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Are you looking for a safe space to talk through problems? Are you looking for some support towards positive change?

Sometimes we can’t talk openly with people in our lives; maybe they are either unable to listen fully or appreciate what we are saying, or they are too closely involved that it can be awkward to speak honestly with them.



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I find it extremely rewarding to connect with different people of all walks of life, and I enjoy the "journey" of walking along with them, at their own pace, while we work together.

I wanted to offer therapeutic counselling which can be flexible to the needs of the client, to offer truly Person-Centred counselling - which means to be able to adapt to the needs of the client, so that we can have as many sessions as the client needs or wants. I have found that short-term work can be very powerful, but equally, not all issues can be resolved or addressed in six sessions.

I am a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), which is a professional organisation that offers ethical standards for therapeutic practice. I use the BACP’s Ethical Framework to help guide my decisions in my counselling practice and to enable me to consider what I need to do to keep myself and my clients safe. If you have questions about the Ethical Framework and how it applies to my work, I am happy to discuss this further when we meet or at any time during our work together. My private practice is also fully insured. I am very passionate about justice (whatever that might be or look like for my clients), and I am honoured to listen to anyone who wants to journey inward and reconnect with themselves.


My approach to counselling work is Humanistic, Person-Centred and Mindfulness-based; what this means is the work is intended to be non-directive, genuine, honest, open, free of judgement and based around the client’s goals. The Humanistic aspect means that I believe you (as a potential client and all humans) have potential to change in a positive way. The Mindfulness aspect means bringing conscious awareness (our full attention) to the present moment – to be curious about what we notice without judgement. We can learn a lot about ourselves by being more aware of what is happening in the “here and now”. I also use some Solution-Focused techniques in order to make the most of our time working together, which involves asking you to consider what the future will look like for yourself and how you will start to notice changes which may show that you are working towards where you want to be. I can offer short-term (approximately six to twelve (6 – 12) sessions) and long-term therapy, whatever suits you. Sessions are 60 minutes each, and we will usually start working together weekly initially, but we might space out sessions a bit more as our work draws to an end. We will consider what your needs are by reviewing our work together throughout the process, which also can help you to notice and track any changes that you or people in your life are noticing about you. We will also consider what it is you want to see as a result of your counselling work, and what it will look like to you, so you will be able to recognise when you are closer to your goals for counselling. You might have noticed a pattern; you are at the centre of this work! Our sessions are confidential, in that what we discuss together stays within the room with some exceptions. These exceptions include significant harm to self or others, safeguarding concerns and professional supervision, but we will have a conversation about sharing information with others first whenever possible. We will cover this topic in further detail on our first meeting as well, so if you have any questions, please do ask.