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Claudia Burnett

25 January 2019

I am currently going through an emotional detox where I am emptying the emotional trauma storage containers in my body and being. I got the awareness that I could support my body more with a visit to Linda Belcher Healthcare. It was my second visit and I had no idea on my first visit what to expect, however I was blown away with what we worked on, the remedies I was given to support the changes to my life. On my second session my body required support, nurturing and acknowledgement at how wonderful and resourceful it is. Linda has a kindness, ease and directness that I and my body really resonate with. Also when I got lost and called her up as I thought I would be late, the way Linda spoke to me and the guidance she gave me to locate where I was to where I wanted to be was clear, concise and easy. I would recommend Linda for all those things you cannot shift and especially if you can be a little tricky or wary of who you allow into your energy field or feel safe with. Thank you Linda you are a gem More...


Izabela Pancerz

23 July 2018

I have met her at a conference of ASK day. in January -very professional ! good lectures LINDA,thank you. izabela


Carole Olley

23 July 2018

Thank you for the wonderfully relaxing back massage Linda! I feel soo much better! Will be booking in again very soon!


Sheila Powell

23 July 2018

Would recommend Linda to anyone for reflexology. Her knowledge is amazing and it is soooo relaxing, always feel much better after a visit to her.


Chris Richardson

23 July 2018

I had a systematic kinesiology session with Linda whilst on holiday in Brighton. What a lovely lady. She explained everything to me and was patient in listening to my replies. Her findings made perfect sense to me and her advice will be easy to implement. I expect this session to make a big difference to me. Thank you More...


Louise Penson

23 July 2018

I've just completed Linda Belcher's Kinesiology Diploma course which I cannot recommend enough! Linda has a wealth of practical knowledge which she shares generously, as she also does her time out of class to answer questions and provide support. She has a knack of explaining things in simple terms and endless patience with the numerous questions we threw at her! Many thanks Linda for an amazing journey :-) More...


Emma Scott Cotton

23 July 2018

I am just back from Linda Belcher’s Practitioner Treatment Training Day, which I thoroughly enjoyed & found incredibly useful. During the day I was able to refresh myself with lots of techniques already covered (with Linda) in my Level 1-4 training, as well as learn a few new ones (exciting!). The other participants were a good mix of experience from both Kinesiology and other disciplines too.

As Linda says, when you lie down you know nothing, so it was so great to have the combination of a full treatment with Linda (awesome as usual!), as well as time to observe & discuss the treatments of the other participants.

I wasn’t surprised to find people had travelled from all over to attend as this is such a worthwhile day. I would highly recommend it, whether you’re a Kinesiology student (at any level) or a therapist in another field who’s interested in how Kinesiology works. Thank you Linda for running this invaluable one day workshop – it was so fun, I am planning to do it again later in the year!


Mae Dewsbery

23 July 2018

Linda opened my eyes to Kinesiology and flagged up my daughter's sensitivity to cows milk which has made a huge difference to her health. Linda also showed me some great techniques to use to ease her chest and breathing issues and she has been so much healthier since. I am really grateful to Linda and would highly recommend her! More...


Melinda Annear

23 July 2018

I highly recommend Linda Belchers Kinesiology Diploma! Her endless knowledge and endless patience is second to none. What was also key for me is that her classes are small, so everyone gets 100% from Linda. Therefore when practising techniques she is able to give feedback or help to everyone equally. On a personal level, I have had kinesiology sessions with Linda for a past trauma which she has completely cleared. It has enabled me to move forward and enjoy my life again! As a student AND as a client, I can't recommend Linda enough! More...


Joanne Dunn

23 July 2018

I've just completed Linda's 'Retained Primitive Reflexes' course in Bristol and absolutely loved it. The course in itself is fascinating and for me, the missing part to the Kinesiology training I've had. Linda is a very experienced, approachable and generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge.I can't recommend highly enough and look forward to training with Linda again in the future.
Thanks again Linda :-)


Claire Ferrari

23 July 2018

I started seeing Linda for reflexology in October 2016, I was experiencing many health problems including excessive weight gain, joint pain and issues with my digestion. I had a few sessions of reflexology, which indicated issues with pain that I was aware of and helped with some of the symptoms. I was interested but sceptical about Kinesiology and in the end ( I had gone from a size 10 to a size 16) I was so desperate for help, I decided to try it out. I knew I had some issues with certain foods and wanted to see if this would be backed up with the findings. The tests highlighted some of the areas that I knew I had problems with, but more interestingly showed I had a major problem with Gluten. I had been trying to get some help from my GP with the weight gain issue but was informed I needed to do more exercise. Within 2 months of giving up Gluten my health had improved, swelling in my knees went, my psoriasis was clearing, sensitive teeth were improving, ichy skin had gone and more miraculously I had lost 2 stone without exercise or any other changes to diet except cutting out Gluten. I continue to see Linda at least monthly for reflexology and can honestly say I am so glad I found her, not only is Linda absolutely lovely, she had turned my life around. I am now back to the size 10 I have been all my life, I am healthier, happier and cannot rate Linda highly enough. More...


Lisa Redman

23 July 2018

I had a beautifully relaxing reflexology session yesterday
linda truly knows her stuff and her ability and knowledge of kinesiology really heightens everything else she works on


Lilly Meadows

29 October 2014

I had a beautifully relaxing reflexology session yesterday linda truly knows her stuff and her ability and knowledge of kinesiology really heightens everything else she works on

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I am a professional Kinesiology Practitioner and Tutor and love my job. Through muscle testing we can identify blockages and imbalance in the body and - more importantly - find out the root cause and correction required. This may involve nutrition, emotional work, meridian balancing, food testing and more. My practice is in Shoreham by Sea, Sussex. Through the foundation course, you too can learn how to do this for friends and family and, should you wish to, become a professional too.