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We are an Architectural and Interior design practice specialising in high quality residential and commercial projects. The practice operates from Crouch End in North London where we work closely with our clients and consultants to provide functional, clever, flexible designs.


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5 March 2019

Lucia helped us refurbish our flat, including a complete redesign of our bathroom and a bespoke design for a new wardrobe. She was fantastic to work with! Her professionalism, expertise and experience helped us achieve the finishes that we wanted at minimum cost and on time. She was very helpful in explaining the process and helping us realize what it was we actually wanted from our refurbishment. Her suggestions on the design and look of the project materialized what we were looking for. I would definitely recommend Lucia Pflucker Architecture to my friends and family. More...

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- If your property is a leasehold, is the loft space included in your lease?
- Is your loft high enough for a loft conversion? For a traditional cut rafter and purlin roof the min. height needs to be between 2.2m and 2.4m
- Are there elements such as chimneys that pass through your roof? These will need to be moved.
- Will the new loft add enough room to make it a habitable space?
- Is there space and a good place to place the new stair going to the loft?

- Concept Design
- Planning (not always needed)
- Building Control Application
- Party Wall
- Tender
- Construction

I do a Concept Design Booklet so that the client can check the feasibility of the scheme and consolidate the brief and design ideas before committing significant time and money into a project. We use this booklet to get rough quotes from builders.
After the Concept Design Booklet is approved by the client we select which areas we want to focus on and we do a detail design of those areas (bathrooms, kitchen, joinery, lighting)
Then I produce a shopping list where I list what finishes and fixtures the project needs and in what quantity. Then I help the client find these finishes.
A builder get appointed and I assist the client to supervise the works as and when required.

Urban Modern

I love designing beautiful spaces that make my clients happy and inspire them while making their everyday life practical.

Architecture has always been my passion. I have wanted to be an architect since I am 3years old! I am lucky that I have had the opportunity to study at an amazing Architectural school, work with great people and run my own practice.

I was running other peoples practices for a while and figured it was time to start my own. I like the flexibility running your own business provides and I find it gives the best opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Because I am honest with my clients while giving them a high quality design service.

If you choose me, I will only sell you an idea that will work for you now and in the future and which you can afford.
To do this I will listen carefully to your requirements for this project and what style you like. I will then create a practical design which will inspire you and make your life easier.


When we create and extension we work closely with the planners to ensure approval. We also produce a thorough construction package which will ensure the builder has the information he needs to quote accurately for the job and carry out the works.

We work closely with our clients helping them to quantify the works, find suitable finishes, appoint a builder and develop their vision. We have worked on several listed buildings and in conservation areas with great success. As part of our refurbishment services we can also design walking closets, bespoke bathrooms and landscape features.

This booklet is useful in all projects to quickly check the feasibility of the scheme and consolidate the brief and design ideas before committing significant time and money into a project. This document will show basic information of the general works and the different spaces so the builder can see what you want to do and give you a rough quote. You can also use this document to send it to suppliers or planners and to the leaseholder.

We have carried out feasibility studies for developers and homeowners looking to develop sites. Feasibility studies investigate and evaluate the potential of a site or building. They clearly set out a brief history of the site, its overall condition and significance, as well as the constraints and opportunities. Options are then developed through discussions with the planners and the client. They are then compared, and a preferred option is selected and a programme of work identified.