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The concept of LIFESPINE is to have a place of wellness approachable for all. With our focus on your back and core, the main component of physical health, but that is only the beginning. Lifespine Is more than Chiropractic office. It's a synergist approach to whole health.


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Greg Scher

1 August 2019

Wow what an amazing concept. Chiropractic/ massage / fitness at a price that you literally feel like you are stealing from them. I feel great and that’s not easy! More...


Pamela Lefler Vazeen

20 July 2019

Rachelle was amazing! Today was probably one of the best massages I've ever experienced. Thank you!


Kimberly R.

1 June 2019

Lifespine is #1 in my book. Dr. Chipp is a excellent chiropractor, his staff is like one big family. All are friendly & want to help you feel better. The office has a very relaxing atmosphere, always look forward to my appointments because I always leave feeling better & leave with a smile. More...


Ashley P.

29 May 2019

I haaaate the chiropractor usually, especially having to find a new one after moving to a new city. So so thankful I found Dr. Chipp! He has great vibes & makes you feel comfortable & actually makes you feel like he cares about your issues & making them better. Only been my 3rd visit & already am feeling relief from severe trauma following a car accident. Really nice inside - would definitely recommend to anyone looking for chiropractic treatment and/or massage! More...


Peter K.

28 May 2019

Dr Chip is a walking MRI machine. He knew exactly what was wrong my neck by doing a routine physical assessment. Went to get MRI and they confirmed it. He is passionate about his practice and provides the best care. Other chiropractors I went to before always rushed me and I was scared to even get an adjustment. I totally trust Dr. Chip with adjusting my neck and back. More...


Melissa P.

18 May 2019

Dr. Chipp is amazing.   First visit in and he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Definitely recommend you see him.


Melissa Patton

18 May 2019

Dr Chipp is amazing. First visit in. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Office is beautiful. Would definitely recommend you see him for all of your chiropractic needs.


Angel D.

24 April 2019

Dr. Chipp has got your back! I didn't realize how severe my back pain was until I sat down and couldn't back up. We're talking shooting pains and stiffness radiating from my lower back. Seriously, even sneezing hurt. Dr. Chipp was kind enough to see me at a moments notice where he performed a battery of tests to figure out what was going on. He provided thorough instructions on how to get through the weekend and what to do post visit.Long story short, I probably wouldn't have made it through a business conference the following day had it not been for his exceptional services. Highly recommend! More...


Mycaiah B.

22 April 2019

Excellent staff. Dr.Chipp makes you feel so comfortable and makes sure you get the care you need. Everyone is super friendly and they all strive to make sure that you are taken care of physically and mentally. All the services they offer are so professional and just extra reassurance that Dr. Chipp cares about the people who walk into his practice. In addition, Liz is the sweetest person and is an AMAZING masseuse. Go see her If you can!! I recommend this place to all my friends!! More...


Geris P.

27 March 2019

I love this place so much!!! You know that feeling when you walk into a  new place you've never been to and you feel kind of awkward? You dont feel that here you are greeted immediately! Jarrod is super nice and he explains everything hes doing and why. I truly feel like this place needs more recognition because the vibes are great. I went in for some carpal tunnel pain and felt way better right after. I'm definitely going back and recommend them as much as I can More...


Tiera B.

22 February 2019

I came into Lifespine because a recommendation from my coworker. I came in the middle of the day and they squeezed me in! Dr. Chipp was highly personable and kind. He was very well-versed and his questions and ministrations seemed very natural and helped greatly! He genuinely was concerned for me and helped relieve some nagging back and neck pain I'd been having. You won't be disappointed if you drop by this place! More...


Pairote Phruksukarn

19 February 2019

Dr. Chipp is great, professional, friendly and knowledgeable of his work. He explained every step of the process and took his time to make sure he treated me to help improve of my Sciatica pain. His practice was very clean and modern. More...


Karen Paglini

17 February 2019

Lifespine has created a wonderful concept. I am a nurse myself and have received the very best care here. The environment is beautiful and each provider is excellent. It has made such a difference in my life and a reduction in pain! I would recommend them to everyone (as I already do!) ! More...


Terry Edwards

8 February 2019

Dr. Chip is AWESOME!!! This was my very first experience with a chiropractor in Las Vegas. I had a lot of build up anxieties, and a nagging shoulder that has bothered me for a few months. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a huge smile and from there on, I knew I was in GREAT hands!!! When I left I felted relieved in my shoulder AND the way I feel about the "ART" of LIFESPINE! Thanks Dr. Chip!!! I highly recommend LIFESPINE the chiropractor of Summerlin, NV and Las Vegas. More...


Casey Russell

7 February 2019

Dr. Chip was knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. He provided a great experience. This was only my first visit so that’s all I know for now. Maybe can give a better review after second treatment. More...


