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Since 1985 Lotus has been a one-stop shop for all of your wellness needs. We offer a variety of massages, hair cuts, color, skin care and much more.
Come enjoy one of our Signature Spa treatments, and allow our Specialists to pamper you with one of our hair, skin, or body treatments that will embrace the whole being for a soothing, revitalizing salon experience.


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Sophia Marie Crusco

I always have a very pleasant experience at Lotus. Highly recommend. One Groupon that wasn't a disappointment. My go-to spa!


Olesya Galimova

I got offer from this spa for the good price 99$ massage. I did present for my husband birthday . I paid with my debit card that day. I gave to customer all my information.On 1/11/16 my husband came for minutes late on his appointment and customer including supervisor told him to reschedule due to lateness in rude form.He asked to return his money back if he didn't get service. Lotus Spa did not returned money just gave him gift card.He never saw how customer were rude with client before.Later: on 1/27/16 I got bank alert that 890$ were withdrawn from bank account from Lotus Spa. They used to steal my money from my account . They knew all my information what I gave them before. Of course I let bank know immediately to stop transaction. I reported to police. BBB got claim too. Reported identity theft and ext...I hope it's will stop them from criminal. More...


Bella Garstang

Thank you so much for working with the scheduling of 3 of my family members who are traveling from out of town. Your creative approach to including my adorable 5 year old nephew in the "spa" experience is greatly appreciated. He is going to love it. I can hear the giggles now! More...


Rob N Laurie Miller

Amazing atmosphere and laid back! Would Def recommend this place for any kind of service, especially the couple massage :)


Beth Koltes

Wow, all these people complaining about the groupon and "groupon shaming" are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I had a groupon as well. I called the week I got it, and made an appointment. They couldn't get me in immediately but helped me find a time that worked for me and worked with them. They aren't like massage envy-they don't have just a ton of massage therapists there, they do other stuff so yes, they have limited spots since they have limited people to perform the massage! So the booking was a few weeks out but it helped me plan as well. I went in for my appointment-arrived early like I was told to. They staff was VERY friendly and sweet. They were accommodating and exceptionally good at their jobs. The massage, foot scrub and hot oil cranial massage were all wonderful!! The only thing that is a bummer for me is that they are so far from my house. I LOVED IT. The atmosphere, the prices (even without a groupon were reasonable) the people, everything! Thank you!!! More...


Justin Jenings

The Groupon for this is a bait and switch! The salon only allows for a few massages a day for the Groupon customers. This forces scheduling past the expiration date. The next move is to honor the Groupon up to what you paid for it and then pay the rest. To me this is obvious and the salon and Groupon should be ashamed of it self! If this is the way that they do business, I would warn all who consider using them. More...


Angie Hinds

This is a wonderful place to wind down, relax, be nurtured and get some healing. They offer everything from hair care, nails, massage to energy work, body cleansing, nutrition and more. Not only is it a one stop shop, they care. The owner Cami, is conscientious, her desire is to offer support for mind, spirit and body. More...


April Lahr

This spot is a rare example of high-quality products, great customer service incredible packages and massages at a great price! I would definitely say they under-promised and over-delivered on my spa day. More...


Erin Olofson

If I had reviewed this place after my first massage, I would have given it 5 stars. The woman who gave my first one was amazing, listened to my needs, and I came out feeling completely relaxed. So much that I booked a second one. Unfortunately, I booked a second one... I went in a week and a half ago, and the guy that did my massage absolutely tortured me. I have literally been in pain ever since. He found a spot on my back that was tense, spent 30 minutes of the 60 minutes on just that spot, using so much pressure that I was crying during. I have had to take pain killers, muscle relaxers, do stretches specific to that area multiple times a day, and nothing has helped. I have heard massage horror stories, but I'm scared he did serious damage. :-( More...


Melissa-Ann Larkin

Cami was more than accommodating when we called about the couples massage, as far as honoring the previous Mother's Day deal pricing and booking us last minute for a week out. We really enjoyed the hospitality at the desk, (very welcoming and understanding), the knowledgable masseuses, (gave me stretching tips afterwards-added bonus) the thoughtful aromatherapy, (orange for spring) and the generous portions of sangria They understood it was our first time being away from our infant and really took their time to make it an enjoyable experience. We will be back and will recommend their services to others as well. Thank you Cami, Esther, Erin &Nelli More...


