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M and J Property Maintenance

London Road, Calne

10 hires on Bark
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M and J Property Maintenance

London Road, Calne

10 hires on Bark


We like to keep our customers happy and we like to please them and keep the prices so the customer is happy as well and give the customer good quality work for the value of the money

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Julie-ann Barrow

3 December 2018

Started jobs, never finished any of jobs paid for. Dirty messy worker when bothered to turn up did one job and made another two with poor workmanship. A compulsive lair who never works more than a few hours a day. We £1200 and having to pay again to correct all his bad work. This men is a real cowboy, save yourself grief and money. Don’t hire this man. More...



9 November 2018

No doubting this guy's heart is in the right place.

However, I run a small non-profit company and had to terminate business with this guy.

The arrangement was monthly however, only 2 weeks following the first visit, he turned up and performed work totally unannounced then, immediately started demanding money.

When asking for an invoice for the works, as per HMRC requirements, he didn't produce one. In the space of 24 hours, I was harassed with 19 emails and 22 text messages for payment (even though I still hadn't been given an invoice to pay).

Really unprofessional and not acceptable from a company standpoint, performing works which were not requested.



1 August 2018

It's been weeks now since cancelling this job, and after endless times of Being let down and constantly being let down with empty promises in do ing the job , and weeks Of being messed around by him , we are still waiting for him to pay us our money back that he had asked for as a deposit again and yet againjust constant excuse's ,we are so fed up with being messed around by him we are now taking this matter further , want people know what a bad experience we have had .



22 July 2018

An absolute waste of time he promised to come and every time you made excuses he's taken a deposit on and is refusing to pay it back he's been an absolute nightmare I would recommend him to anybody,and he doesn't deserve any writing but I have to put a star because it won't let me go forward with this post otherwise he would score nothing



18 July 2018

The work was done to a high standard and at a good price. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was that the work wasn't done on the day agreed as there was a problem with his van and he couldn't get at his tools.



17 July 2018

We employed this trader and lost a not insignificant amount of money after he absconded without completing the work and stole materials. This individual's real name is Joe Bonner from Comet Crescent in Calne. Just google Joe Bonner Comet Crescent Calne and see what comes up. We are one of many people who have County Court Judgements against him. More...


L Smith

17 July 2018

I would not recommend !! After weeks of not turning up and cancelling appointments he finally turns up and rushes through the jobs. The work was so poor that we found a puddle of water in our downstairs hallway the following morning, M & J Property maintenance refused to come back out to fix the problem and left us to deal with the damage.

Very unprofessional and poor service!!



14 July 2018

We employed this trader to do a lot of work on our house and paid up front but after starting the work he left and didn't return. Repeated phone calls from us to him resulted in excuse after excuse. In the end we obtained a county court judgement against the trader. We found the address he gave us was false. More...



7 July 2018

I left a review before for the first job he’s done for me (fixing a tap) and he was ok then. After i asked him to do another job, he showed his true colours. He cancels his appointment, and keep asking money. So PLEASE avoid this man at all cost. He’s very unprofessional, just want your money and do a substandard job. I was so disappointed with his work that i ended up fixing the mess he’s left behind. I do not recommend this person. He’s very dodgy. More...

Never worked



2 July 2018

All good. Very friendly and tidy worker.



28 June 2018

Employed Joe Bonner, the map behind M&J Property Maintenance to paint the outside of our house and ended up obtaining a county court judgement against him after he ran off with our money without completing the work. Discovered he used false name and address; and used the wrong paint. In fact he left the house in a mess with paint all over the windows. Reported him to Wiltshire Trading Standards who have a very large file on Joe Bonner, from many other victims. Discovered he has many other CCJs against him and owes money all over the place. More...

I have never worked for the man All what you saying about me is a little lies


Ben and Charlotte

23 June 2018

The painting work M and J Property Maintenance did was satisfactory on the whole, however they left significant paint marks where the walls met the ceiling - something we would not expect of a professional painter.

The conduct and communication of M and J Property Maintenance was extremely poor and unprofessional. Since hiring M and J Property Maintenance, we were bombarded with text messages sporadically, suddenly demanding payment urgently and then imposing problems upon us which were none of our concern; such as the painter's vehicle problems, and the painter providing us with ongoing commentary regarding the ordering of the paint.

Most concerning was within 45 minutes of completing the work, we were inundated with numerous text messages demanding immediate payment within the next 30 minutes despite the fact we were driving and unable to make the payment until at a computer later that evening (and despite the fact there was no invoice). The conduct and manner of communication was very odd and disappointing, and of a kind we have never experienced.

It was a simple painting job M and J Property Maintenance were hired for, but their relentless messages and communication was unprofessional and inappropriate.



10 May 2018

Well mannered and knew his job .



22 April 2018

Have not used him yet, but will meet him on to discuss.



11 April 2018

Never ever hire this person! We were in a rush and wanted someone to start the job on Friday and finish it by Sunday. We were absolutely clear about our timescales and told him that he should take the job only if he thinks he can finish them by Sunday. He agreed to that. However, rang us the previous day that he cant make it due to an unfinished job. We stated that we were clear about the timescales upfront and we absolutely need it done by Sunday. He assured us that he will come on Friday. However, he sent an email on Friday an hour before he was supposed to come that he cannot make it! He came on Saturday and did less than 50% of the job and that too was rushed, incomplete and substandard. We insisted that we absolutely wanted all the jobs agreed, to be completed by Sunday and he again assured us that he will do. Sunday morning messages us that he will be a bit late..then rings us saying that he will come in the evening and will finish the job on Monday! We were absolutely frustrated especially after insisting him so much on the need to finish the job by Sunday. So we told him we do not want him to continue doing any jobs. By this time, we had already paid him more than 50% of the agreed amount where he had barely finished anything. On top of that, he kept demanding extra money! We are really frustrated with his approach- constant delay, utter unprofessionalism, unfinished and below standard jobs.. We are now left in a pickle to finish the jobs..I cannot stress enough to avoid him!! More...



28 February 2018

I felt the job was very rushed and ovepriced as he was only here for 15 minutes and charged me £100. However, the finished result appears to be ok.

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