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Lindsey Bini Photography offers professional photography & print items in various areas. Such as Weddings, Families, Seniors & more.

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Brittany Seibert

25 July 2019

It's difficult to find the right words to describe how absolutely fabulous Lindsey was in our entire wedding process! I can't stop looking through all the amazing photos she took. I can't even choose which ones to hang in our house! She caught so many genuine moments on camera. She made my most awkward loved ones feel comfortable having their photos taken. She was not only very friendly, but she fit in so well that some people thought she was a family friend. She goes above and beyond and truly cares about her customers. I HIGHLY recommend her to take care of any of your photo needs. More...


Dustin Evanoff

8 January 2019

Lindsey Bini has got the perfect eye for photography! Trevor and myself couldn’t be more happy with the photo shoot. We even got to bring our fur babies to the photo shoot. Lindsey does a fantastic job of pumping up the energy for the shoot, not afraid to say anything to get that smile to appear! We love her!!!! When we adopt our first child, we would love to do another photo shoot to capture the second happiest moment of our lives together! Thank you Lindsey for creating such a beautiful photo album for us!! More...

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Trust & great relationship with your photographer.

It absolutely amazes me how many families haven’t ever been professionally photographed. One thing from my childhood that I remember the most is this professional family picture from when I was 5 of my Mom, Dad, and I that sat in our china hutch. When I was about 13 I remember looking at the photo and just thinking-”I don’t even look like that any more” I begged my mom to get family photos taken. Not knowing what I know now there where reasons why we never did.

1. It was expensive & we really didn’t have the money
2. Not something my mechanic dad would be too excited about.

Well we ended up doing it. I remember that day perfectly. In the end my mom was so invested in to it she even let me go get my hair done for it. It was probably one of the most exciting days of my life. I remember being memorized by being in a photography studio and I kept thinking how cool it was. That something I liked- this guys is doing for a living. We ended up having the most fun time, and got some of the funniest pictures. Still to this day these pictures remain in print form to cherish forever & in my mind as an experience I will never forget. I am now recreating some of that magic for other people. Even if you don’t like photos as much as I do-I firmly believe you will feel some of that magic of getting photos taken and the process of making them a special part of your life.

I photograph loving families, amazing seniors, and adorable couples.

Would some in your family or even significant other say that they would rather chew off their own arm than have a photo session? Do you or someone in your family think that they just need to loose a couple pounds before? Or how about insecure of something holding them back from taking photos? Guess what........I believe that no matter what you look like- it represents you NOW. And right NOW is something that you can never get back. You are amazing and deserve to rock what your mama gave you!

Do the photo session. Make the family show up. You won’t regret it- in the end when you have something captured that one day you will cherish. Once you get them there, I get to do what I do best! You can ask any of my previous clients- I do anything and everything in my power to get those images that you want. I even have heard the dad’s that have a million other things they would rather be doing say - “That was so much fun!” Yes. They actually said that. And it wasn't sarcasm in case you were wondering (;
Or if you are nervous that your child isn’t going to be comfortable around a stranger, or that your child with disabilities isn’t going to cooperate to get images that you will love. It is ok ! I know where you are coming from and have plenty of experience will all these concerns! Which is why we work together to make magic happen.