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Intuitive Guidance /Life Coaching combined with Card Readings and Emotional Healing guiding women to GROW, HEAL & BE GUIDED to move from confusion, pain and overwhelm to life clarity and change.

My 'life coaching' is a mixture of intuitive guidance, card readings and spiritual counseling.


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Alma Marshall

13 May 2019

A lot can be learned on this beautiful page. Love is the answer - always! :)


Roxanne Barker

13 May 2019

Authentic, natural, gifted - are the words I want to share. Christina Steyn is a wonderful genuine intuitive. Thank you for being ahead of the rest and going to the root cause within minutes. Wonderful session.


Susie James

13 May 2019

""I had the great pleasure of receiving a beautiful mini card reading from Christina, it was a wonderful clear reading with accurate information, relating to what is taking place with me at that time. Given from the heart and with sensitivity and understanding. I highly recommend this lady for her insight.
Blessings, Susie James"


George Martina Odendaal Steyn

13 May 2019

My wife is suffering from memory loss (possibly dementia) and depression. After several sessions her memory has improved significantly with the use of Audiovisual Brainwave Entrainment sessions and the use of the 2 subliminal CD "Positive Self Image, Self Esteem and Confidence" and "Powerful Memory, Learning & Concentration".
Her memory started improving after a month's weekly treatments and listening to the subliminal CD's.
Her general mood has improved and she seems to snap out of anger and depression much more quicker than before.
Her self image has improved with the listening of the subliminal CD's
Overall very good improvement. Thank you.

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As a heart-centered empath I love making a difference in people's lives, especially women. I love when my clients ease in trust, become more clear and relaxed and GROW in their lives whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally or healing from a dis-ease... and enjoy the satisfaction to become empowered themselves to make the necessary changes.

My business motto and what I stand for is to empower women to GROW, HEAL & BE GUIDED

Being of service and making this world a better place to live in.
As a trained Law of Attraction Coach I have noticed too much emphasis on mind and positive thinking and way too little on what to do with emotions. Most people don't know what to do and deal with emotions and/or what important role it plays.
Most people try suppress painful experiences in the hope that it goes away.

I have been through a lot of 'hard knocks' of life myself.
I aim to help make a difference in people's lives to help ease suffering.

I am heart-centered empath, psychic and intuitive.
Having experienced 'hard knocks' of life in almost all areas of my life I can easily feel into what my customers might feel.
I am in touch with emotions and the wisdom it provides.

A trained Reiki Master, Healer & Teacher
Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Various positive feedback, reviews & testimonials of satisfied clients available.