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I am a personal trainer based in Glasgow. I offer face-to-face training from ARC Gym at Glasgow Caledonian University, right in the city centre. I also offer online personal training using the excellent app, PT Distinction. Please see my mini-site at https://www.


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Andrea Musleh

30 July 2019

I do Lynne’s spin class at Clydebank Leisure Centre and it’s a great wee class. Ur encouraged all the way through and everything is clearly explained throughout the class


Kathleen Fitzpatrick

10 January 2019

Went to my first bootcamp session at Queens Park this morning....really enjoyed it.


Dawn Donnelly

10 January 2019

Jst been to my first boot camp with Lynne in Queens Park....hard work but fun and laughter a plenty..definitely going back..booked for 2wks time when I'm not working � More...


Terry Nimmo

10 January 2019

I really enjoyed the bootcamp class on Sunday morning in Queens park. What a fantastic way to start a Sunday. 6 folk at the first class but I'm sure it will grow each week. Lynne was a terrific instructor very encouraging and inclusive to all. A lovely bunch to train with. The 1 hour session flew by, the park is such a great setting. Thank you so much Lynne. More...


Jennie Morgan

10 January 2019

Did my first ever boot camp with Lynne today as part of 'Our Parks'. Lynne is really welcoming and encouraging, and makes the class suitable for all abilities by giving options for exercises. I was nervous about giving it a go, but I enjoyed the class and even managed a few laughs in between the puffing and huffing (good to feel like I was working hard). Thanks Lynne! More...


John Reid

10 January 2019

Attended my first Running Club session with Lynne at SWEAT Union Glasgow, and her passion and enthusiasm for running certainly pays dividends as she works you hard to make sure you can reach your full potential and get the rewards you deserve.

I've always liked running but always mapped out my own plan, from what I've seen so far, Lynne is going give you the opportunity to put more structure around any plans you've got.

Look forward to learning more Lynne and working my socks off, with the others who take the class.


I listen carefully to your fitness needs / goals and design you a bespoke, progressive exercise programme totally fitted to your lifestyle and aspirations. I do my best to make sure that you'll enjoy the workouts I design for you, as that way you're much more likely to stick to your programme and see great results. I'm a great believer in sensible, sustainable lifestyle changes that are right for you - absolutely NO fad dieting advice here.

Do exercise that you enjoy at least three times per week.

Eat sensibly and make healthy food choices the majority of the time. You can definitely enjoy treats like chips / desserts too, so long as you're eating good quality, fresh, nutritionally-dense food at least 80% of the time.

Drink plenty of water. Try to drink less sugary and/or fizzy drinks and less alcohol.

Seeing people begin to love exercise and gain more confidence in the gym / in classes.

Helping clients to achieve specific goals. I have trained several of my fellow runners and have helped them to improve their personal best race times - it's a fantastic feeling when they report this back to me and credit me with contributing to at least some of their progress!

Getting to know my clients.

When teaching fitness classes - seeing a whole class of people enjoying my class and really going for it! One of the best feelings in the world!

I wanted to be able help as many people as possible and being able to set my own schedule enables me to do this more effectively.

My current clients tell me that I have a lovely smiley manner and am great to work with! They say that I quickly put them at their ease and am super-easy to get on with. I'm not in any way scary! :D I will push you where I think pushing you will really benefit you, but I will never insist that you do anything you're uncomfortable with. I promise to give you sensible, realistic and sustainable nutritional advice - no fad diet advice here, ever. Similarly with your fitness programme - I will design a programme for you and I will ensure it fits into your lifestyle, I will guide and advise you to the best of my ability but ultimately the commitment you give to your progamme is up to you. I totally understand this and get that 'life happens' sometimes. No scary 'sergeant major' stuff here!

I would absolutely love to help you with your fitness goals!