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I am an experienced Therapeutic Coach, combining the best of counselling and coaching to help you to find solutions for you to move forward in your life.

Whether it is learning techniques and tools to deal with stress, building your confidence, or overcoming depression or trauma, changing a negative habit or improving your relationships, I can get help you to get rid of those unhelpful feelings and give you the direction and tools you need to enjoy life and be and at peace with yourself.


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Lisa Hardy

Linda has been working with a member of our family. After a very short amount of time they have been coping much better with the stressful situations that would previously have caused anxiety. Thank you.


Penny Morgan

Linda really does what it says on the tin. She has a unique calmness about her and skilfully uses this to help others in difficulty. I've witnessed first hand someone openly praising her for helping to turn their life round, as well as using her services myself. Thank you Linda x More...


Jen Pickering

This Lady is a real inspiration. Linda came into my life at a time of personal despair. She helped me to understand a medical condition I have and has helped me to own and master it so I don't suffer with the symptoms so detrimentally anymore. Linda has a lovely homely office where I felt completely comfortable exploring my issues. She has a lovely warm attitude and really knows her specialist subject. Keep up the great work Linda. So grateful x More...


Susan Pocklington

I contacted Linda at the recommendation of a friend. It was a life changing moment when I made my first appointment. I met Linda at a very low part of my life and she helped me turn it all around. Her approach is very honest and pragmatic, every session I felt improvement. Cannot put into words what a different person I am now from then, with the skills and knowledge Linda gave me, I know I will carry on and be absolutely fine x Thank you Linda xx More...


Helene Utting

Having on occasion rather a lot on my plate, Linda is marvellous to talk to, she calms your mind down, centres your thoughts and makes you feel at ease with the world. Whatever you think you are struggling with talk to Linda and she will help you calm your mind. More...


Laura Morrison

Linda is an amazing coach and counsellor. She is my go to person for advice, helping me keep things in perspective, reducing stress and rebalancing me. If you run your own business I would thoroughly recommend you have a chat with Linda. She will be your go to person as well. More...


I love my job because I see people change how they feel about themselves, have better relationships and learn to deal with whatever life throws their way with confidence.

When people come and see me they are usually very nervous and sometimes cynical about the value of therapy. When they get amazing results quickly - that really makes me smile a lot.

It is great to bust the myths people have about therapy and help them to see themselves as strong and competent people who have just hit a challenging time in life and teach them new tools and techniques that enable them to understand and change how they feel and think so they can feel in control and enjoy life.

Basically I have the best job in the world.

Having my first child meant that I no longer wanted to work long hours. I was also quite burnt out and stressed at work and wanted to have a complete change in lifestyle.

Since I first came across the power of Gestalt Psychotherapy when I was 20 and doing my Social Work training I always knew I would go back to it and as I had completed my training at about the same time I set up a private practise in 1995 and have not looked back since.

I am really good at identifying the underlying cause of the difficulty that someone is experiencing. Once you know what that is, we can work together quickly to get rid of it and get long lasting results.

Over 20+ years I have worked with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and a range of issues. From overcoming stress and depression to recovering from trauma, navigating big life changes - bereavement, motherhood, separation and divorce, retirement, redundancy, leaving home, empty nests, new relationships, bullying at work, or starting or growing a business.