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Nelson R.

19 February 2018

Dr. Lovett works wonders on the body and always holds a great conversation.  We have been going to his practice for many years and has always provided us great solutions for all of our body adjustment needs.


Jillian A.

9 June 2017

Phenomenal service and care!! I came to this chiropractor unsure of what would happen and he fixed back completely!!! Let me tell you, for almost 2yrs I had tried physical therapy, acupuncture, medication, ice, heat, and was even referred to a plastic surgeon from this horrible horrible pain. I didn't want to take chances, so here I came! He told me I would see him about 4-6x, didn't even need a full 6 sessions, and each session lasted at the most a half hour but sometimes maybe just ten minutes. He respected that my primary didn't want any neck treatments done and helped calm me down when I came in afraid. I honestly and truly am amazed, I have needed no other treatments or anything since I stopped seeing him, I swear he cured my back. Every day I'm able to live pain free and to this day it blows my mind! He even took my state aid insurance too so no out of pocket stuff! You won't regret choosing this place for your chiropractic needs, I know I'll never regret it! Thank you so much Dr. Lovett!!!! More...


Lisa T.

11 June 2016

I intended to leave this review last fall when I gave my negative review of RAK chiropractic. Soon after my bad experience there my Tae Kwon Do instructor recommended his practitioner, with whom my husband also had success. Dr. Lovett listened, and gave me a clear plan of care, which was two sessions. One with electro stimulus relax the muscles, and one to address the spasm and pain. I walked out of there pain free and haven't had a spasm since. Two visits. That's it. (And contrary to RAK, who told me there was much work to do and that I was misaligned because of one leg being shorter than the other, Dr. Lovett assures me that my body wants to be that way). Thank you Dr. Lovett, for being a great and caring healthcare and wellbeing practitioner. More...