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Alan Heddens

8 May 2019

Jim is a super nice person who is easy to work with. He provided a fair estimate explaining his profit.


Dorys L

5 May 2019

Great Job. Ali was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The job was done with the most professionalism and in a timely manner. I will definitely use them again for future projects More...


John Bock

8 March 2019

This was our second Lipka built home. Our family grew and we finally had to expand. We LOVED our home and development so we asked them to build for us again. We have been in for about a month and LOVE this one even more!!!! They finished only a week behind schedule. That was most likely due to us constantly making changes throughout the build process. So they were probably ahead of schedule lol. Maybe because they aren’t a big box builder or cookie cutter home is the reason the quality is so above everything we looked at. Maybe one day they can build us our downsize home. They even gave me a box of cigars and my wife her favorite wine at closing! It was only mentioned in casual conversation or day months earlier. So attention to detail in homes and customers is what they are the best at!!!!! More...


Lisa Ensign

8 March 2019

Our company, Ensign Excavation LLC, did some work for Lipka Homes. The owner Tim knew exactly what he wanted done, so we did the job and we were paid the same day. Very friendly and down to earth company! More...