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Omaha, Nebraska, United States

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Life Line Professional Coaching

Omaha, Nebraska, United States


You may be asking yourself, "Is coaching for me?" Our services here with Life-Line Professional Coaching hopes to help you answer that question with a resounding YES! We're focused on you by making you the priority, actively listening, asking the right questions and taking great care to ensure you that your moment is in the right hands.



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Seeing people grow and made whole again. Helping couples come from the brink of dissolving the relationship and come back stronger. Helping people unlock the greatness that is already in them.

In short, helping people see the best version of themselves and live their best life right now!

All people, from all walks of life, will have a moment where they will need help making sense of life. I genuinely enjoy helping people. Since this was always something that I had done (directly or indirectly) I thought why not do what you enjoy and help others along the way.

Our service was recognized for coaching excellence in 2006 by the United Way of the Heartland. We provided coaching to socially & economically challenged families for the next three years, pro-bono.

From there, we grew and continued to follow our passion to help others. Coaching and life issues have always made perfect sense to me when explained. Early on, I had the skill set to help others so I stayed with it. Now 15 years later, that passion is still there.

How can I help you?

We clearly understand that every life challenge is different in some way of how it affects individuals. We treat every interaction as different and unique from any we have had prior. If you have ever had a great conversation with a good friend and walked away feeling energized, then you will understand how we interact with our clients. Talking with us is like talking to a close, old and dear friend. You're able to open up, speak your mind with no judgment and you can always count on them to tell you the truth.

That's what we strive to do. Make you comfortable as you're being vulnerable while talking to a friend. We can figure out a solution together.



SUCCESS STORIES: www.liferesponse-ability.com/testimonials Relationship issues can be tricky depending on past hurts, age, beliefs systems, communication styles, current challenges, culture, upbringing, trust levels, broken commitments, or family dynamics and connection points. If these things are left unchecked, they can spin out of control, cause personal strife, then the inevitable happens. No one wants that. We can help you get to a healthy place in your relationship by offering our coaching and resolution techniques to help you address and resolve your challenges. We will do this step by step manner via online/scheduled calls with you and or by using video if requested.

Since habits are specific to us individually, we would need to talk to understand your challenges vs. the goals we are needing to work on but we are certain we can help! Simply put, I would like to work with you to help you approach life differently and strengthen your resolve to be more disciplined with these. It boils down to your commitment to do the work, follow through and me keeping you accountable. I am confident we can get there. This is coaching so we will identify the challenges you have, any roadblocks and then create a workable plan for you to execute, with accountability built in and any needed follow-up. Yes, it sounds like work but you have to know that better habits will lead to better life outcomes. It's 100% doable and you have already taken the first step. Be accountable and take step 2 and let's get the ball rolling. I can send you an online invoice to get us started along with a date request for service. Just send me your email address and I will get the coaching process started.

We have 15 years of coaching and providing clients focused guidance under our belt. I am certain that whatever you have in front of you, we can help to put it behind you. I would love to work with you and help to resolve whatever issue(s) you might be facing. We have a high client satisfaction and resolution rating due to our focused efforts to get results from our coaching interactions. Whatever "success" looks like for you, I am confident we can travel this road and embrace it. This is coaching so we will talk to allow me to understand your concerns, identify the challenges and create a workable plan for you to execute. It's 100% doable and you have already taken the first step. www.liferesponse-ability.com/testimonials