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Jayla B.

7 August 2018

So delicious and with so many options! Great quality! Lumpia's are like eggrolls, but often much better. They are one of my new favorite things. We are so lucky to have places that offer lumpias, but a food truck dedicated to them? Yes, Thank You!!! The Caribbean (ve) with sweet potatoes, black beans, cilantro, etc and it's really great and quite filling! And of course, it's served with beautiful tasty mango sauce. Really enjoyed the savory crab rangoon, definitely should try if you enjoy rangoon's! And I adore the jalapeƱo popper, simple idea often made but rarely this delicious. That cheese. If your a crispy fan like me, try this food truck, you won't regret it. Super affordable, very friendly staff, and awesome food. Follow them on social media to find out where they are! They often travel outside of Wichita too! And if you are a really big fan, if you order like 10 lumpia- you can sign the truck! More...


Lady S.

23 July 2018

We caught this food truck outside Exploration Place this weekend and it was fantastic. Fast, inexpensive, something for every taste. We had the crab Rangoon rolls, they were really tasty and came with a zippy sauce that complemented the cheese just perfectly. They'll be my go-to if I see them out again from now on that's for sure. More...


David T.

9 June 2018

Stumbled across Lumpiapalooza by fate today at the art museum. Being 1/2 Filippino, I had to try it out. I purchased four, 1 for me, and 3 for my mom. My mom is full Fillipino, and it passed her critique. In fact, she ate one and got out of the car to give props. In the mean time, I ate another one instead of giving it to my mom. LOL Very good! We purchased the original, but I look forward trying the other flavors. More...


Sanaz M.

30 August 2017

What a treat! This place actually drove out of its way to our office and sat outside all during lunch for the employees to enjoy. It appeared to be a husband and wife team working super hard behind the counter to serve you nothing but the best Lumpias! They had regular and desert flavored ones. The Nutella banana filled one was absolutely as good as it sounds. I love Nutella so pretty much put that on anything and it's good. A few of my friends ordered a handful of different ones and the owner did a good job differentiating them by wrapping them individually with a sauce that parked well with it, then even wrote the name of each one on the outside of the wrapper. If you find this food truck try them out! Their pretty good. If you order ten you can be one of the lucky people who get an opportunity to write on the truck. More...


Stephanie S.

17 June 2017

Really tasty! It's basically anything and everything stuffed into an egg roll. We tried the Mississippi pot roast, Caribbean, original, jalapeno popper, buffalo chicken, and outrageous peanut butter cup. The Mississippi pot roast was to die for. We wished we'd just bought six of those. The original, buffalo chicken, and jalapeno popper were really good. The Caribbean and peanut butter cup were not great. But I wish I had a plate of Mississippi pot roast lumpia right now! More...


Brad S.

19 May 2017

LumpiaPalooza is the perfect example of how to execute a food truck: specialize in one specific food; offer a food that's foreign and hard to find, but still easily relatable (lumpia is basically just a Filipino egg roll); and offer a lot of variations on that one core specialty. You'd get funny looks if you went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered nothing but egg rolls; at LumpiaPalooza, it's the status quo. There's usually around five savory and three sweet lumpia to choose from. The ones that are cheese-based are fine, but a little boring: the jalapeno popper lumpia was mostly mozzarella cheese and didn't go too far towards selling the concept. The ones with meat are more substantial, especially the Mississippi roast flavor, which was packed with a hearty amount of pot roast, ranch, and cheese. The original is a well-seasoned mixture of ground beef and vegetables, and what it lacks in buzzwords it makes up for in well-seasoned filling (it's also longer that the more adventurous flavors). While it doesn't have meat, but I liked the sweet potatoes and black beands in the Caribbean one, too. Each one is pared with its own different dipping sauce, too, from ranch to different kinds of salsa. They're only like $2 each, too, so you can buy one of the whole menu if you're feeling adventurous. There's only two ways these lumpia could get screwed up: the seasoning of the filling and how well they're fried. The seasoning was never an issue, and neither was the fry job: all lumpia were had a satisfyingly crispy exterior. There's nothing else to LumpiaPalooza, and that's the genius of it: they do one thing, they do it well, and they have fun with it. Altogether it makes for one of Wichita's best-executed food trucks. More...