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Heidi Karol

Absolutely awesome everyone had so much fun young and old


Kristen Cusumano

Attended a party today! It was amazing! Everyone was so friendly and the animals were also all so friendly! Awesome time!


Janet Anderson

It was the best party we have had. Great staff working there. Also helping with whatever you need. Will book again.


Jo Vdoviak

The party for Jordyn and Zachary was enjoyed by everyone .....Horseback riding was no. 1 favorite ,,,zip line was next,,, I was just an adult spectator but it was fun.....Nice set up,,,clean areas ,,,,,,employees very friendly !!!! Have a great season !!!!! More...


Jenn Thompson

One of the best birthday parties. Becky and her staff are amazing! Thank you for everything


Christine DiStefano

Had the best time so lay back , my 2year granddaughter , love riding the horse and walking around seeing the horses , the people who work there are so kind and our food was great that hosted brought in, nothing but fun ,love to go back


Nicole Metsisto Mazer

We had the best time despite the rain ~ staff is amazing and so helpful.


Amber Gomez

Had my sons first birthday party here and it was AMAZING. Everyone had so much fun it was a great way to celabrate a wonderful day!


Shana Murphy

Second year in a row having Marlowe's birthday party here and it just keeps getting better. Lots of things to do including a zipline, rope swing, pony (or horse) riding and petting zoo. So fun!


Natasha Murphy Bansfield

We had a 3rd birthday party for my daughter here last weekend. It was fantastic! Definitely a memorable party for my daughter and our guests. The staff is extremely accommodating and helpful. Lots of activities for the kids and there was something for everyone to enjoy. We would definitely recommend Lil'Cowpoke Parties to any little horse/farm enthusiast :) More...


Komal Green

We had our son's 4th birthday party here yesterday. It was the best birthday party we have ever had! The staff was wonderful,they kept the party moving. We ordered pizza from nearby Daniella's,they were great too. All the kids and parents had a blast. We can't say enough good things. More...


Jennifer Belleau Miller

The best birthday party! Had a wide range of ages 2-66 and they all had a blast! Thanks for a great day. Everyone had fun with all the animals and horses. Such a memorable day for all!


Rachel Bourque

Exceeded all expectations. The staff was super friendly and helpful, the setup is great and the kids had a blast! We'll be back for sure... thanks again for a great day!


Leanne Doviak

We had a combo birthday party today for our son and daughter!! Best birthday party. Staff was amazing and so helpful. Animals are all perfect. Playground area kept all ages busy. We will be back for sure in the years to come More...


Laura Johnson

Had my daughter's 2 year old birthday party there. One word describes the experience, AMAZING!! The owner was great and had extremely helpful team. We had children from 10 to 2 attend and there was always something for all of them to do. Horse rides, petting farm animals, petting animals, sandbox. They also have a fun place to take picture.
Cannot recommend this place enough!!!


Rosemarie Luciano

Excellent from start to finish. Professional courteous and wonderful all the way around. The staff helped with set up and clean up. All you need to do is show up and have fun!! More...


Eni Andoni

Can't thank you enough for my little one birthday party!!! All the kids had so much fun playing with the little pony and riding the horse. A big thank you to Becky for organizing and helping out. This was such a special birthday party for my daughter you made her dream come true´┐Ż!!! More...


Melissa Gaeta

We attended a birthday party here. It is a relatively small farm in comparison to some of the larger scale farm/barnyards on the north shore...which was really nice! There wasn't a moment when the kids were out of our site as us adults chatted. They can run around from the different petting zoo areas (theres several all with different animals), to the play area (tree swings, slide and sandbox).

The bathroom is a portopotty, and this is a working/boarding horse stable, so boots are a MUST! Do not wear good shoes/sneakers.

The Birthday party area itself is quaint, with picnic tables, a pergola, and a hand washing station. You need to bring your own decorations, cutlery, and any amenities you need for your entertaining. All in all very nice and I would consider having a party there for my child.


Antonietta Polcaro Guerriero

We had the best party there. My daughter had a great day. Thank you to everyone who works there for making it so easy.


Danielle Barreira

We had my daughter's 2nd birthday party here The staff were super helpful and friendly. Such an beautiful place to have a birthday party. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone who is looking for a farm theme party. We had a great time thank you to 7 acres for making Remingtons party unforgettable! More...

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