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LucidSynergy Ltd.

Bury St. Edmunds, Mid Suffolk, Suffolk

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LucidSynergy Ltd.

Bury St. Edmunds, Mid Suffolk, Suffolk



We are a full service creative services company with 30+ years of experience in the industry. We are approachable, understanding and straight-talking and most importantly we listen to you and help you find the right solutions for your business.


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2 May 2019

This company gets to know your business and is then able to offer a really professional personal service. I can highly recommend them.

23 July 2016

excellent service fast delivery could not fault it
am talking with chris on some other work i would like him to do
for me

Thanks Pete, pleasure working with you.

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One that is fit for purpose and communicates the clients requirements in a clear and easy to understand way for their respective customers.

Tell us about your business? What do you need the project to achieve for you? What's your budget on this project?

A clear and concise brief as to what is required. This will help the design process and in the long run ensure that your money is invested in the best possible way.

Able to cater for all types of printing, brochures and catalogues being the major part of our print projects.

Listen to the clients goals for the particular project, gather as much informations as possible, go away and think about it, advise on cost implications and if the client is good to go we will start working on the project. As for the creative process that will vary depending on the project, a logo is not the same as a brochure!

As much relevant information as possible and an idea of budget.

It's not a job, it's a passion. We like helping our customers find solutions to their business problems so they can achieve their desired goals.

Freedom to control our own destiny as much as is possible and self-reliance on our skills and knowledge to help others.

Experience and because we'll be looking out for our customers best interests as far as their requirements and budget are concerned. Most of our existing customers have been with us for years. When we take a new customer on board we like to think it's for the long term.



Design for print, web and laser processed manufacturing.

We offer a number of web solutions to suit your needs, please call to discuss your requirements and we'll find the right solution for you.

Laser cutting on a wide and diverse range of materials, due to the nature of this service it's probably best to call to discuss.

Laser engraving on a wide and diverse range of materials and products. We can also provide artwork services to get your idea engraved on your product, be it a one off or multiples. As above it's probably best to call to discuss your specific project.

We offer a social media management service to help you promote your business across the major social media channels. For a free demo please visit the following website and use the details below to log-in: http://social.lucidsynergy.com/demo/login Username: Your email address