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How can marriage counseling help couples?
If toxic relationship patterns can be identified early and agreed upon, the process of real change can begin.
A motivated couple can begin to explore their problems from a new perspective and learn new ways to recognize and resolve conflicts as a result of the tools provided by the therapist.


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Isaac Kleinman

27 May 2017

My wife and I greatly benefitted from the tools we learned from David's seminar, and we continue to practice and work on those methods daily. I highly recommend David due to his kindness, understanding, caring nature, and wealth of knowledge and experience. More...


Judah Kerbel

27 May 2017

I did Level 1 Gottman Training with David at Yeshiva University, and I had a wonderful experience. From the start, I could tell how genuine he is, and his passion for his work, in every fiber of his body, comes forth. He's an excellent educator and is great to talk to. More...


Laura Silverstein

27 May 2016

David's heart and soul are in his work! He keeps himself up to date with the latest research and approaches, and yet as one of the highest trained couples therapists, remains humble, easily approachable and easy to talk to!


Sarah Rostan

27 May 2016

Such a great workshop! It really brought us closer together quickly. The instruction was amazing, and worth every penny!


Esther Lejbovitz

27 May 2016

David is patient, knowledgeable and a truly wonderful marriage therapist who gives over amazing advice that all couple can benefit from. His use and teaching of the Gottman methods, combined with his own life experiences and advice and help really made the two day course we took so valuable. I would recommend to all couples! More...


Adiel Lejbovitz

27 May 2016

Follow these techniques to save or enhance your marriage! I was skeptical at first about what another program could do to help my marriage. After all, reading the books, following everything online, and getting advice from friends - hadn't helped at all. I didn't want to go - but my wife said that we needed it. OK! I'll give it a shot. Course was two days with a few other couples. We were able to ask questions and add discussion to this warm cozy learning environment. Some things that were taught seemed like common sense - but when executed at the right time, worked fantastic! David Mark worked with us to go through the motions of properly completing the exercises with our spouse and making sure we understood the process. Some of the processes are heart wrenching and some are exciting! We didn't walk away with a perfectly fixed marriage. But we had the tools and techniques to make it perfect! Thank you! More...


Zach Borell

27 May 2016

This training is second to none. David is a master of his craft and a proud and respected member of the Gottman institute. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to succeed in their marriage and be operating at 100% capacity as a couple. All good things take hard work and commitment, and with the research of the Gottman institute and David's leadership; you just can't go wrong. More...


Vanessa Mulvey

27 May 2016

David Mark's workshop exceeded my expectations! I never thought my husband and I could make the breakthroughs in changing the way we communicate as quickly or smootly as we did.My husband and I attended David Mark's workshop in Long Beach. David was the perfect leader for our class. By sharing his own personal stories as he presented the material from 'The Art & Science of Love" he magnified the power of the material. The experience & tools we gained in the workshop have been invaluable in rebuilding our relationship and dealing with life stresses and challenges. We regularly revisit the exercises, and remember fondly David's guidance. I really appreciated David's kind manner and his true empathy for what we were working through. The path to rebuilding our relationship has not always been smooth, but with tools and resources we gained, we continue to move forward. Thank you David! More...


Jim Mulvey

27 May 2016

This is an excellent workshop. I can't believe how quickly it changed things for the better. I was originally skeptical but when David called me a week before the class, I was quickly convinced this was the right kind of instructor and workshop for us. The Gottman techniques are very practical. I liked the way the exercises let you choose your real-world topics to discuss with your spouse as you apply the technique you just learned. It gives you a chance to ask questions before you move on to the next technique. Once you experience the benefits of each tool, you wonder how you got this far in life without it! The best part is: you take your workbooks home with you so you will continue the exercises long after the workshop ends. It's been two months since our class with David and we have used it to maintain the benefits we got in the class and address problems as they come up. It even helps us prepare for situations that we expect to be stressful for one or both of us. David pours his heart into this class. It is not just an academic subject to him. His examples really spoke to me and helped me understand why the techniques work. David's personality and sense of humor make the class a joy to attend. I highly recommend David Mark's Gottman workshop. More...


Jenny D. Brice

27 May 2016

David facilitated a wonderful workshop. He was open, patient, thoughtful, knowledgable and sensitive to our needs as well as to the needs of the other participants. We couldn't have asked for a more positive experience from the initial phone call to the end of the workshop. Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed! More...


Helping couples convert pain into hope. I love when a couple begins their work and less than 6 months later they are planning their future together.


The Long Island Couples Institute integrates research-based approaches to help couples grow closer, manage differences, build or rebuild trust, increase respect, communicate effectively, and create opportunities for shared meaning and connection. The Gottman method for treating couples is designed to address specific challenges often faced by relationships affected by alcohol, drug or behavioral addictions. Couples learn a model for integrating and balancing Relationship Needs with Recovery Needs. The discovery, or even the suspicion, that your partner is having an affair can feel like the end of the world. If you are in this position, you must be wondering if your relationship can survive this, or you might even be wondering if you should bother trying.