work on a monthly bases to ensure the client is receiving accurate financials.


Bookkeeping: a. Entering Invoices from vendors b. Data Entry (Excel Sheets / CRM programs) c. Bank Reconciliation d. A/R A/P e. Build Financial statements monthly a. Income Statement b. Balance Sheet f. A C.P.A reviews and approves the financial statements at monthly closing.

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