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tx badger

27 May 2018

Wonderful facilities, great people, knowledgeable


Debra Lee

27 May 2017

I have known James for a very long time. He is a great judge of Dogs and of human character. He is honest and has a passion for getting you to understand the dynamics of working your dog in the field or on the line. I endorse and recommend him as a trainer all the time. I use to watch him judge and judge me back in the day. He is one of those men and trainers you never forget your experience with....you walk away understanding. Trust and Respect are not easily given by me...He has it! He is a GREAT TRAINER AND BREEDER OF GREAT WORKING DOGS! Thanks James Davis .DebraLee RAVE RETRIEVERS More...



27 May 2017

I had a family emergency that I had to leave town immediately but since it was around Labor Day weekend, everywhere I called to board my dogs were full. I called over 10 different veterinarians and kennels and none would help me even knowing the situation that had arisen. I was panicking and didn't know where to turn. One of my friends told me about Limestone Kennels. They were a bit of a distance from my actual home but I didn't care since it was an emergency. So I called them and, of course, they were booked as well. However, after hearing my situation, Mr. and Mrs. Davis told me to bring my dogs to them immediately and that they would keep them in their own home while I was away. I couldn't believe it! No one does things like this these days! So to say the least, they saved the day for me. And I am forever grateful to them. I would and will always recommend them! More...


Norah Elstner

13 February 2017

I have worked with James for a number of years. James and Debra picked my current dog George for me. A perfect match..... Great place, great people.


Sherri Digges

25 August 2016

If you are looking for a pure bred dog here are a few tips you need to look for first and most important is the breeder has to truly LOVE animals and not be in it just for the money. Second the bloodlines need to be available for you to look at and ask questions and make sure the dog you are buying has all of the clearances required of the breed. Third the kennel needs to be well maintained. Fourth you want a breeder that is going to question you and challenge you to make sure you are the right fit for the breed you are going to have to buy. This is what is important to me. After talking to 46 breeders in 30 States, I found the breeder I was looking for at Limestone Kennels. I was impressed with this facility the second I pulled through their gate. I went to meet Debra and James and I was able to meet the puppies and sit down with Debra and we were able to talk and ask and answer questions. I then got to meet the puppy that would become Limestone's Chunk of Coal (Coal). When I saw how this dog reacted to her I knew that she was not in this for the money. Debra is first class all of the way. I went up several times before I was able to pick him up to bring him home. Every time I went up I could tell that my dog was being worked and interacted with. On the day I got to bring him home she gave him one last bath and was actually sad to see him go. To me this speaks volumes. I have made a friend for life and left Limestone Kennels with the impression that we will do business again. More...

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