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LivePhysical Fitness LLC

Riverside, CA



Welcome to LivePhysical Fitness LLC, a company aimed at providing elite training in Southern California and New York City. Offering a full range of private 1-on-1, semi-private coaching, group coaching, boxing and more, LivePhysical Fitness is home to anyone wanting to better themselves and live a healthier lifestyle.


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Bruce B.

24 January 2019

Tried personal training at big box gyms and never achieved the results they promised.Met Adrien and tried his Private Training model and in less than 6 months lost 15% body fat and gained 12 lbs of muscle.If you are looking for results and are willing to be coached, I would definitely recommend training here. More...


Todd B.

23 January 2019

Adrien is extremely knowledgeable and can help you reach your fitness goals.  He always changes up the routine to keep it interesting and doesn't let you quit.  Also, the Livephysical Fitness facility is very cool with some very nice equipment. More...


John Chambles

29 September 2018

I've been working with Adrian for almost a year now. Given my physical and general health limitations it has been somewhat slow going, which is more of an issue with me than him. The workouts are great he follows through with what you are looking for and are needing. He will defiantly push you to your limits and make you push past your limits to define new limits. Like everything you get out what you put into it. Right now Adrian is keeping me alive and making me healthier that I was before. My personal goals have always been simple get stronger, lose weight, but most importantly help get my blood sugar under control. Since I've been working with him my A1C has steadily gone from 6.4 to 5.1 and now I have a fasting blood sugar of about 87. I've been able to reduce my medication by half within a year. More...


Becky O.

17 May 2018

Adrien is the best! He listens to what your concerns and goals are, he makes every session specific to you, and he genuinely cares about you. Your goals and wellbeing are his top priority!He makes workouts entertaining and educational. He designs the workouts based on your fitness level and abilities. This was very important for me as I have several injuries and health issues. Adrien has made it easy for me to become healthy when I thought it would never be possible. The sessions are private, so his attention is on you unlike other gyms where trainers can become distracted. He also comes up with fantastic meal plans and caters them to what you like and your lifestyle. More...


Amy R.

17 May 2018

So I have been working out with Adrian for almost 5 months now and he has helped me achieve every goal we have set.  He helped me with nutrition, we never do the same workout twice, he constantly pushes me to be the best version of myself.  I am getting married in June and set a fitness goal and he made that goal a reality.  The whole process I would repeat over and over thisnisnt going to make me bulky is it? And he hasn't disappointed, he has made me look tone and much more lean and I plan on continuing the workouts because it's about living a healthy lifestyle now.  If I could give him 10 stars I would More...


Erica M.

13 September 2017

Adrien's workouts are versatile, challenging, and transforming.  As a client you are getting the total package design to fit your transformation goals. I needed a change in my everyday dietary and workout regimen and ADRIEN's PT expertise was able to provide me with that!   More importantly, Adrian knows what he's doing and knows how to MOTIVATE and LEAD his clients to reach their goals.! More...


Shar A.

15 August 2017

Training with Adrien has given me the challenges I need. His positive reinforcements has made me feel it's possible to reach my goals. Always switching it up, never boring. More...


Rabecca M.

12 August 2017

Adrien is the best trainer out there! I never expected to have as great of results as I got, over 20 pounds lost and gained a lot of strength. Feeling healthier and stronger than ever! He really takes the time to cater to your needs and makes you feel like family. If you're considering hiring a trainer for whatever reason, he's the one to go to! He will always push you and you will see results! More...


Penny C.

11 August 2017

Working out at Live Physical with my trainer Adrien has been the best decision I've made. Adrien has helped me reach my goal in a relatively short period of time. Before  I started working out with Adrien I was pre-diabetic and really out of shape. Now I'm in better shape than I've been in years and I feel great about myself and I owe it to him, thanks to his expert knowledge of weight loss, cardio and strength training along with well thought out meal plans, I have totally changed my eating habits and enjoy working out and seeing my progress. Now I see the real benefit of having a trainer. More...


Eugene F.

5 November 2016

My experience with LivePhysical has been great! My trainer, Adrien, is knowledgeable and training with him is effective, demanding, and fun. He does a great job informing me of the proper form, the target muscle(s), and the benefit of each exercise. Adrien is a phenomenal trainer and after working with him for the first month, I made noticeable progress toward my goals. More...


First we physically assess each client. In this process we are looking to measure muscular and cardio endurance along with any muscle imbalances that can negatively impact a client during training. Once that is addressed, we then sit down and discuss a nutrition plan that the client would be comfortable with and try to implement that into their daily routine. We make sure to hold each person accountable by showing them how to document their exercise and nutrition throughout the day and how to manage their off day training as well.

There is no secrets. Just consistency, hard work and paying attention to details will get you the results along with the guidance of our highly trained staff.

We love the feedback from clients, their family and friends. In this business, improving your health leads to so many things as far as confidence, better personal and professional relationships and more. We just enjoy being a part of that.

I’ve always had the vision of helping others as far as health is concerned. Most people just need that push to get started and the knowledge to continue and I felt like I can change the way fitness is viewed if I did this.

Because you are making the best choice choosing LivePhysical Fitness if you want a staff that cares about you as a client and is really motivated to see a positive change.