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6 February 2019

When I started looking for a housemaid I was afraid that my home life would turn into a telenovela. Thankfully, I found a trustworthy cleaning company that proved me wrong. My main was contrary to what I had expected and he helped me to overcome my prejudices. She kept to herself with her eyes on the ball the whole time doing her own business. She was like a fairy lady, who could get the house in order in no time without you even realising she was there. There wasn't a list of tasks overwhelming for her. And she had multiple talents. No housework was alien to her and she even made herself useful with her gardening skills. No wonder since she was vested in botany and could turn your garden into your own personal Garden of Eden. Also she was always punctual and didn't complain even once. I don't think I could gotten any luckier with such a learned and experienced person. Now I'm sure that if need housekeeper services in the future I would always call her first. More...



5 February 2019

I am here to express my gratitude towards the housekeepers who helped me with the end of tenancy cleaning. They did a great job cleaning our 2-bedroom unit. I loved how truly kind and disciplined these fellows were. They wanted to know whether I had any specific requirements which I appreciated so much. Then, using professional-grade cleaning products, they deep cleaned the entire property. They paid special attention to the kitchen and bathroom, and left them absolutely spotless. Thanks to their hard work, I collected my check-out deposit in full. I highly recommend this company and their services. More...



4 February 2019

The whole experience with this company was brilliant. There is nothing more wonderful than coming home from long day at work and seeing your home look fantastic, from top to bottom. I had the change to use this company's deep cleaning service and I have to see that I am pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I did not expect such satisfying outcome because I booked another company's service in the past and their performance was an epic fail.Your cleaners did such a terrific job! I do no think I can thank them enough for all the efforts they put. The deep cleaning of this company is worth every penny I paid. It was my first deep cleaning and I have to tell you that I am already looking forward to the next one. The rates are so affordable that I feel like I will be booking you very soon again. More...



1 February 2019

I'm very happy there are companies like yours out there that deliver real quality and don't just offer gimmicks. You are one of the reliable ones. Many companies abuse the term professional so I myself was sceptical. Your people, however proven me wrong and I'm very glad for that. My house needed serious clean work after a renovation project. The builders left big mess for me to clean after. That's when I was under the impression housemaids only work regular hours spending every day at your house. It's nothing bad, I don't mind it on principle but I don't need it all the time. Only for occasions like this one. I hired a maid for a week and she did wonders. I couldn't have done it without her. My house was so dirty we decided to do a thorough seasonal cleaning. She showed me ways to clean I knew nothing about! I admit! I'm a neat person but she is the expert! The best seasonal cleaning my house has ever experienced. I'm definitely calling her the next time around. More...



31 January 2019

I'm a single mom and much as I try to keep appearance that I'm juggling it all effortesly, the truth is my home would tell you otherwise! It was lacking some serious attention on my part. I have two little kiddos and a regular job. It was dirty and it was upside down! That was before I booked your services. You've sent me an angel. She's such a help I can't even begin to tell you. I needed someone reliable who can handle themselves around kids because, you know, not everybody loves children and they would eventually stand in your way. She is a lady with experience in that sphere too, luckily for me. Very committed and neat-handed. Definitely knows her work inside out. She deals with out mess every working day of the week. Stays all day long so we can come to a well-groomed home. We can only give her our warmest thanks and we're grateful to your company too for sending us just the right person. More...



30 January 2019

I have two kids and four cats at home. Oh, and a wife. They all seem to be against me and cleaning is definitely not their thing, so whatever I do, I end up with cluttered surfaces and many hours spent in decluttering and cleaning. At the end of the day, I am exhausted, It is just nearly impossible to do everything for the time I have planned, so I learnt a little trick - dialing your company's number. I use your professional regular cleaning service from time to time because I could really use the help. I love how efficient you are and the price fits well in our budget, so everybody's happy when you've been around. More...



