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I am a Certified and Happiness Coach. I work with clients that feel stuck in their lives to experience greater happiness. As a result, my clients benefit from increased satisfaction and success in all areas of their life. After all, if your not HAPPY, does anything else matter?


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Cynthia G.

10 March 2019

Lisa helped me bring to the surface things that were dug deep down inside, that I didn't even realize I needed to unearth. From the several "rocks" that were now exposed, she had me select one "rock" that I could turn into a "gem"! More than anything I would like a partner to share my life with! I constantly sabotage my possibilities. She helped me create a new and positive perspective to help me move forward so that one day I could put a rock where it belongs, on my finger! Hours before the date, it was Lisa's voice of positivity that gave me the courage to go and enjoy my date! In just the one "happy moment" I had with her she has given me light to shine on my "rocks" and turn them into "gems"! If there is something, anything at all that is holding you back from your hopes and dreams Lisa is a great excavator that will help you pave the path to your happy destination! More...


Dominique E.

23 December 2018

Before seeing Lisa, I always felt as if I was missing something. I wasn't necessarily happy, but I wasn't necessarily sad. I guess I felt numb. One of my best friends, referred me to her and honestly, I am so thankful that I was fortunate enough to meet Lisa. She motivates you to become the best authentic version of yourself (which is something I really needed). Lisa is your biggest fan & she isn't the type to bring you down. You can tell that she wants you to succeed and that she truly does care for your well being. She works WITH YOU to reach your goals & truly is a motivation. I have never seen someone so invested & caring for their clients.. Lisa is truly like a breath of fresh air; definitely someone who I needed in my life.I didn't know where I was going in life or what I wanted to do, but Lisa continuously pushed me in the right direction to get myself on track. Although I am still trying to figure myself out, I intend to keep Lisa right by my side for awhile. More...


Audrey A.

24 October 2018

Before contacting Lisa I had contacted a number of psychiatrists and counselors and never got a response. Lisa replied to my email within hours. She immediately wanted to identify if we would be a right match and after confirming we began our sessions. I was going through the hardest time of my life and was desperate for help and Lisa helped guide me out of my rut. She listens, relaxes you, helps you focus on your goals, and genuinely wants to see you improve. She's incredibly caring and is very flexible with her schedule. I don't know where I'd be without her; she has played an instrumental role in the woman I have grown to be in only a month and a half and I am so grateful for her. More...


N K.

20 August 2018

Great Workshop. Lots of great energy and good information. Lisa was awesome!!


Terrie F.

19 August 2018

What a great event!  It was one of those things where you leave with a song in your heart and a smile on your face. I have always been a happy person, but now I'm even happier. My husband went as well, and  it really opened up a pretty great dialogue between us. We've been talking about it for a couple of days now. I can't wait for more!  Thanks so much Lisa!  You truly inspire! More...


Sara B.

25 March 2018

Lisa's coaching helped me find the path forward in my personal career when I was feeling very lost.  Her no-nonsense but yet full of energy, light, and encouraging style didn't make it feel like coaching but working with a dear friend who's only focus was on me.  Her approach and tools helped me understand the process so that I could embrace the coaching to my fullest extent and let the process work.I highly recommend Lisa for coaching for both personal, family, and career.  If you are stuck - she will help you find the way. More...


Randy U.

13 March 2018

Besides being a wonderful human being, Lisa possesses the life experience and skills necessary to help anyone create a better, more productive version of themselves. It takes experience, keen intuition, and a much deeper well beyond head knowledge to listen beyond what is being spoken to get to the heart of the issue in whatever holds a person back in allowing them to break through to the future they are trying to create. That is the magic of having a skilled coach. She will keep you accountable and moving forward and that's why you should hire her! More...


Caitlin H.

13 March 2018

I vulnerably reached out to Lisa to support me in obtaining some health related goals and from the moment I reach out to the moment that she began coaching me, she remained such a safe space to return to. We ended up coaching in far more areas than health and she showed up equally powerful in all areas that I needed support in. She has an intoxicating energy that legitimately makes it hard to be anything but PUMPED while in Sessions. She has a delightful sense of humor... and definitely isn't shy about accountability and making sure your goals are aligned and achievable. She provides a container that creates clarity, ignites motivation and momentum, and holds space for the times when things get heavy or dark. She's not going to sugar coat. She will be your biggest fan. She is certainly a LIGHT. I'm thankful for the time we have had together and the support she's provided me during my journey. She was exactly what I needed to begin making moves in both my health, personal, marital, and family goals. More...


Millicent D.

6 February 2018

January 15, 2018To Whom It May Concern:I am writing this letter of recommendation with great joy for the Life Coaching Services of Lisa Lopez.In January of 2016 I hired Ms. Lopez to assist me in my personal goal of utilizing my creativity in meaningful ways. I was at a point where many areas of my life felt "dull." Lisa's effervescent energy, intelligence, professional competence, and sparkling personality drew me in so I hired her immediately.A few of the things I learned about Lisa are: (1) her tremendous capacity to read between the lines and (2) her ability to get to the core of the emotional issues I was having. Many times I didn't even understand why I was feeling the way I was but with her empathic listening, targeted questioning, and collaborative synthesizing, I would always leave every consultation with tactical tools for self-improvement. Lisa would help me get crystal clear on the intentions behind my goals and manifesting became easy and fun.Far greater than her Life Coaching services is the trust, camaraderie, and deep-rooted friendship we have cultivated over the past five years. Lisa is a leader in every sense of the word. She conducts her life in a manner that is 100% authentic to her and inspires others to do the same. She shares her light everywhere she goes and our world is better for it. Lisa Lopez is someone you need on your personal development team because not only does she know what she's doing, she's doing the right things for all the right reasons. In my opinion, that gift is priceless.With love and respect,MilliePresidentMillicent R. Dizon, Inc. More...


I absolutely love watching people embrace their greatness. There is no better feeling then witnessing when people finally see how amazing they truly are. It's better than Christmas morning!!!

I experienced transformation through life coaching and I knew immediately I needed to pay it forward. When you experience tremendous growth, you want to share it with the whole world. That is my purpose now.

I believe in intuitive connection. If experiencing me lights you UP, awesome!! Then I am the right coach for you. I create a safe place for my clients to release, learn and grow.