Karen Burguillos

8 January 2019

Dr Chip was very thorough in reviewing the issues I presented for. He was very detail oriented in his exam and walked me through it step by step. I was very pleased with my treatment and felt immediate relief. This was an excellent experience for me and I will definitely be referring my family and friends to him. I look forward to trying the other services provided at this office. More...


Joann Rauls

1 December 2018

Love Dr Chip and his Team. Friendly, knowledgeable, and caring


Elliott C.

15 November 2018

Dr Chip was great!. It was my first time to a chiropractor and I couldn't have picked a better place. Great specials for new patients also.


Kay Gormley

24 October 2018

A great place to relax & unwind. Dylan knows his stuff!


Emily H.

5 October 2018

Went with someone else who had severe lower back pain and he got a Groupon for $100 today, called and they were able to see himToday...$100 for consultation and adjustment w/2 massages or adjustments. We shall see but overall very friendly staff and Chiropractor. Clean upscale small facility. More...


Acacia Rucker

29 September 2018

Dr. Chipp is AMAZING and very knowledgeable. He is also very calming and very compassionate in his work.


Katherine Webb-Forred

23 September 2018

I absolutely love Lifespine and everything they have to offer. Dr Chipp is knowledgeable, compassionate, and always has your interest at heart. Dylan has been doing personal training with me to work on healing from a fall . Traditional doctors wanted steroid blocks,spine injections,and could not guarantee anything. I chose to work with the best and I must say I recommend Dylan and Dr Chip to anyone. There yoga ,stretching,body mechanics classes are great also. More...


Tritia H.

31 August 2018

Best chiropractor to go to!!!Dr Chipp & Casey are awesome!!!They are always able to get me in for an appt whether it's short notice or not. Facility is always clean and smells fantastic!!! More...


Stephanie Susman

30 August 2018

This place is amazing! Great fresh healing energy and very caring staff..I have never had such a wonderful massage and Reiki experience, Dylan was fanatic! My Fiance cant say enough great things about Dr. Chip! I am very excited to try the pilates classes as well as the Energy work sessions. My fiance' and I will be lifelong members.. More...


Marc B.

14 August 2018

Dr. Chip is great.  Always very nice. Great adjustments.   Definitely recommend going here.


Lisa C.

16 July 2018

Dylan is a massage magician! His thorough understanding of the human body shows in his technique and results. Life Spine is the BEST place for rehabilitation. I don't know where I'd be without them! Got an injury? Just finished your prescribed physical therapy and need more? Check out Life Spine for sure, and make sure to ask for Dylan! More...


Kim D.

5 July 2018

I went to Lifespine in major pain. Wish I could say I left healed, but my back was not cooperative. Within 4 days and with an adjustment and massage, I am back among the mobile population. They are wonderful at Lifespine. Dr. Chipp and Erin are cheerful, energetic and have wonderful healing hands.  I am so thankful I found them and will easily give them 5 stars (10 stars if I could). Highly recommend and will definitely be back - this time BEFORE I am in agony! More...


Cecilia S.

23 February 2018

Jared, the chiropractor was great. My daughter plays soccer and had been having some intense low back pain. I took her here and the Dr. Took his time to make sure he treated her to help improve what was causing the pain. She felt so much better and is still doing good. I would recommend this place to everyone. Incredibly clean and soothing environment. More...


Victor H.

18 February 2018

Stopped by Lifespine this past weekend after learning about and taking advantage of a great Groupon deal. Needed a routine neck and back adjustment and what I like to describe as "preventative maintenance."  Could not have been more impressed with the facilities, professionalism of staff and wonderful care and service from Dr. Chipp. Left my appointment feeling like a million bucks, armed with great feedback from Dr. Chipp and very much looking forward to returning again very soon. More...


Ron Christianson

18 January 2018

After a demanding weekend I received a massage from Dylan. He combines skilled techniques with a clear understanding of an athlete ‘s structure and injuries. The massage ranks as one of the most effective I have ever received. More...


Kimberly Roberts

14 January 2018

I am very pleased with my experience at Lifespine. Dr. Chipp is a great chiropractor. He cares about his patients and truly wants to improve their health. My family and I have been patients of Dr. Chipp even before he opened his Lifespine office. I am grateful to have him as our chiropractor. I always feel better after my adjustments and definitely leave there feeling more relaxed. More...


Craig Goldberg

20 December 2017

Dr. Chipp is amazing! His adjustments and touch are soft and powerful all at once. I highly recommend this new Las Vegas Back and Body Wellness center. Check out my video on their Facebook page! While you’re in check out their Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge. A-mazing! More...


Vanessa C.