29 January 2019

The housekeepers that came to handle the heavy duty clean for me were excellent from start to finish. I cannot recommend this company's professional cleaning service highly enough. The kitchen and the bathroom had been cleaned to perfection and it is no exaggeration to say that they have never looked better. I appreciate all the efforts those cleaners put in order to leave the property as clean as it is now. They were very friendly, professional and efficient. Thanks to them I was able to take care of my other responsibilities. I plan on booking those professional cleaning services on a more regular basis from this moment on. More...



28 January 2019

Very professional and thorough cleaning done by these housekeepers a my house where nobody lived for over a year. The cleaners arrived on time and worked through for the allotted time. I pointed out the areas requiring special attention and focus. All of the areas were deep cleaned to a high standard including behind and under furniture. The entire property was sparkling for which I will be forever thankful. There is not any better feeling than moving into a such hygienically cleaned property. I would definitely reuse this company's professional cleaning service in the near future. More...



25 January 2019

I booked this company after I had building work done and they responded straight away for the quote, squeezed me in their schedule and the housekeepers came exactly on time. They brought the necessary cleaning equipment and got to work without dawdling a way any precious time. The after builders cleaning service of this company was definitely worth booking because the cleaners left the property cleaner than ever. I have never seen it so pristine! I would not have any hesitation in recommending the company to friends because it is fantastic. Also the rates are very competitive. More...



24 January 2019

It is such a great comfort to know, that your service is always there for me. Some time ago, I had experienced a different type of cleaning provided by your service, and I was really happy to find out that the after-builders service that your offer is no different! Once again, the cleaning technicians that you sent arrived on the scheduled time bringing all the necessary cleaning tools, equipment and materials for the job. Everything that I had asked of them was done to my greatest satisfaction, and honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better, more thorough cleaning job. They left my home looking cleaner and nicer than ever! All dirt, dust and debris, that were left behind by the builders were gone in less than 2 hours! How amazing is that? I recommend this service to everybody who struggles with the recent post-construction cleaning. More...



23 January 2019

The deep cleaning service provided by this company was great. I booked them the very last minute because I was too desperate. The agent I spoke to was really helpful a time to fit me in the schedule. The housekeepers arrived promptly, had all the necessary equipment with them and got busy cleaning straight away. They were so courteous and friendly. The outcome was brilliant. Everything was better than I could ever have envisioned and thousands of times better than if I had to do the deep cleaning on my own. I have never seen the property so neat and tidy. More...



22 January 2019

I know there are many companies in the area but I also know that this one is second to none. I have been a regular customer for a great period of time already and I am not planning on turning to another company ever again. The housekeepers who visit me (once a week) just know how to get the job done in the most proficient manner possible. They work so hard every time! They manage to cover the whole property in no time and it is a quite bit one. I am already looking forward to the next cleaning session. More...



21 January 2019

Out of personal experience with a number of professional cleaning services, this one is definitely the most trustworthy and it is worth every pound. After moving out of my former home, I booked this company for a deep clean. The housekeepers did an amazing job cleaning the 3-bedroom house, from the carpeting to cleaning behind the under appliances and furniture. I do not know how they did it but they gave the entire property a new shine. They could not finish the job when they were supposed to but did a great job anyway. I would surely recommend the company and use again. More...



18 January 2019

It is not typical of me to write reviews but my home looks so clean that I have to compliment the housekeepers on the great job. I just do not have the time to spare for cleaning anymore and it is such a treat to have my home looking so sparkling without me having to move a finger. The housekeepers are very thorough and everything looks great after the cleaning sessions. The cleaners are often late but I know that they have too many other responsibilities throughout the day. Anyway, I recommend the service to everybody. More...



17 January 2019

The housekeepers of this professional cleaning company did a wonderful clean for me in the house. They worked very hard for a couple of hours to cover every bit of the property. All appliances were deep cleaned to perfection - everywhere sparkles right now! Not to mention how clean the bathroom was! Carpets were deep vacuumed and all of the stains are gone now! The cleaners were very polite, friendly and waste not a minute getting the cleaning done. I can strongly recommend the professional cleaning service and will surely be booking it again. It is second to none. More...



