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Custom software development house based in Cape Town. We build in C#, PHP, TypeScript and other languages targeting servers, mobile devices and browsers.

developers of clicktopurchase.com
- the World's First AI Bot Auctioneer which sold a property, exchanging digital contracts and anchored the audit trail in a blockchain.

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27 May 2018

Nice friendly people. They know what they doing.

27 May 2016

We are a high quality, cost effective solution for custom software partnership.


Building software and related technologies is a passion for all of us. I have assembled a team of developers who are incredibly passionate about creating things. Software is the new clay, the new woodworking shop, the new skillset. We love making and creating and living in our client's apps.
Every month is something new. I have no idea, what you need, and what your idea is, but trust me, we will help you make it better. We apply our experience to your idea and realize it. At lucid, we have this saying, You dream, We create. Thats what we love doing.

I started Lucid Ocean, after working for a large Japanese company. I decided to build an e-learning platform and get stuck in, building apps for others. That was 2004, now the passion is still there, because we build such a diverse range of applications.
At Lucid ocean, we can do all kinds of stuff, property developers, digital signatures, evens planning, bursary programmes, education, blockchain, ecommerce. I started my own business so I could work for a diverse set of people and ideas. I cant wait to build the next one.

We are passionate, driven and we care about the infinite game, the win-win. We enjoy long term partnerships and we constantly challenge ourselves to be better. We look out for your interests.



We develop hand crafted websites

We develop website PWA's

We develop IOS, Android, Web hybrid applications

We develop REST API's

We develop frameworks and platforms

We develop complete ecosystems for applications