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Hawaiin Lomi Lomi Massage with optional essential oils chosen for you. Lomi Lomi brings you into a deep state of relaxation, which allows the body to receive healing on a cellular level. Aches and pains leave the body and the massage brings your posture back into alignment.



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I love that giving this massage is as healing as receiving it due to the nature of the dance. The music and the aroma of the oils, along with the movement of the giver, makes this such a beautiful experience to give

I wanted to be able to give this massage to anyone anywhere.

I have been practicing this beautiful massage for 6 years, also qualified as an energy healer which gives me intuitive insight to what the client is feeling and needing. The most important aspect for me when I receive a massage is that the therapist is deeply present, I can feel it in their hands. Therefore I am always deeply focused and present on the client throughout the massage