16 January 2019

Extremely helpful representatives! The end of tenancy cleaning service of this company is pretty amazing. The outcome was extraordinary. The cleaners who came were absolutely brilliant. So professional and highly skilled, as well as friendly and empathetic to the worries and stresses of changing homes. The house was transformed! The kitchen and the bathrooms were sparkling like brand new. The carpet in the living room I had thought would need throwing had been restored to its natural condition. I do not think I can recommend this end of tenancy cleaning service enough. I will surely book again. More...



14 January 2019

First and most importantly, the end of tenancy cleaning job was very well done. I am very pleased with the end result. The cleaners managed to remove the most stubborn stains. It was a pleasure to communicate with the housekeepers and their team leader, and all of my requests were met. I do not think I can thank them enough for what they have managed to achieve as an outcome. The entire flat was so clean by the time they were done cleaning it. The booking process was also very smooth and they managed to fit me in the schedule which I appreciate a lot. I recommend. More...



10 January 2019

I used this company's service for an end of tenancy cleaning of my flat. Their response and booking process were efficient and quicker than I expected. We arranged for the housekeepers to come on a Friday afternoon and they arrived exactly on time. A couple of hours later I cam back to the property and everywhere was sparkling like new. Every bit of dust was only in my memories! The carpets were also so clean I could hardly recognise them. I would not have any hesitation in recommending this company's end of tenancy cleaning services and I will use them again in the future. More...



9 January 2019

Thank you for your excellent job! Your housekeepers managed to meet my and the landlady's requirements which will definitely guarantee keeping the security deposit in full. The house looks amazing now! Everywhere is so sparkling now - the kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room, the bathrooms. Keep the good job and you can be certain I will recommend your end of tenancy cleaning service to all my friends. I also loved that your cleaners used only environmentally friendly cleaning supplies! It was very comforting to know this! Good luck! More...



8 January 2019

This company's end of tenancy cleaning service has been wonderful. Each member of the team is hard-working, kind and reliable. They are trained to pay attention to the smallest of details and treat every bit of the property with utmost care. After the cleaning session, the 2-bedroom property was looking spotless by the time the cleaners were done. It was not a surprise that I took the full amount of the security deposit. I would surely recommend them like efficient, professional and competent end of tenancy cleaners. More...



7 January 2019

Having been disappointed with other cleaning companies, I was a little bit hesitant about booking this end of tenancy cleaning service. I eventually decided to schedule an appointment with their cleaners and I am more than happy I did. The housekeepers did a fantastic job cleaning the unit and left it looking cleaner than ever. Thanks to their great efforts, I was given my deposit back. Now I know who I will be turning to when I find myself in search of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service again. Another nice thing about the service is that it comes at very reasonable rates. I will recommend. More...



20 December 2018

The end of tenancy cleaning services of this company saved the day. Thanks to those cleaners I was able to move out of the house without the hassle or elbow grease. They did the cleaning to a very high standard and left the property in a pristine condition. I do not know what I would have done without their assistance. They are so professional and definitely knew how to get the cleaning project done. Another thing that impressed me a lot was that they used only environmentally friendly supplies during the cleaning. More...



19 December 2018

The end of tenancy cleaning services of this company is so professional. I had the chance to use it twice and both times the outcome was beyond excellent. I was visited by the same team of housekeepers and they did know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It was them who helped me keep the security deposit in full. They are professionals and reliable! They used commercial-grade cleaning equipment which removed all the stubborn stains on the instant. What is even more, that equipment was environmentally friendly and safe. I will be using the service again soon. More...



