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We help our clients manage their investments, from retirement plans (IRA, Roth, 401k, SEP IRA, etc) to wealth management and tax-efficient investing strategies. If you have questions about how to invest money (from how much do you need to save to retire, to which segment of the world market we are currently over-weighting), we are happy to help you understand the various options at your disposal.



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I love the planning aspect of my profession. Each client is uniquely different based on time horizon, goals, risk profile, and lifestyle. With each client comes unique challenges and aspirations.

In the financial services profession, there are two predominant models. The big wire-house model, and the independent adviser model. Once I transitioned from CPA to investment adviser, the choice of becoming an independent adviser was obvious. The wire-house model tends to gravitate towards high commission, high fee products to pay for the high overhead business they've created. The independent side of things allows me to manage my overhead and choose investments that work for my clients, not the other way around. The choice to start an independent practice was an easy one.

As a CPA for 10 years, I encountered numerous clients who were getting killed by taxes. Not because they were earning too much in their careers - but because their investment adviser was being foolish with capital gain and income strategies. After about my 50th call to my tax clients' investment professionals, I realized that the financial services profession sorely lacked tax-efficient advisers. I use my CPA background to help reduce my clients' tax liability while using my analytical mindset and independent broker to scour the vast universe of investments.