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Many of the wealthiest people and largest businesses in the world are in a lower tax bracket than you. To repeat that, many of the wealthiest people and largest businesses in the world are in a LOWER tax bracket than YOU. In fact, multi-billionaire Warren Buffet is fond of boasting about how "his tax rate is lower than his secretary's" and he rarely pays more than 15% in taxes each year.


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10 April 2019

I set up a phone call with Marcus recently and he took the time to answer and explain my questions with out a problem. He was very honest and gave me a complete understanding on my tax questions.


Neil Coles

28 January 2019

Marcus Luster is a superb professional! We are currently engaged with his team, and off to a smooth transparent start. His consulting team is versed with all new changes in the tax law, and their clear guidance for our company needs has been comforting and exceptional.


Amy Woolley Wright

12 December 2018

I needed help and I needed it fast. Marcus Luster jumped right in and made it happen. AND, he saved me money on my taxes to boot! He was extremely professional, patient and made my experience very pleasant. (Not normally what you feel dealing with taxes). I recommend Luster Tax Consulting 100%! More...

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Tax Planning
Tax Resolution
Tax Preparation
Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable

It is vital because in order for businesses and business owners to reach their goals they need to have an experienced and knowledgeable accountant supporting them and making sense of their financials to ensure they are on track to reaching their goals.

I love that I get to work with people and help them achieve their goals by saving them money and making them more profitable.

I felt as though I could help more people if I went into business on my own.

When was the last time your accountant gave you a call in August and said, "hey, here's something that I found may save you money in taxes and put more money in your own pocket"? We are PROACTIVE tax planners that specialize in using IRS-tested strategies to save our clients tax money at an affordable price.



Tax planning is the practice of utilizing IRS-tested strategies and loopholes to reduce an individual's or business' tax liability.

Tax preparation is the process of preparing tax returns, often income tax returns, for individuals and businesses.

Bookkeeping involves the recording, storing, and analyzing of financial transactions for a company, nonprofit organization, individuals, and the like.