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LogicWorx Studios Inc. provides professional freelance photography and video services for commercial, residential and special events, including; promotional video’s, video interviews, short movies and documentaries, wildlife photography, product/merchandise photography, food, drink and product photography, interactive virtual tours (such as for property, banquet halls, tourist destinations and golf courses) and digital media creation for all social media channels and websites.


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9 January 2020

Mark was punctual, professional, knowledgeable and had my photos sent within a few hours. Looking forward to using his services again.

Thank you Tania, I appreciate the review and look forward to working with you again on your next listing.

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To name a few, taking a great photograph or video is influenced by a number of factors including; location, scene structure, lighting, focal point, depth of field, composition, background, exposure, timing and lens selection.

All our projects start with a brief pre-shoot consultation to understand the needs of the project, what results you are looking to achieve. We don't simply turn up and take a bunch of random pictures. All our work is carefully planned and structured to give you the best results.

The variety of each project, one day I might be photographing food and the next shooting a promotional video. I love being outdoors and working with clients on their projects, my favorite moment is the look on their faces when they see the results and what we have been able to do for them.

Out of a passion for photography and aviation I launched LogicWorx Studios to complement my existing sales and marketing consulting services. Since the inception I've experienced phenomenal growth and worked throughout Europe, the UK and North America on various projects.

I bring a creative marketing element to the photography and video media I create. Anyone can take a picture, but it takes a professional with a keen eye and creativity to capture that moment and enhance it to deliver incredible results.



Our operators are Transport Canada Certified Advanced Commercial Drone Operators providing aerial video and photography with a DJI Inspire drone, capturing media in stunning 4K UHD quality. For interior projects we also operate professional level Canon Photography equipment with zoom and wide angle lens, and a DJI OSMO for 4K interior video work.

We have a broad experience supporting projects from family photos, to tourism, real-estate, commercial applications and special events. Our equipment includes the latest Canon camera and hand held gimbal mounted camera equipment supporting video capture as high as 4K UHD.