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We're a Melbourne based creative studio specialising in brand identity and web design.

Brand Identity Design
Having a strong branding identity is a critical part of competing offline and online - attracting, serving and retaining customers. Our team have a long track record in creating and evolving brands in markets that are all about quality



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With mobile usage of the internet rapidly increasing each year (90% of customers are now shopping on mobile!), you are doing your customers a favour by ensuring your website is mobile responsive. It's much easier to navigate a mobile-friendly website on a mobile device, so customers are likely to stay on the site longer and complete their enquiry or purchase.

With this in mind, we carefully craft comprehensive digital experiences that function consistently and seamlessly across all browsers. From desktop screens to mobile phones and tablets, our websites scale and adapt smoothly to the ever-changing context of multi-device users and interactions.

‘Regular’ graphic designers don’t always consider these points and often overlook asking key questions about your company, such as:
- Who is your target audience?
- What is your position in the marketplace?
- How are you positioned amongst competitors?
- How can we make your branding uniform across the business?

If you’re not being asked these questions, it’s likely your project needs a broader, ‘big picture’ approach.

That's where we come in. We specialise in helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium-sized organisations with graphic design and branding identity. Our holistic approach means we think ‘big picture,’ offering appropriate solutions and working work with you effectively, efficiently and within budget to help your business become more respected and identifiable.

From the outset, we’ll work closely with you to understand your company and determine your needs. We’ll talk budget, timelines and scope and prepare a proposal contract.

To achieve an ideal brand identity, we need to understand you and your company. Research is paramount for a successful brand identity design process. To do this, we’ll ask you to answer a range of questions to help us identify your company’s ‘personality’ and uniqueness. We’ll ask you about your position amongst competitors and in the marketplace, your target market, values, objectives and more, including future goals.

We’ll research your competitors, determine your preferred style and check out any existing branding you may have. Whether you need a logo something more comprehensive, we’ll work with you to come up with the most suitable branding for your company, refining if necessary until you’re thrilled with the end product.

We’ll talk budget, timelines and scope to determine if we're the right fit for you and figure out if we can not only meet your expectations, but to also exceed them.

We pride ourselves on providing strong branding to set businesses apart from their competitors, combining well thought out strategies with artistic talent.

With over 10 years experience as a designer, including at several large, well-known Melbourne organisations, I went on to establish Liumin Creative to offer my problem-solving skills and creativity to businesses in need of his expertise. As Creative Director with hands-on involvement in all projects, I'm reliable, able to manage client needs, passionate in his craft, and most importantly, knows how to get the job done.

We understand the importance of your brand identity. We want to ensure your branding creates an immediate impression. Your logo is your company’s strongest visual representation. With the right branding, your logo should be everywhere – social media, website, signage, business cards, brochures, advertisements... you get the idea.

Your logo and overall branding work tirelessly for you, constantly marketing your business and attracting potential clients.

At Liumin Creative, our talented designers will work closely with you from start to completion to achieve an end product you’ll be proud of.


As branding identity designers, we work closely with you to understand your company’s direction and determine the visual components for your brand. Think fonts, colours, logos etc. By creating the appropriate branding, we can help create a positive impact and perception of your company.

As specialists in web design, we can provide digital solutions to connect your customer to your brand by creating effective strategies, seamless interactions and memorable and user-centric experiences.