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I founded LPH Associates with the aim of supporting individuals, businesses, community groups and charities to not only grow, but thrive!

When you work with us, you’ll discover that we take the time to get to know you, understand your needs and tailor services accordingly. We don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. If it did, can you imagine how boring life and work would be?! By spending time with you, we help you identify your goals and objectives, then support you as you set about achieving them.

Whether you have personal goals relating to you, your life/career journey and choices, or business needs regarding improved marketing techniques, organisational process’ and procedures and business planning, or you simply require productive business copy; we provide the assistance, you reach your goal.

As a qualified life coach and published writer, with a post-graduate certificate in Enterprise Management and a CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management awarded by Durham University Business School, I am fully equipped to appreciate your situation, understand your requirements, analyse your current position and compile an effective call to action.

What’s more, the specialist team I can call upon are all outstanding experts in their field.

As you can see from client testimonials, we excel at what we do!

Acknowledging that an agreed level of support and coaching will be of benefit to you is the crucial first step, the next step is getting in touch with me here at LPH Associates to arrange an initial cuppa and chat to find out how we can work together; enabling you to work more productively – for you!

In order to work as effectively as possible with our clients, we offer an initial no-obligation discussion; the cost of which is deductible from any future agreed support package(s).

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LPH Associates Reviews

LPH Associates Reviews

Review of LPH Associates by Sue
5 09/09/2015 Sue

Lucy is fantastic. She listens whilst I rant, she remains calm and comes up with suggestions at the drop of a hat. She really knows her stuff. Since opening my studio 6 months ago Lucy has provided some inspiring ideas for promotion, suggested great marketing strategies and has even written an amazing article about our business. She is a motivator and makes sure stuff get done. Her service is highly recommended because the advice she gives is priceless!

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Business coaching

We are often asked; “What is a business coach?” or “What does a business coach do?” These are not always the easiest of questions to answer, because a business coach means different things to different people and a business coach will do different things for different business’, but in a nutshell, a business coach should listen, ask questions and then work with you towards solutions that improve your productivity and profits. Maybe you are newly self-employed and require guidance as you develop your product or service, need support with your business plan, or simply need an objective opinion to keep you on the right track. A business coach can provide those things – and more! Or maybe you run an established business, but after an initial phase of organic growth, you now need support with organisational tasks, sustainability and growth planning, or fresh ideas and a sounding board for your development plans. A business coach can provide those things – and more! Whatever your circumstances, we have the desire and determination to help make your business the success it deserves to be. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our clients have to say.

Life Coaching & Personal Development

Ask yourself these questions: Are you truly happy in your own skin? Are you truly happy with your life choices? Are you truly happy with your career choices? Have you identified the true purpose of your life? Is your life truly free of problems and worry? If you have answered ‘yes’ to most/all of the above questions, then congratulations, as many people spend their entire lives with a certain level of doubt and insecurity that you have already identified and eradicated. However, if you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, you join the majority of people who would benefit from our personal coaching and development services. By developing an honest and open relationship with your life coach, you can overcome a myriad of concerns and bring about vast improvements in areas of your life that you are currently dis-satisfied with. Working together; we identify issues and then set goals and objectives that allow you to thrive, not just survive. Offering support at every stage, we offer gentle encouragement as you fulfil your potential and develop your own self-belief. Everything and anything becomes possible and it all starts with an initial chat.

Workforce Development & Team Building

Business Writing Services

Whether you want to create engaging social media posts, productive marketing materials or engrossing press releases; well written, good quality content, is vital to the continued success of your business. In this day and age of immediacy and when you consider that Facebook alone has over 864+ million daily users and 5 new profiles created every second, you begin to appreciate that content is King and ‘like-able’, ‘share-able’ content is essential. As a published freelance writer for a number of national women’s interest magazines and online specialist sites and as the Business Columnist for Love North East, Lucy is the ideal choice to prepare and write articles to suit your specific needs. Whether those needs be; overviews and insights into your business, staff manuals, training materials, pieces for magazine/online submission, or a selection of blog posts and social media content.

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