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We offer IVF treatment at low cost including natural cycle IVF, Infertility treatment, gender selection, PGD, PGS genetic testing, egg banking, IUI, surrogacy, egg donors & donor program at Irvine, California. For more info, call at 949-788-1133.

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Sydney Pearson

19 July 2019

If you are trying to find an amazing clinic that actually cares about you as a person not just a as a number you have found the place! I can not even begin to say how much Life Ivf Center changed our lives. They made the impossible possible and were beyond generous in doing so. I don’t think I could ever do anything to thank them enough. Losing both of my ovaries before the age of 18 was beyond devastating to me and I never thought I would be able to carry a child. Life Ivf Center was dedicated to ensure that this was not my reality. After two failed transfers they could have given up but they didn’t they pushed me to keep going and now I am pregnant with our miracle baby. Dr. Yelian, Julie, JoJo and the entire staff at Life Ivf Center made us feel like family. We were greeted every time with hugs, encouraged by all of the staff and checked up on even when they did not have to. I can not recommend Life Ivf enough. If you’re searching stop you’ve found just where you need to be! More...


Sydney P.

19 July 2019

If you are trying to find an amazing clinic that actually cares about you as a person not just a as a number you have found the place! I can not even begin to say how much Life Ivf Center changed our lives. They made the impossible possible and were beyond generous in doing so. I don't think I could ever do anything to thank them enough. Losing both of my ovaries before the age of 18 was beyond devastating to me and I never thought I would be able to carry a child. Life Ivf Center was dedicated to ensure that this was not my reality. After two failed transfers they could have given up but they didn't they pushed me to keep going and now I am pregnant with our miracle baby. Dr. Yelian, Julie, JoJo and the entire staff at Life Ivf Center made us feel like family. We were greeted every time with hugs, encouraged by all of the staff and checked up on even when they did not have to. I can not recommend Life Ivf enough. If you're searching stop you've found just where you need to be! More...


Sarina A.

8 July 2019

My journey started 3 years ago. We tried naturally for 2 years immediately after getting married at the age of 35 and nothing was happening. In January 2018, we decided it was time for some serious help and we did 3 IUIs at Kaiser Permanente. During this time, they gave me the maximum dose of injections and I was a poor responder and only made 1 follicle. I was 38 years old. AMH .14/FSH 7-21. I asked the doctor what would be the next steps and they said that because I was a poor responder and had low ovarian reserve, it was best for me NOT to do IVF and go straight into donor eggs. I was devastated! It was not what I expected to hear and it took some time to process this. I knew in my heart, I was not ready to give up on making our own biological child and decided to do a ton of research.Somehow I found LIFE IVF CENTER and it was the first time I felt hope again. They seemed to cater to women who were similar to my issues. Who were older, had less amount of eggs, and who probably did not respond well to injections. I read all their success stories and went to their seminar/consultation, and decided that this was my last chance at creating our biological child. We did 3 cycle package. Each cycle I only made 1 follicle with or without medications. This was my normal. First cycle, I made one 4BB blastocyst. Second cycle, did not produce a blastocyst, but I also had a major car accident during this cycle which I feel contributed to the failure. Third cycle, started off really bad. I had ZERO follicles. I never had zero before and was crushed. It took over a week for one follicle to finally pop out! And a few days later, it had stopped growing! Dr. Yelian advised me that we should retrieve it even though it was so small in size at just 13mm. I cried and wanted to cancel the cycle and start a fresh one but after more discussions, I reluctantly agreed to retrieve the tiny follicle that stopped growing. I was not a doctor and I had to trust his opinion even if I was so scared that it would fail. But to my surprise, that tiny follicle made it to day 5 blastocyst and was graded a 4AA! We had our 2 blastocysts PGS tested and only one came back normal and it was the 4AA! It was from the cycle I wanted to cancel. I was shocked to say the least but over the moon happy that we made one normal blastocyst.We transferred shortly after and I am now pregnant and due this October 2019. This clinic creates miracles and I firmly trust and believe that they are wonderful at their job. Dr. Yelian and his staff is a well oil-ed machine and they know what they are doing and they are doing their best to create miracles for everyone. With that being said, I agree with some of the reviews here that waiting times can be long on some occasions. Some rare times there may even be a mix up or miscommunication. But I honestly think it's like this in every clinic as they are handling hundreds of clients at a time and every case is always so time sensitive. You must come in to this situation with an open mind and heart and patience. You must trust them wholeheartedly while still doing your own due diligence and research. Be proactive and ask questions and double check everything to make sure everything is moving along smoothly, but also trust their advice and protocols and have faith that it will work out in the end. Use the portal and emails. They are very good at responding to emails promptly. You will not see Dr. Yelian every single time you have an appointment. Maybe other clinics you do see the actual doctor every time and it's probably more reassuring. But just know, its going to work out. He is still looking at your case and giving the best protocol for you. I love how every person may get a different protocol and every cycle the protocols change depending on how well your body is responding. Our bodies react differently month to month and having protocols that cater to you is super important. Other clinics just give you a semi standard calendar with all your meds for those weeks. I don't like that it's not catered to you and how you respond from a day to day basis. Dr. Yelian and his staff truly cares and really does want it to work out for everyone. I firmly believe the reason I am pregnant is because of the use of less medications. I feel like it helped with the quality. I was less stressed and felt less weird because I had less medications going through my body. I am ever so grateful to this clinic for helping my husband and I create our daughter. I almost ran out of hope and this clinic gave me hope again! I tell everyone our miracle story and everyone is so shocked. Don't waste any more time and come and check out one of their monthly free seminars to get more information. Everything is going to work out. It does take time and patience but you will get there! More...