18 December 2018

The end of tenancy cleaning services of this company saved the day! Thanks to the cleaners who helped me with the final cleaning, I did not have to worry about anything.I left on good terms with my landlady and she even wanted to know who helped me clean the unit so I passed the name along. Also, I was given my security deposit back. I do appreciate how hard the cleaners worked and I do not think I can thank them enough for what they have done. The least I can do is recommend them to everyone who is looking for a professional cleaning service. More...



17 December 2018

The friendly housekeepers that came to do the end of tenancy cleaning did a wonderful job. They were very professional and efficient. I was so happy with the end results! The kitchen, in particular, was sparkling clean. I have to admit that I have never seen it so clean! All of the appliances were shining! I would definitely use this end of tenancy cleaning service again when I need it in the future. It was a pleasure to work together and I am already planning on trying some of the other services of this company. The prices look so affordable. More...



13 December 2018

I am so happy that I had the chance to use this company's end of tenancy cleaning services. The cleaners who came were beyond professional and did a spectacular job cleaning the 3-bedroom house. They made sure every nook and cranny was given the attention if needed and removed all specks of grime and bits of dust. I was more than impressed with the outcome because everywhere was sparkling. If I had to do the cleaning, I would have spared a couple of days. Thanks to their competence and professionalism, I even kept the full amount of the security deposit. More...



11 December 2018

The lovely housekeepers who came to clean the rented property did an impeccable job. They were so professional and efficient and we were more than happy with the outcome. We do appreciate everything they have done for us. Honestly, I do not know what we would have done without their assistance. We also loved the fact that the housekeepers used only environmentally friendly and safe cleaning supplies. We would surely recommend the end of tenancy cleaning service to our friends should they need such professional assistance. Another thing is that the prices are very affordable. More...



10 December 2018

The end of tenancy cleaners showed up on time and cleaned the unit to a very good quality standard. To be honest, I had some concerns about the housekeepers not finishing within the allotted time. The housekeepers did a very good job and left the entire property looking amazing again. The landlord was very pleased with the outcome and wanted to know who cleaned out the place. I passed the name along because I believe the company deserves more recognition and respect. I will use again when I am in need of such service. More...



7 December 2018

I was recommended the end of tenancy cleaning service of this company. It turned out to be very professional! The cleaners who gave me a hand with the final cleaning were so hard-working, reliable and efficient. They did not miss not even an inch. Everywhere was sparkling and thanks to their efforts I was given my security deposit back. My landlord appreciated the outcome and even more than I did. I loved how thorough the service was so I am more than sure that I will be booking it again. I will also recommend it to a couple of friend and colleagues. More...



6 December 2018

The end of tenancy cleaning services of this company are so professional! A friend of mine told me about the service so I decide to book it as I was in a desperate need of such. The cleaners who came to the address were so friendly and kind. They did not dawdle away any precious time and did the end of tenancy cleaning in no time. They covered every bit of the house and left it pristine. To be honest, I did not expect it to be so thorough having in mind the highly affordable price I was charged. I was even able to keep the security deposit in full. More...



5 December 2018

I booked this company's end of tenancy cleaning not long ago to do the final cleaning session of my flat and wold like to share how impressed I am by the entire process. It was more than easy to book the appointment with them, the customer service is simply excellent. On the day of the appointment, the housekeepers arrived only 5 minutes late and I left them in the flat to do the end of tenancy cleaning. A couple of hours later when I returned, the property was looking amazing. I am very thankful for the help and I just go the deposit back. More...



3 December 2018

I would like to take this opportunity and recommend this company's end of tenancy cleaning services to all those people who do not feel like dealing with the final cleaning. Their cleaners helped me with the chores and left the property looking so sparkling. Thanks to them I was able to secure my deposit and move out of the unit without any complications. This is definitely the best end of tenancy cleaning service I could ask for. Also, those cleaners are the most professional and kindest people I have ever met. I would not hesitate to pass the name of the company along. More...