Cassandra Sakata

I purchased a Groupon for this company in December 2015 for a couple's massage. This was a gift for my husband to be used in April 2016. The expiration date is on 4/7/16. I called this establishment on 4/2/16 to make an appointment, and they are booked through June 2016. I called three more times after this date to try to get a resolution that there were no available dates or times before the expiration. The owner Camy, told me that they sell thousands of these Groupon services and that I should have know to book as soon as I purchased the Groupon that there are thousands of potential customers. I have never been to this establishment before and have no way of knowing that they sold thousands of Groupons. This was specifically for my husband's birthday in April, so of course I would not use it until April. She told me that in order to use the money that I have already paid, I have to pay an additional $60 to get a couples massage. They will not refund it or allow me to use it for anything else, and they cannot provide a service in a reasonable timeframe. She said that they hired a bunch of massage therapist to keep up with the demand and cannot hire anymore and are doing the best that they can. So this company is basically advertising and selling services that they cannot provide. What is the point of a service being good until 4/7/16 if you are booked out months after that date? This is a scam for customers because the date that they purchase the service for is already booked when they purchase the service. This forces the customer to pay more for the advertised service by holding the customer's money ransom as soon as they purchase it. I refuse to pay $60 more for a service because my money is being held in ransom. More...


Dustin Alexander

Worst company ever. Does the bait and switch with over sold groupons so you have to pay more when you actually go there. Books out 2 months if you have any sort of discount or groupon. Scam artist at its worst. I'm now out 100 bucks on a Christmas present because I am busy and didn't think I would have to wait 2 months on a deal I bought for a massage! No morals. More...


Amy Ro

I had my hair cut by Dorris yesterday. From making the appointment, to the actual cut, the entire experience walking in the door was relaxing and fun. I had long limp hair that needed some style and Dorris gave me a cut a love without much input by me. We had great conversation too, which has been lacking at another place I was going in the past. I'll definitely be back soon! More...


Emmy Kate

Lisa has been working on me for a few massages now, and i can honestly say i have noticed a HUGE drop in back pain and posture issues! She is fun to talk to, but knows when to be silent for relaxation. She knows every muscle of the body and explains to me anything i want to know about what she is doing. I would highly recommend a hot oil cranial massage as well, it is a great upgrade. More...


Aubrey Estelle Boggs

I cannot say enough about how much I love his place! I got the cutest haircut a few weeks ago, beautiful nails with my mother in law last week, and the best massage I've ever had yesterday with my husband. I am hooked! Friendly staff, good prices, and a very relaxing experience! More...


Kyra Gee

A great experience. I snagged a couples massage groupon last minute and doubted whether they would be able to get me on the books the day before Valentine's as getting onto a schedule on such short notice is often a push for just about... everything. It all worked out. The directions given over the phone made finding the location easier then it would have been otherwise. We really appreciated the complimentary aromatherapy and warm welcome from staff. I was a bit nervous about getting a massage due to chronic health concerns but Abby did an incredible job working to ease discomfort and respected the areas that needed a soft touch (kate was wonderful too!). The both of us were relaxed, pain free and very happy with the services provided! More...


Samantha Cruz

I purchased a groupon for this establishment for a 50 minute massage. It was in a great location, close to my house, and overall convenient. It was really easy to call in and set up the appointment, and my massage experience was so great, that I decided to purchase a 90 min massage gift certificate, with gratuity for my boyfriend so he could have the same experience. That's when the tables turned.

After purchasing the certificate for a 90 min massage, I got an email copy of the certificate; the wrong services were showing on the certificate. I called back in, took 3 attempts for someone to answer the phone, and I spoke to a receptionist who apologized, changed the services and emailed me the new certificate.

My boyfriend's massage was today. He got there, filled out the paperwork, everything seemed to be going well. He called me after the services and thanked me for the massage and said it was great so he left a good tip. I was taken aback as I was reassured 3 times by 2 separate people that I paid for the gratuity in advance since it was a gift and I didn't want him to spend a penny.

