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Are you struggling or feel stuck?
Do you need to revitalize your life?
Are you living the life you want to?

As a Certified Life Coach I am here to help you focus on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing your own personal change. My goal is to inspire your own personal and professional potential


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Elyse Davidson

30 July 2018

Denise has a wonderful way about her ! She is a positive inspiration with a depth of knowledge in various areas! She can help you turn your life around !


Lucas Berry

30 July 2018

Denise has been a great coach for not only my career but also my life! She is very knowledgeable and is able to connect to with my unique situations on a daily basis.


Emily Sammartino

30 July 2018

Denise is very professional and very talented at life coaching. She gives helpful advice and has good connections to help guide you down any life path. Would recommend 100% to anyone who is looking to improve their lives or just needs a bit of a change! More...


Mahir Khan

30 July 2018

I had been in a rut for six months, unable to land a job in the career I spent years in college for. I was ready to give up, until I met Denise. With her expert advice on professionalism in the 21st century, I was able to realize my mistakes in the professional world, and I even began to expand my networks from coast to coast. Denise can and will help you get your life back on track, and I would recommend her 100 out of 100 times to all my respected colleagues. More...


Brandon Romagnoli

30 July 2018

Denise Pirro was an excellent coach and mentor who guided me to find the right new job. I had wanted to leave my old employer for months, and was running in circles looking into the wrong industries for a marketing position. She helped me set a list of what I wanted in my next job and narrow down the industries I was interested in. She provided excellent insight from her own work experience with IBM, and gave me useful suggestions during the interview process to standout among other candidates. Turns out her suggestions worked and I landed the job I wanted receiving a huge raise in the process! Finally, Denise is someone who listens to her clients and has always been reachable day or night no matter how late in the day. Thank you for all your help! More...


I love helping people. I love the interaction with each person I meet and I love seeing people move forward in their goals. Each person I have met with has different goals and that makes my job as a certified life coach even more exciting!

I love helping people. I worked in a major corporation as an Executive Manager and was always coaching my managers and their employees, so this was an easy transition for me. I went back to school in the evenings to become a certified life coach, wrote a business plan and then decided to leave the corporate world to help people be successful !

I like to have a signed contract with my clients but I am a "pay as we meet" professional. I don't want to force a client to work with me if they do not like me, and I want the ability to fire a client who does not want to put the work into become a success or to move forward. Coaching becomes a 2-way relationship, we both have to work at it!