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We are a full service accounting firm. In addition to year end accounting and tax filings and planning, we also offer business financing support, accounting systems automation, Fractional CFO support and building your wealth.


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We provide accounting services to businesses from $500 K to $10 M. We offer the traditional accounting services (Tax, Reporting, Year end) but we also are management scientist and programmers who implement robotic process automation for your back office. We also know how to set up and optimize your accounting systems and people. We even know how to raise money for you

Firm who have the right accountant can see a 50% reduction in their taxes, a uplift in business of up to 500% and have their workload drop by up to 50% in the back office. If you want to make money in less time and pay less taxes then you need to hire us.

Helping small business owners acheive financial independence

I was tired of the corporate politics and having only one company provide me income. You don't have one stock in your portfolio. Thus I wanted multple streams of income from multiple clients

Because we are very good at what we do. We are entrepreneurs, management scientists, programmers who happen to be CPA's who can automate accounting and help you make better decisions GUARANTEED.



check out our site at www.logiconsolutions.ca

Want to save on your taxes. Having problems with your taxes. Need to get compliant with CRA? We can help.

Having problems with your accounting? Need to make better decisions financially? Don't have the budget or can only afford the price of a full-time clerk? Then our fractional services are ideal for your situation. We can guide you to a better performing accounting function but better financial and tax decisions.