30 November 2018

I got so much busier at work so I started to neglect the housework. Very soon, my home became an unbearable place to stay in due to amount of dust laying on the shelves and floor. I had no other choice but to book a professional house cleaning service so this was what I did. I read about dozens of positive review about this company so I made the appointment. Now a team of qualified housekeepers do the housework for me while I am at work and I could not be happier. The best part is that the rates are very fair I can easily afford to book the service on a regular basis. More...



29 November 2018

Awesome! I could never be able to thank or praise there housekeepers enough. I do not think I can find the right words to express how delighted I am that I had the chance to use this firm's after builders cleaning service. Our home has undergone a construction project and it turned out the mess is too big for us to handle. All of the floors were covered with brick dust, all of the wall were splattered with paint. It was an apocalypse. In the very beginning, I tried to the cleaning all by myself but when I was not completely satisfied, my husband and I decided to seek for a professional after builders cleaning service. A friend of ours recommended this company and we did not hesitate to book. The company sent a team of hard-working, friendly cleaners. They used their own cleaning products and tools for which we did not have to pay a penny more. There after builders cleaners worked so hard till they left our home spotless - every area and room in the property was spotless. More...



28 November 2018

I have been using this company's deep cleaning service for such a long time already. And I am not planning on turning to another company ever again. This company's service is outstanding and the housekeepers do a great job every time. There have been many times when my expectations were exceeded. There is no other company in the area that can compare to this one. The housekeepers are so diligent and hard-working. They always go the extra mile for me which is what I am most thankful for. I do not thing that recommending this company will ever be enough! More...



27 November 2018

I am extremely happy with the end of tenancy cleaning service provided! The housekeepers who came were very competent and worked hard till everywhere was sparkling. I was so happy with the outcome that I already recommended the service to a couple of friends who also live in rented property and sooner or later will have to move out of them. My landlady fell in love with the outcome as well so I kept the check-out deposit in full. The price I had to pay was very reasonable which surprised me, to be honest, I highly recommend the service. More...



26 November 2018

Beyond everything else, the end of tenancy cleaning job was immaculately done, I am more than happy with the outcome. The housekeepers managed to remove even the most stubborn stains. It was such a pleasure to communicate with them and all of my requests were met to the last one. The booking was also very easy and smooth. I would not hesitate to recommend the service to my friends because it is definitely worth booking. All of the cleaners are wonderful guys who know how to get any cleaning job one in the most efficient manner possible. Besides, the rates are unbelievably low. More...



23 November 2018

What a treat to come home to such a cosy and clean place! Thank you for giving me the chance to experience it! The moment I called your company I knew I could count on you. It was my first time booking your deep cleaning service but now I am sure it was not the last time. I loved how hard the housekeepers worked and paid attention to area which are often missed of deliberately neglected. Please, pass on my thanks because I could not. With your assistance, my home can always be clean and healthy. You are worth every penny. More...



22 November 2018

I would like to tell you more about this company's end of tenancy cleaning service because I do believe more and more tenants like me should know about it. I was in need of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service so a friend of mine told me about this one. The cleaners who came did a spectacular job. I have never seen somebody to work so focused and hard! They covered the whole flat in no time and thanks to them I was given my money back. I would like to recommend the company because it is definitely worth trusting. More...



20 November 2018

I am perhaps one of the truest fans of this company. I have already used a few of their cleaning services but the end of tenancy cleaning service is my personal favourite one. I used the service last month and I could not be happier with the outcome. Everywhere was sparkling and my landlady was impressed by the cleanliness. It was the reason why I was given the full amount of my security deposit back. I would definitely use the service again when I need help with the final cleaning. More...



19 November 2018

If you ever find yourself in need of professional end of tenancy cleaning services, I recommend you to turn to this one. I had the chance to use their services the last time I had to move out of the rented housing, and I was more than happy with the outcome. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them and they did everything in their control to get the unit ready for the next occupants. They worked very hard and left the property looking amazing. All specks of grime were removed and there was not a sign from my dwelling. My landlord was very impressed. More...



