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Anthony Falcon

28 March 2019

Love the food. New here.


Don Johnson

28 December 2018

Awesome meals


Kidd Hype

27 May 2018

Enjoyable Experience!


cathy tamayo

27 May 2017

Very good


Miss F.

19 January 2017

Changed from bad review  to 4 stars because Rich, the owner personally called and we spoke. Accountability goes s long way in my book. Good man. Owned the mistakes I experienced and walked me through their usual process which is to make fresh food and deliver it on time. He cares. So 4 stars and I will be back!! More...


Peggy L.

4 December 2016

Ordered from these folk for the first time for an office lunch--we're out-ot-towners and needed something quick. They were on time, the food and presentation were exceptional, and it tasted so much fresher and better than from other places we've ordered from in the past. Loved the fresh salsa and  picked some ip from Western last nite. The ladies were friendly and easy to deal with, and our office looks forward to using them next time our company is in town. More...


Casey A.

23 October 2015

I used Lunch Box Express to cater breakfast for a company gathering. They were recommended by my coworker and I was quite pleased with the food/service. I ordered the frittata (bacon & veggie) and it came with potatoes, muffins (two types), orange juice and coffee. I wish I would have taken a picture of the table. It was set up very nicely and it was a great surprise for my coworkers. The delivery/set up was on time (7:00am). Which I was a bit nervous about given the early start time. The best part is that we received a ton of compliments on the food which isn't easy when you are feeding over 45 people. We will definitely use them again. More...


Desiree Rierson

28 May 2015

Fast, efficient, great food. We use them for almost all of our luncheons.


Legendo Merch.

28 May 2015

Fast and efficient! I recently discovered this service and frankly, I wasn't expecting much.My company made a medium sized order for a business party in which we participated in small groups. The group received different kinds of appetisers and packed lunches during the meeting. I personally moved from group to group every couple of minutes because of my current position in the company. That been said, I had the opportunity to taste all of the goods that were served. The packing and the display were out standing! The dishes had a "home made" great taste. Wonderful experience, will defiantly order again ! More...


Jessica T.

16 April 2015

I've used Lunch Box Express several times over the last few months for work meetings and I am very happy. I have a lot of out of office lunch meetings that require both lunch and drinks; the Seminar Lunch is perfect since it includes water (there are other options too). The lunches come in a nice heavy duty box with everything inside. When I bring these lunches out, people who've had them before are happy!  They like the pretty packaging, fresh food and they love the two cookies. Everything is handmade, smells and looks fresh. I never have any leftovers! Their customer service is great too; I've worked with both Angie and Rich and they are both very nice and super helpful. I will be using them a lot in the future for both work and personal events. Check them out and support local businesses! More...


Shirley B.

30 July 2014

I recently used Lunch Box Express to cater for a group of 30 on a bus trip. The food was well received by my travelers, the box lunches were delivered to our bus on time the morning of the trip ( very helpful when planning a busy day to be able to eliminate the pick up of food ) Chris was easy to work with when we did our ordering and the prices was very resonable, especially considering the quality and serrvice. I will use them again!


Jessica E.

23 January 2014

Lunch Box Express has come to our office a couple of times and it is delicious and the veggies are always so fresh! The owner Rich is one of the nicest people. Great food and great company I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a grea tcatering company. More...


Hey H.

2 February 2013

I tried this place because it looked like the food wouldn't make me fat even if I ate it every day. I understand when dinner spots get a pass on the fat factor because "it's not a regular thing." Well I am not so good about packing lunches, which means eating lunch out for me is a regular thing. Taco trucks and Subway just don't cut it.So I found Lunch Box Express, and I am very pleased. Are there some downsides? Sure. But I'll start with the good stuff.First, the menu consists of soups, sandwiches, salads, and wraps (might be other things, but I haven't noticed). I haven't had a wrap yet, so I won't talk about those.Of those items, the salads are the best. fresh ingredients, good variety, dressing always on the side (a huge plus, as I go light on my dressing). Every salad I have had so far has been excellent and delicious.The soups are also good, so I get soup and salad combinations (price: $7.50). Overall the soup is pretty decent. It tastes like it is homemade, but some of the soups have some downsides. First, the holding temperature might be a bit too high for some of the ones that feature vegetables, because I've had some overly mushy vegetables a few times. On the flip side, I've had potato soup with underdone potatoes. But the soups are usually not so salty (from a health perspective, that's a plus for me).I have had the sandwiches only a few times, but I don't like them very much. Similar to Subway, the bread:meat ratio is way off. Too little meat for how much bread you get. I'll probably try the wraps in the future.But any negatives of the food are easily outweighed by the fresh and natural quality of the food. When I have a soup and salad, my stomach is happy and I can coast through the rest of the workday. And that is all I need.The good food is further helped by the very friendly staff and excellent service. Everyone who works there is nice and courteous. And also this: the food is brought to your table. That's a nice touch, and it really adds to the personal feel of the place.To sum it up: good salad and good soups that won't make me fat, served to me by really friendly people. That makes for a place I like to frequent. More...


Corin C.

19 October 2012

My business is just down the street from these guys and wow are they life saver. In what has become a food desert in the River District these guys are the only  healthy food left. So next time you are in this area and you think about going to McDonald's or Denny's, instead pop over to Lunch Box Express and get yourself a healthy sandwich made from fresh ingredients. Your body will thank you. More...


A Google User

22 September 2011

Lunch Box Express is an excellent little café nestled in an industry park within walking distance from the Greyhound station. After 24 hours on a bus from Vancouver, and ready for a 2 hour layover, their hospitality really made my day! Free refills and free WiFi - that's two things I love about California. Staff were very helpful, and even let me stay after their official 3 pm closing time, since they'd be packing up until 5 pm. For a half-sandwich and a fountain drink, $5 is good value. Come here if you can! More...

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