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Caroline Larsson

23 July 2018

So relaxing and energising!! Always looking forward to the sessions.


Maurice Clarke

23 July 2018

Soothing voice chilled me back to a Zen state. Remember to leave your phone off!


Waheed Mohammed

23 July 2018

The relax and unwind sessions are brilliant, you will always feel relaxed and calm. I'm always looking forward to the next session. I would definitely recommend Melissa. More...


Nancy Clarik

23 July 2018

I had a relax and unwind session today and it was amazing! Such a relaxing and de-stressing experience. Will definitely be back!!


Kate Rachel Payen

23 July 2018

The unwind sessions are brilliant, it's always worth taking the time out to relax and clear your mind again! I always leave feeling refreshed, calm and ready for the day.


Janine Yates

23 July 2018

Had the most wonderful relax and unwind session with Mely, a lovely lady who is second to none at what she does. I will be returning for another session in the near future


Tanya Fincham

23 July 2018

Hypnotised at the new therapy room on Sunday for motivation and focus on exercise . Calming , tranquil and a magnificent ambiance . Hypnosis was relaxing and I felt incredibly zingey and focused after the session . Already feeling the effects, truly fabulous . More...


Karl Fox

23 July 2018

A highly worthwhile experience in which i felt truly relaxed and calm. Would definitely recommend this to friends and family. top notch!


Bernadette Fincham

23 July 2018

Mely makes you feel so Calm,relaxed. I have been hypnotised by Mely and the feeling is amazing,Mely has such a wonderful voice, you could listen to her for hours. I wish I Could double the stars she deserves. Make a visit to her wonderful therapy room and feel the effects your self. More...


Toyin Oke

23 July 2018

Had such a relaxing evening at The Hope Pub with Melissa, her voice is so smoothing. I was very surprised when we entered the room at the back of the garden, what a lovely hidden gem, which is tastefully decorated, lovely ambiance very relaxing and a great place to unwind all your stresses away. Got me ready for the week ahead, i will be back :) More...


Helen .

30 May 2016

I had session with Melissa at West Norwood Hypnotherapy, she is brilliant, I highly recommend her!


Tracyann Clark

30 May 2016

I was a tad apprehensive before my session with Melissa Hull, but her calming voice and nature soon reassured me. My session was conducted remotely and was extremely relaxing and helpful to my current situation. Melissa is very adept at putting you at ease and as a therapist, I would highly recommend her. I left the session feeling happy and relaxed. More...


Fouxdefafa 1990

30 May 2016

I had a few face to face sessions, which were always amazing. I moved and couldnt do face to face anymore so I tried the Skype session. I wasn't to sure if it was going to be the same, but it was still really great. Work is stressfull and I feel frayed at the best of times, but Mellissa helps me switch off. I finish the sessions feeling calmer, happier and with a clear mind it's a lot easier to focus. More...


Lauren Smith

30 May 2016

I run my own business and always have a lot of projects on the go. I knew what needed to be done to get through everything but was having trouble focusing and getting things complete. I was a bit worried about the idea of Skype hypnotherapy, as, well, I wasn't sure if it was safe. The session was amazing though - had a really good chat with Melissa prior to being relaxed, I was totally aware of everything going on and the best thing was I was super comfortable in my own home. Since the session I understand why I am not focussed and have tools to bring me back into focus and complete the tasks at hand. More...


Sofia Toncheva

30 May 2016

I was feeling anxious and stressed mostly due to leading a very busy life. I did not quite know how hypnotherapy will gonna work over Skype, I always thought that for such sessions face-to-face is the only option. But I was very pleasantly surprised, Melissa is very thoughtful as well as professional person who certainly knows how to help people. I felt very calm and relaxed which was great as I had difficulties to feel that way before our sessions. More...

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I love seeing my clients grow, change, transform and enjoy life more. I get the opportunity to meet and help clients from around the world thanks to Skype. Really, I'm lucky that I I get to do work I love. Our mind is fascinating and sometimes it needs help being re-programmed.

I'm friendly, confident and experienced. I have worked with a wide range of clients from the UK, US and Australia. Plus I spend time crafting bespoke sessions and looking after you.


If you are looking for coaching and guidance on any of the following areas, you are at the right place: • happiness / fulfilment • peak performance / maximising your potential • sense of purpose / goal setting • productivity / taking action • gaining clarity • overcoming procrastination • work / life balance • career • finance • dating/ relationships • confidence/ self-belief • self-love • motivation • energy level • personal development • interests and passions • stress reduction • health/ wellbeing • weight loss/ gain • fitness • diet • addictions and bad habits • time management • organisational skills • social and communication skills • business start-up • leadership • assertiveness • interview techniques • body language • public speaking

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Are you struggling to stay focused? Do you put things off, even though you worry less by getting it done and out of the way? Are you getting in your own way or self-sabotaging? Do you question whether you can really do something? Do you find it hard to stay motivated? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you probably wish there was a magic wand to set things right and sort out your mindset. You find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. You decide to do anything else to put it off, until you have left it to the last minute. You have an idea of what you want to achieve, but get mired in the small stuff then beat yourself up. You start to question whether you can actually be a success. You begin to compare yourself to others and think you’re not good enough; that there is no-one to support you or that maybe you don’t deserve this. It can be scary and you worry. Your mind is not where you need it to be to get on and get ahead. Picture how different You Feel on waking Motivated and ready to start your day with a happy smile and a spring in your step. Able to Focus on and Achieve Your Goals. Finally understanding that yes, You Can Do It and feeling amazing about yourself. Your increased confidence and awareness draws people to you.