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Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events

Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events locationCandlelight Manor Mobile Home Estates, Florida

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Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Tara Hawkins
5 16/06/2018 Tara Hawkins

I just have to take a moment to express what a wonderful experience I had purchasing my wedding dress from Lyndsey Roberts' shop! I worked with Hannah, and she was amazing! Friendly, funny, so sweet, and overall just a pleasure to have helping me pick out my dress for my big day. She was quick to make helpful suggestions and give me different ideas of what could work for me. The dress I ended up purchasing was my dream dress - so beautiful and so intricate! When I went to pay for it and saw it was literally half the price of dresses that are not even half as nice at big bridal stores, I was blown away. I would highly recommend Lyndsey Roberts' shop to any bride looking for her dream dress, both for the gorgeous dresses and for the excellent service.

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Eva Mullins
5 05/06/2018 Eva Mullins

I have worked with Lyndsey on several weddings and from my experience she puts her heart and soul into what she does! Nothing is perfect and anyone planning any event should always keep that in mind. The best anyone can do is try to fix the issue as best as you can! It should be illegal to post a bad review if you aren’t the client of that business. I have watched Lyndsey work hard in her business and has grown fast. You do not have the business she has by screwing people over or being unprofessional. Keep up the great work Lyndsey! I am proud of what you have done!

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Ashley Santana
1 18/04/2018 Ashley Santana

Waste of our time and money, very disappointed with our wedding photos and horrible customer service! This review is long overdue, I just couldn’t find it in me to write it because I did have so much anger with the outcome of our wedding photos. I would write out our whole situation in detail but it would be a very long read, so instead I am going to bullet point what happened to us. The pictures that they took of our wedding didn’t capture the moments. When you look at your wedding photos you should be able to re-live that day or moment as you look at each picture and when I look at our wedding pictures I get so upset because they are that bad! Why you shouldn’t use Lyndsey Roberts as your wedding photographer.

-Told us what we wanted to hear-her customer service was very disappointing and felt like she was talking down to us
-Fake passion (seemed like she had interest in us and our wedding day)-she made us feel like we didn’t matter after the first visit.
-Talked negatively about other customers in front of us
-Was not prepared for our wedding (I heard Lyndsey say to the other photographer at our wedding during post ceremony pictures say “Did you bring the other lenses/flashes?” “No did you?”) They weren’t prepared for the colder Florida weather either (she kept saying her camera wasn’t working in the cold and it felt like we were so rushed through pictures because of it)
-On her cell phone a lot during our reception (we have video of it)

Let’s talk about the photos!
-Our package we purchased was top 200 EDITED photos BUT we received over 300 photos in an album and only 5 were edited!!
-We had to speak up about her editing our photos because that’s what the package included. Instead we received a lot of blurry and just horrible pictures!
-Not only did we have to go through every single photo and pick some that we wanted to make sure were edited but we also had to go in to her shop and show and tell her how to edit our pictures!!!!! FYI: we don’t have one good picture of our first kiss...Not one straight on picture that captures that moment.
-Gave us story after story after story after story why our pictures weren’t ready
-The lighting in all our pictures was so off...inside pictures all seemed too mush flash making us white as casper or no flash making it look yellow/blurry
-We didn’t receive our pictures until 10 months later and let me remind you they were horrible!!
-Never responded to my emails and I ended up Facebook messaging her and half the time she didn’t respond either

Please save your money and spend it on a different me it’s worth spending more money on quality photos!!!

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Julia Leonard
5 04/03/2018 Julia Leonard

Without an appointment, with a wedding going on, Lyndsey assisted me and my future MIL, future SIL, sister, and daughter with finding the PERFECT dress. Lyndsey and her staff were SO personable. It was a perfect experience. Her venue is lovely as well! I highly recommend this bridal shop and venue!

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Jordan Winfield
1 09/02/2018 Jordan Winfield

Her credit card was run November 8th. You didn't call until days after Christmas saying the dress was in. She called you multiple times at the end of November asking for the tracking number. I don't know how someone can pick up a dress on December 28th and get it altered by January 4th for the wedding. We DON'T want the dress. WE NEVER ordered 2 or wanted 2 dresses.

I don't know what calendar you're looking at but November 8th when it was bought to after Christmas isn't three weeks. Go back to when you hung up on her at that wedding on a Saturday you attended and the dress still wasn't in.

December 16th we have a screenshot of your worker saying "the designer said your dress will be here by Christmas still waiting on tracking number". If there was a way to attach an image to this review, I would. So as mentioned, it wasn't in after 3 weeks as nov 8 to dec 16 is 5 1/2 weeks.

My review stands and I wish I could give zero stars for you hanging up on her, not fixing the situation and making up dates on your response.

My mother ordered a dress from here and it was extremely subpar. When the dress took longer to get in, she asked for a refund to which the owner said "not gonna happen" and hung up. Run by the most unprofessional owner I've ever encountered. She's out $100+, didn't get the dress, rush ordered another dress for the early January wedding.