I immediately called in and explained that my boyfriend was just there for a massage and he had to pay gratuity, but I already paid for it so I was concerned he had to pay again. The woman pulled up the account and confirmed I had gratuity included. She continued to explain that there are so many people and I called in the morning so there was some confusion. I explained that as a customer, I quite frankly do not care how disorganized they are and I was assured that this would be a seamless experience for him and he was taken care of. Furthermore, I was more upset as they told him the actual cost of the massage so he could tip accordingly. I am the type of person I do not want you to know the value or cost for a gift that I give someone, esp someone I love and care about. I want them to selfishly enjoy the gift without a worry.

The receptionist then told me she did not know how to process the refund herself, and would have to wait for someone to go show her how to do it.

I am not happy with this experience at all. Lotus has lost me as a customer.


Christina Murphy

UNPROFESSIONAL. I received the worst haircut of my entire life. I went to the Lotus Spa Salon to get my hair highlighted and trimmed (explaining that in growing it out for my wedding next summer. The color looked good and cut didn't seem bad as it was blown out and curled. A few days later I straightened my hair and that's when I noticed that I now have layers, choppy, uneven layers. Mind you I did not have any layers. I was so upset because it was visually noticable but I was leaving that morning for vacation.

Shortly after I got back I called Lotus Spa Salon and made an appointment to see if Stephanie could try to blend it in. I left and it was even shorter and she even explained to me that she doesn't cut wet hair well and didn't check my hair before it was curled then goes to say she probably gave me layers because when dying hair lighter it turns to mush. I believe that should have been discussed with me (the client) before doing something that I didn't ask for.

Not to mention when I called to talk to the manager, she laughed. I would not recommend this place.


Lara Bowman

I was looking for a special thing to do with my Mom. We both needed a break and a lot of pampering. I was looking for a spa package and not really sure where to go for a memorable experience. A friend suggested Groupon for a good deal. Decided to give it a whirl and so thrilled I did.

I ordered a Groupon package for 2 massages, the "element package" 80 minutes of various services. We both chose to get the "fire package" at a 55% discount. Not too bad at all. I called the spa about 3 weeks after getting the Groupon and got an appointment for my Mom and I at the same time at our desired date/time without issue.

The day of our service was simply wonderful, we were treated with such respect and kindness from moment one and throughout our stay. My Mom and I both enjoyed our package and the quiet time after with the sangria and oranges, what a lovely touch. My Mom and I both purchased more services (at a discounted price, offered to those who had used Groupon). We will most definitely go back.

Only feedback that that is a bit on the negative is that I did not care for the hot cranial oil massage (however, this is strictly personal). I did not care for the oil in my hair or the scent and hope that when I have my next "element spa day" that I can get a different service in exchange.

I truly enjoyed my services, the environment of the spa and the attitude and professionalism of the staff and owner.

I am a new loyal customer.


Nathalie Miles

I've been coming here for a year as a member. I wasn't going to become a member because I found this place through groupon. It was such a hassle to get seen initially. The massage therapists are the ones that make this place worth coming to. Yesterday I went in as a member and the owner was trying to charge me extra like if I was a Groupon person. She sat there and argued with me the price and that I'm not supposed to only pay 25 for the upgrade (which I have been doing every month since I started going there) she assumed because of my age that I wouldn't be a member nor that I have been giving that establishment my money for the past year. My husband and I both are members there.
My point is the manager sucks because I had another incident with her when I was trying to purchase certificates for Christmas. But the massage therapists are worth it they're the ones you see everytime anyway. If I find a better place with completely better staff I'll go there instead.

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We love helping people feel their very best both inside and out. Our main goal here at Lotus is to help promote all around healing and well being from the moment you walk in till your next visit.

Our Clients!! It's really that simple we stay in business because we have some of the best clients in the industry.

We believe self care should be the most important part of everyone's routine, and at Lotus we strive to make this possible. With all your needs in one easy location, early morning and evening appointments and pricing specials that are beyond compare we make it easy to add your own well being to your todo list.