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Ingrida Sinkeviciene

25 July 2018

Ocen krasivie fotografiji!!!


Anastasia Medovaya

25 July 2018

Отличный фотограф! Красивые фото!!!


Julia Tolkaciova

25 July 2018

Always so creative, love how each photo tells a story!


Natasha Gospodinova

25 July 2018

Lisa is simply great! Her images never disappoint!


Layla Barnohujaeva

25 July 2018

She is my favourite photographer in London!!! I feel very relaxed and very important while she is photographing me!!!


Fernanda Rocha Souza

25 July 2018

Lisa is very smart, so we didn't spend much time, she had all planned for the shooting spots, attended our expectations and sent the amazing pictures just a few days later, but they are splendid. I surely recommend her.


Maria Blinova

25 July 2018

I am very happy I've invited Lisa to take photos at my event! Would highly recommend her as I'm happy with the result and professional and kind approach of Lisa.


Tatiana Sarukhanova

25 July 2018

Everything about working with Lisa was fabulous! Lisa has such an amazing talent for capturing moments which is exactly what you want on your photo shoot.
Thank you Lisa ! You have created some stunning shots that take us back to the day each time we look at them. You have captured all the emotions , laughter and love perfectly.
We will recommend Lisa 100% to all our friends!


Lenny Tybolchuk

25 July 2018

We'd like to say thank you Lisa for gorgeous photos we've received. First of all Lisa is very easy-going person, who you can show yourself as you are, and she just catch it with her camera. I think it is also very important to feel relaxed when photoshoting - Lisa helps to feel that you're not supposed to worry of anything or to make special poses that is not typical for you.
Thank you Lisa for all the nice photomemories we have thanks to you!


Ksenia Fokina

25 July 2018

It was so pleasant to work with you, Lisa! Thank you for cool & creative project! You have a signature style and friendly character! I love your amazing photos! I will be happy to work with you as a stylist and/or as a model in the future! And will recommend you of course. More...

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