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My DreamS

28 March 2019

I want study this college


Christopher Baptiste

27 January 2019

Found this the friendliest music conservatoire to audition for, gets rated 5th overall in London too for music which is good. I don't understand why it's not part of UCAS conservatoires though as it offers the same as the other UK music colleges, been around for just as long as the others, and is also one of the main UK music exam boards. I suppose because it's on a uni campus, which seems unique though I must admit. More...



29 September 2018

Had a wonderful time at this university and sad to not be returning have graduated this year 2018.
The lecturers are all lovely and felt very at home at this uni I would recommend the Music Performance course to anyone.


Sinead Taylor

30 August 2018

Whether you're after classical, drama, music theatre or jazz, lcm seems to cover it all. Also rated 5th in London for music study by the Guardian for 2019, it can't be bad either..! and London has always had the finest music colleges in my opinion. More...


Maria Westwick

1 July 2018

I auditioned for 3 of the main music colleges in London, and I was impressed most overall by the LCM


Sushil Bhattacharyya

27 May 2018

It's a great University in the world. To make a man of music, it is the best University.The examiners from this University are very friendly.


Xian Chu

27 May 2018

I recently finished my BA Hons voice in performance, very good for all aspects of vocal performance, I will most likely continue to postgraduate now.


Xu Leung

27 May 2018

Very modern facilities and extensive experienced staff. Very pleasant place to study piano too, I recommend.


Tom Ellis

4 February 2018

I thought the course and teachers were great. The college seems to be at the cutting edge of music and performance, combined with typical conservatoire teachers and very good all round facilities. It was also great fun, the 3 years went by too quickly when I look back at it. More...


Francesco Mancino

27 May 2017

Amazing environment for studying. Amzing facilities !

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