Amélie Martin

30 June 2019

My husband and I had our first procedure with Dr. Yelian and his team a few years ago and it was successful with a 2 cycle minimal-IVF package. Before our procedure, we had tried to get pregnant ourselves for a long time and had no success. We have also visited other clinics and had no success there. Other doctors put a lot of medication in me and had no success. To be completely honest, the service here were not the best and sometimes front desk and waiting areas were hectic. However, there is no doubt in the doctor and lab team's abilities and knowledge. We paid for our chance to have our own baby one day and it worked out in the end. Life charges far less compared to other IVF centers and I took minimal medication and the results were good. You won't be treated as a king or a queen when you enter this center. But you will be treated seriously and doctors and nurses do their best to help you. More...


Fangning Li

30 June 2019

Very responsible, very serious treatment of guests, careful and patient communication, so that guests feel at home, Carol in charge of reception and all doctors and nurses, especially thoughtful, thankful, grateful, Iife IVF Center


Dao A

30 June 2019

I absolutely love this place! From my initial consultation to the last appointment everything has been great! I wish I can continue my OB care with them. Regardless of whether I was successful or not, I was going to leave a good review. Retrieval was smooth, so was transfer. Reports were sent on time, blood tests came out in an hour max. They are very busy at the Irvine office which can be a little annoying with waits but i monitored at Arcadia and I was in and out in 10 minutes. The nurses there are amazing ! Liya, Carla and Rosa made this lonely process easier. IVF is not a fun thing to go through and I wouldn't have picked a better clinic or team for help having a baby More...


Daoulat K.

27 June 2019

I absolutely love this place! wish I can continue my OB care with them. Regardless of whether I was successful or not, I was going to leave a good review. This clinic is very straightforward and logical. They are very busy and you will your doctor at retrieval and transfer only. All the other times, it will be nurses. But Dr. Yelian reviews every appointment and give instructions accordingly. Retrieval was smooth, so was transfer. Reports were sent on time, blood tests came out in an hour max. If you need extra care with I monitored at Arcadia and I was in and out in 10 minutes. The nurses there are amazing ! Liya, Carla and Rosa made this lonely process easier. IVF is not a fun thing to go through and I wouldn't have picked a better clinic or team for help having a baby More...


Paige P.

26 June 2019

First I have to say that this place changed my life. I came to them bitter and depressed and defeated. I had been to 2 other IVF centers and gone through SIX unsuccessful rounds of IVF with absolutely no explanation of why my body wasn't getting pregnant. I know I was difficult and cranky for many of my appointments because I just didn't have much hope left. Thankfully, Dr. Yelian and the staff put up with me and were very kind and patient. I can't believe that I get to say this now, but, after one round of IVF with Dr. Yelian  I am now in my fourth month of pregnancy. I only wish I would have found Life IVF many years sooner. My family is so grateful to this facility. We plan on going back for round two as soon as we can. More...


Nancy S.

18 June 2019

I want to share my overall experience at Life IVF in Irvine. It all started when I attended their informational seminar. As anyone who is dealing with fertility issues, your skeptical about IVF as is our last choice, but choosing the right fertility facility was key to me. Overall, I was a patient for about 8 months and this is because I took some time due to work. Finally, after trying to get pregnant for 6 years, I am finally pregnant thanks Dr. Yelian and his entire team. I am now 11 weeks pregnant!!! I couldn't be more excited. This is a very busy facility which makes you realized how many of us struggle with this. Again, his team is very friendly and the facility is extremely effective too. You do have to keep in mind that once you go to your visits for monitoring, it does take hours to get your treatment plan, don't be discouraged by this, they want to ensure they provide the correct treatment plan, so leave for a couple hours and return once you get notified by text. The nurse staff is who you will interact more and they all are very knowledgeable, for some reason I had a great connection with Anna, she was super caring and compassionate and is one of the individuals that you can see and feel loves what she does. I will miss her. I don't want to disregard the rest of the nursing staff, they were all very supported and helpful. Hector at the front desk always stayed very compose, despite of number of patients and volume of phone calls. Also, Life IVF always answers the phone and when sending them emails, they respond very promptly. I highly recommend Life IVF to any individual/couple whom is struggling to get pregnant. Best decision I made, if needed, I will definitely be returning to baby brother or sister :) More...


