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Hi - my name is Dave MacLean, and I am a personal trainer, strength coach and Adaptive Bodywork practitioner.

My company is 'MacLean Strength & Performance', and that's exactly what I help my clients achieve - improved strength and an elite level of performance.



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I help my clients achieve their fitness goals by:

1. Running them through a detailed assessment process that paints a total picture of current health & fitness levels at the present time. We address all aspects of the body and fitness: body composition, posture, movement quality, any injuries, current strength levels, current cardio levels, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

2. Designing a customized program based around the results of the assessments mentioned above. When we are not assessing then we are guessing, and your health and fitness is not worth guessing with.

3. Building a base level of strength and movement quality. It's first important to build a solid foundation and focus on the basics. There's no point in adding intensity to training or exercise if someone doesn't have the proper foundation and capacity to support that intensity.

4. Getting stronger. Weh you become stronger, everything improves. You start to build muscle, you start to burn fat, you start to become more flexible, your joints, ligaments and tendons get stronger, your mindset improves, your attitude becomes more positive.

5. Constant progress. Each training session builds on the one previous. It's important to constantly seek improvement, either from lifting more weight, performing more reps, increasing the intensity of the exercise, shorter rest periods, adding more exercise sets to the training session, etc. C

Strength training. Period.

When you become stronger, you build muscle, you burn more calories both during and after your training session.

Focusing on building total body strength through basic compound movements and keeping things basic is definitely the key to getting the body of your dreams.

This is definitely a situation where less is more. Focus on the basics. Get great at the basics.

Find a way to love the challenge of becoming stronger and pursuing strength as a goal.

What I love most about my job is seeing my clients lift heavy weights and overcome their fears of the gym. I love seeing clients become stronger, move better and enjoy the many benefits of strength and conditioning training.

I also love hearing stories about how their lives outside of the gym have greatly improved from the training they've done with me. Being able to run for a longer distance, mountain biking for a longer time, skiing a full day with no issues, playing with their kids and getting burnt out, attracting a mate, having more confidence, raising their mental game and mindset, etc.

While I am an exceptional personal trainer, I am a horrible employee...

I am definitely an alpha and I love to call the shots. I have been self-employed most of my life and cannot see it any other way.

"Once you're out of the Matrix, you're out"...

Bottom line - I get results. Serious results.

I don't mess around with gimmicky training methods. I am always engaged in my clients during a training session. I train both the body and the mind during a session, and I love the game of fitness.

I walk the talk and have a proven track record. Please visit www.macleanstrength.com to see for yourself.


Take your health and fitness to a new level with personal training. Get stronger, build lean muscle, torch body fat, move better, eliminate injuries, become more athletic, have more energy and live a better life. Personal training is the fastest way to achieve your fitness goals. Start with a fitness assessment package so you can figure out exactly where you're at, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what goals you want to achieve. After that, get on a customized training program built specifically for you. Take the guesswork out of fitness and achieve your goals in a fraction of the time it would take you on your own.

Adaptive Bodywork is the most effective method for removing pain, stiffness, chronic stress and adhesions in the connective tissue support system (fascia) on the planet. It's a modality of 'Structural Integration' (think deep tissue massage, fascial stretching) that's totally unique. Practitioners tackle dysfunctional, faulty movement patterns at their root by creating balanced alignment throughout the entire body in a team-like fashion with their client. The work realigns and removes adhesions in the client’s fascial support network, enhancing proprioception and restoring a foundation of quality, functional and pain-free movement. Adaptive Bodywork can be done anywhere (floor, table, chair, field, airport, coffee shop, etc.). It can be applied through clothing and does not require oil, massage tables, candles, dim lighting, incents, etc. The techniques are predominantly done by foot, giving a greater degree of leverage to the client and a sense of balance and ease to the practitioner. All techniques can be regressed for client's who require a more gentle application. The client is always in control, as the work naturally calls for feedback and communication with both client and practitioner. This creates a win/win environment and quickly produces noticeable results in a short amount of time.