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Lightning Party Planning

Atlanta, Georgia

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Lightning Party Planning

Atlanta, Georgia


Lightning Party Planning prepares, organizes, and ensures your event runs smoothly. We do all the work so you can concentrate on you.

Whatever the budget, we can make it happen!

C Major Package - Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Fund Raisers



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This is a family business. We love that event planning encompasses all of our talents enabling us to go above and beyond for every aspect of planning an event, from organizing, decorating, music and themes, we have the talent for it all.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit since working with my mom in her catering business since the age of 10 years old. My daughters picked up the same entrepreneurial mindset, and decided that they wanted to start this party planning business. With my background in catering, marketing, and the corporate industry, and their love for parties, decorating, and music, combined with their extroverted personalities, party planning became our profession.

Your budget is our price. We make your party happen no matter the budget! Our commission will always be up to a maximum of 20% no matter the event and amount of people involved. Your dream event will always take precedence over commission.

We value our client's time and money.
We value our client's tastes and aspirations.

We have a unique ability to see your party from a perspective of younger and older generations, to give you a well rounded party experience.

We ensure our client's 100% satisfaction with all party components, including hired vendors.