13 December 2017

Lifespine has really helped me feel like I'm in my early twenties again! Now that I'm 31, I've started to feel the effects of gravity on my joints. Being a healthy person who trail runs 3-4 times a week and lifts at the gym, I never thought I'd really need chiropractic care. Now I'm sold on regularly visiting Dr. Chipp at Lifespine to make sure I'm properly aligned. I'm also a high school teacher and I didn't realize how much tension I had built up in my neck, shoulders and lower back. Dr. Chipp made my first chiro adjustment feel very comfortable since the thought of getting your neck adjusted is a little nerve-racking at first. It really goes to show that sometimes you don't know what you need until you try it. I'm so glad Lifespine is now part of my health routine. Your best investment is in your health! More...


Gary Boswell

17 November 2017

Excellent! Great care, tremendous follow up. Highly recommend!


Joann L Meyer-Rauls

15 November 2017

Been seeing Dr. Chip for 3 years now. He has a great personality and very knowledgeable about how to care for you and get you back on your feet pain free. Obviously it doesn’t happen over night but I’m able to bowl, golf, and hike again thanks to his care. Also can’t forget my Massage therapist Dylan who knows how to get those kinks out and help get my ankle back to working order after braking it and having surgery done. More...


Zen G.

23 October 2017

Dr. Chipp was great. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was very nice of them to see me on such short notice. The atmosphere of Lifespine is very healing. It costs a little more than where I'm used to going, but it's worth it since they actually take the time to assess what may be ailing you and to come up with a treatment plan. More...


Sherry S.

17 August 2017

Have you ever walked into Starbucks and not only they remember your name but your order is ready? At LifeSpine, you receive the same recognition. Dr. Chipp was extremely knowledgeable of his work and explained every step of the process. I went from an excruciating neck pain to almost as if I never had any pain. His practice was very clean and modern. LifeSpine is the way to go. More...


Valerie Mileham Abraham

3 July 2017

This is a GREAT concept for a wellness center..!! A Monthly membership that includes chiropractic, massage and yoga/pilates classes for way less than you pay for just the individual treatments elsewhere.... Can I give 10 stars...


Dust L.

27 June 2017

I was told by a colleague that LifeSpine changed her quality of life. With a statement like that I had to check this place out. I have had back issues throughout the years due to athletics and car accidents and after getting an introduction to what LifeSpine offers I knew I was in good hands.  I love that their membership offers multiple options and free access to their core wellness classes. I'm looking forward to my future with LifeSpine!! More...


Megan W.

27 June 2017

I recently became a member at Lifespine. The place is so beautiful and welcoming. The massage therapists were great and I am looking forward to my next massage. Dr Chipp is very professional and friendly. My back pain was improved after my adjustment. The yoga instructors are very helpful and I love the free classes that are included in the membership. More...


Sarah Shelton

9 May 2017

Amazing group meditation on Monday nights� I'm so happy I tried meditating out of my home and in this new environment. Such a beautiful experience


Charlotte Brown

14 April 2017

Beautiful facility with great chiropractor and great people!


Dave Fultz DC

12 April 2017

This place is Fantastic! I can't imagine how it could be any better


Adam MacNair

11 April 2017

Thank You for always having my BACK! This place is clean and filled with professionals!

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Lifespine is more than just a healthy spine; it is whole body wellness and balance. Your spine the pathway relaying messages from the brain to every part of the body. We all abuse our back, be it from physical activity, poor posture, or just sitting all day. The goal of chiropractic is to help re-align the spine and eliminate any imbalances. At LIFESPINE our physicians provide not only excellent care but also education to help you to achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle!

Life doesn't stop. But you can rewind it a bit. Massage is a perfect way to rejuvenate and get back a part of you. LIFESPINE massage therapy is individually tailored to you. Whether it is stress, injury, tension, or other; Our massage therapists are here to help rejuvenate your body. Regularly therapeutic sessions not only promotes quicker recovery and healing but also helps you maintain lower stress in the body. (the reason for over 75% of all doctor's visits)

QRT is one of the most efficient ways to heal the subconscious mind. It is focused upon finding the triggers in the fastest and safest way possible. Traditional psychotherapy generally reinforces your problem by repetitively talking about it. The goal of QRT is not to strengthen the memories or emotional wounds but rather extract and cause them to feel neutral instead of “loaded.” By removing the root of the problem, you can literally change the course of your life experiences. The healing of QRT is often miraculous and spontaneous

Our nutritional assessments are an in-depth evaluation of both objective and subjective data related to your food and nutrient intake, lifestyle, and medical history. It has been well-known that poor nutritional status is associated with disease morbidity and mortality. At Lifespine we use a combination of modalities for a comprehensive analysis of your general health systems.