Don't buy from here. Don't even bother calling. It's a waste of your time, patience and money. You will stress that it won't arrive. You will be hung up on if she doesn't feel like communicating with you, THE CUSTOMER. Just be prepared for a hassle if you do business with her, there needs to be major improvements.

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Rose Romanough
5 08/02/2018 Rose Romanough

Lyndsey was really great with helping me find my wedding dress, I tried on a ton of dresses and I finally was able to narrow it down to two dresses then my mom came in with me and I had my big "yes!!!" moment! I'm so grateful for the one on one experience I had at lyndseys shop, her and her staff were very respectful and understanding while helping us!

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Justin
5 08/02/2018 Justin

I went their with my girlfriend before prom to get a dress for her. They were very nice and had a lot of dresses to choose from

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Britanny Cosway
5 19/01/2018 Britanny Cosway

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! It is so sad to see all the bad things that have been said about this business because from my experience, it was absolutely nothing but the best. Lyndsey was very patient with me as I was extremely last minute with my wedding. Everyone was very accommodating to my needs and made the planning very easy going. Her staff helped me find the Yes dress that Lyndsey created herself that my guests were in awestruck by. We had our wedding at the venue that she transformed into a winter wonderland. She created beautiful centerpieces, flower arrangements along with everything else that went so well. It was perfect in every way possible. She minimized the stress that I previously felt at a unfathomable level. I can repeatedly say thank you thank you thank you for making my day a unforgettable and delightful experience. Will be sending every bride to be to you!

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Alana Robinson
1 03/11/2017 Alana Robinson

This is by far the worst company ever!!! I ordered 5 bridesmaid dresses from this company got them custom ordered we all got measurements done when we picked up the dresses every single one was not fitted correctly by no means. The worst experience ever owner Lindsey blamed us refused to help in any way with alterations saying regardless they still need to be tailored. When an employee named Marissa even gone the phone personally with me and said yes we had to have been measured wrong. The measurements on paper don't even match the dress measurements. They even admitted the girl who measured us was fired. So after spending 150 on dresses we now have to spend additional hundred for alterations on all five each. Save your money go elsewhere don't waste your time only person who was helpful was Marissa who offered to have the dresses come back and get altered per their cost Lindsay denied the help

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Kimberly Robinson
1 02/10/2017 Kimberly Robinson

She stole 1500.00 from me and did nothing for me. Please don't let her take your money. She is not a professional. She is a crook. She deserves no stars.

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by jenna fairchild
1 31/05/2017 jenna fairchild

The only bad part about planning my sisters wedding was working with Lyndsey Roberts for our dresses. She did my measurements only (Because I am the only bridesmaid/MOH who lives in FL) and my dress came in THREE inches too short. So two of Robert's employees re-did my measurements and compared them to the original measurements, and they were entirely different. Roberts employees were humiliated! They re-ordered my dress with the correct measurements, it came in and fit me, but it was purple and the rest of the dresses are pink. Lindsey said that it wasn't her fault it came in a different color when my sister and I kindly asked what we could do about a refund. We didn't have the option to order a new dress, it was weeks before the wedding and the bridesmaids dresses were different colors. My sister TRIED explaining this to Roberts as Roberts rudely talked over my sister, then yelled "YOU ARE NOT GETTING A REFUND" then pointed to the door and walked away.
Roberts is non-compliant, completely unprofessional, and childish.
Roberts should not be in this business because she is not fit to work with brides, she does not care that they are preparing for the most important day of their lives.

Review of Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events by Alexa Norris
1 30/05/2017 Alexa Norris

I wouldn't recommend getting a dress through her if my life depended on it. I ordered a bridesmaid dress (as did all the other girls in the wedding party) and it was by far the worst experience I've had with a dress. I ordered the dress TO MY MEASUREMENTS! It came in too short, and the bust was about 45 inches around fitting only a DD (I'm an 34B). It was awful. Did I mention she gave us the dresses about 2 weeks later than she said she would.

So I take it into a seamstress to get it tailored (because It looks like I'm wearing a trash bag it's so huge) and the seamstress literally laughed out loud at the dress and said, and I quote, "this is the worst dress I've ever seen in my life." Loose strings, poor stitching, uneven hem (longer in the front than in the back), and of course the hysterically large top. So she decides to take out the bust padding because there was boning in the dress (and they made my boobs look like I had a huge crease down them). She had sown TWO DIFFERENT SIZE AND COLOR PADS IN THE FREAKING DRESS! The seamstress cracks up again and starts showing the other workers who begin to laugh as well. It was awful. Thankfully this seamstress is a saint and made it look halfway decent. But it cost me 80 dollars on top of the huge expense for the dress.

I wouldn't even recommend Lyndsey Roberts to my worst enemy.
Whatever you do, don't get a dress through her...

Lyndsey Roberts Photography & Events

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