16 November 2018

This company was recommended to me by a friend of mine. Honestly, I had turned to many cleaning companies over the years but I had been disappointed more than once. It was the reason why I wanted to choose the right cleaning company this time. I contacted the recommended company and I was impressed with how kind the call centre operator was. She introduced me to deep cleaning service and I knew I would not go wrong for choosing this company. The cleaners came to my home fully equipped with the proper cleaning products and supplies. They told me about the cleaning project and started doing the chores without dawdling away their precious time. In a couple of hours, they managed to deep clean the entire unite. The house was spotless clean! I was happy with the outcome they provided me with that I am already looking forward to booking them again. These cleaners are true professionals and know how to get a job done in the most proficient manner possible. More...



15 November 2018

I was looking for a professional cleaning company to help me leave my end of tenancy cleaning obligations behind my back. I spoke to a few friend who used such services before and all of them recommended this company. I had no hesitation so I called to schedule an appointment. That day came and punctuality of those cleaners did impress me a lot. I entrusted the unit without hesitation and then went to work. I came back home to find the property looking sparkling! Everything and everywhere was spotless! Thanks to their hard work I was able to obtain the security deposit in full. I will surely pass the name of the company along! More...



14 November 2018

I turned to this company because I needed help with the final cleaning of the property I was moving out. It was quite a big unit so I was impossible for me to clean it on my own. I called the company and the agent was kind enough to introduce me to the delicacy of the end of tenancy cleaning service. On the morrow, I was visited by a team of friendly people, bringing all the products and tools necessary for the clean up. They got busy cleaning straight away and a couple of hours later the entire unit was sparkling. Thanks to their efforts, I collected the check out deposit in full. I was a pleasure collaborating with these wonderful people. More...



13 November 2018

If you ever need a professional deep cleaning service, I highly recommend you to turn to this company. Last week, I was visited by this company's wonderful individuals. They helped me a lot! It was my second time booking this deep cleaning service and both time these cleaners did great! I live in a big house with my family and I can barely find time do to a thorough cleaning on my own. It was the reason why I turned to this company and entrusted the chores to their hands. Both times they worked in an organised manner and covered every inch of the property. I thought it would take them a whole day to clean everything but they worked so quickly. They succeeded in cleaning the entire house in no time. I loved the fact that the company provides the cleaning equipment so I do not have to worry about it. It was amazing to find out that the products are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe. More...



12 November 2018

I very much enjoyed having your cleaner handle the end of tenancy cleaning on my rental home. This was my first time using a professional cleaning services and I feel like I have made the right choice outsourcing this to you. I was very worried about the deadline of the cleaning my landlord insisted on, if I wanted my deposit back in full amount. I was busy with work and other arrangements for the moving-our process, that if it weren't for you I'd totally lose my entire deposit.Your cleaning technicians did everything I asked of them and were able to clean the spots and surfaces I thought for sure won't come out clean! It really seemed they possess all the necessary characteristics and skills for a thorough cleaning job.Your cleaning staff were patient, careful and very good at cleaning and refreshing both furniture surface and other. I was told the entire cleaning process is environment-friendly and it truly was! More...



7 November 2018

As cleaning is simply not my strong suit I decided to turn to a professional cleaning company and take advantage of the end of tenancy cleaning services. I was about to move out of my lovely home and I wanted to deep clean it before vacating it. This was, I knew my landlord would give me my security deposit back. I called this company and a minute later I had my appointment made. I had no idea it would be so quickly!The cleaners who came to my location looked and were so friendly! Before starting to clean, they told me everything I needed to know about the cleaning process and the rolled up their sleeves. I thought the cleaning would take them a whole day but they worked much quicker. A couple of hours, everything in the property was spotless! I did not believe my eyes but I was very sure my landlord would fall in love with the outcome. Guess what? This was what happened. He was so impressed with the outcome that I was able to collect the check out deposit in full. More...

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