Ava A.

14 June 2019

What an amazing doctor and staff!Thanks to all nurses especially Ana and Hector at front desk!This is the place with high standards This is where you wanna be to get not just great care but also emotional support going through some very vulnerable times in life!


Des S.

13 June 2019

5 star is not enough. Please don't get distracted with the bad reviews. This clinic and its staff are outstanding. Truly a miracle worker. My wife successfully gave birth to our first healthy baby girl on May 21st. It's been sleepless nights but well worth it. Special recognition to Anna and the staff who were involve with my wife's procedures. We will definitely go back for more. More...


Charlene Lewis

6 June 2019

I attended Life IVF Center's free seminar a few months ago in Irvine and was impressed by their facility and record of success cases. My friends have done procedures there and had successful pregnancy in the end. So I made my mind to try with Dr. Yelian and his staff. I was concerned about the service there because of the negative reviews I read on Google and Yelp. However, I have not had any bad experience with the clinic at all. The Dr and the nurse team are very knowledgeable and they know my case very well. Yes the wait can get long but I have to wait at any other doctors' office so it's not a big deal to me. I would suggest any other patients to be proactive with following up themselves. I am happy with my experience so far! Encourage any other parents to give this place a try. More...


aznskynight sky

4 June 2019

Dr.Yelian is a true doctor, he is very professional and caring, i recommend this fertitliy clinic anyone who is try to have a baby with low hope. Im 39 years old recently told by another Dr. That i need for an egg donation option, i was very desperate with my husband. Im very lucky to have Dr.yelian to help us with our own biological child. More...


Tanya L.

27 May 2019

I am still in shock to be writing this review while 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! Our journey started with 3 IUIs after finding I had stage 4 Endometriosis with Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Low AMH 0.2 @ 31 years old.  The 3 IUIs did not result in pregnancy so we took a year off and I had another Lap to remove a huge endometrioma.  Tried on our own for 6 months without success so I went back to Kaiser and asked to see a different RE to see if we had exhausted our options she explained she felt with our response to stims our chances were 2-5% and her words were "with your diagnosis and results I feel the only person who can get you pregnant is Dr Yelian @ Life" this rang a bell because I had been recommended to seek a Dr Yelian at Life IVF after asking others on a Facebook forum for suggestions, and had even scheduled for a Seminar that following month.  We went to the seminar and were definitely overwhelmed with information, but what I really gathered is this is a well oiled team who if you chose them you can sit back and let them lead you with their knowledge and expertise.  We waited for a similar case study to ours during the presentation and as Dr Yelian came to one that sounded like our situation and he said something along the lines of this case being easy and straight forward. We both got instant hope, we then met with Dr Yelian after for a 15 min consultation where he asked about us and how many children we would like and we felt so hopeful and felt ok answering honestly that we wanted 2-5 and hopefully 3 would be great.  He told us his recommendation and we left thinking about what our life would be like with 3 kids and all the happiness! It was great to feel like we would have our dreams come true, but then reality set in and we started to question Dr Yelian's confidence. So I came home and turned to Yelp to read reviews where I read some great and some not so great, I started to worry we were going to possibly fail and spend so much money on a slim chance but my husband said we can make more money anytime but we have a limit to the time we can grow our family and with that we stared our cycles. We started at age 33 for me and 43 for my husband.We purchased a 3 cycle retrieval package and formed 3 embryos throughout our cycles, sent them off for PGS testing and got back results that all 3 were NORMAL! Speaks to the concept of quality vs quantity. WE WERE THRILLED! Things I think might have contributed to our success is our positive attitudes and ability to put our trust in the professionals and believe in their recommendations. Looking back and thinking based on some of the bad reviews we might not have given Life  a chance makes me sad because everyone will have a different story and not all can and will get pregnant but I feel nobody We have encountered throughout our process wanted it as badly as we did except the wonderful Drs and staff at Life! Dr Wu was amazing with retrievals and I looked forward to seeing him and his smile and sincerity. Dr Yelian was great with his strategic planing of each cycle and excitement for success. And Dr Doran was such a pleasure to meet with and learn how to address my endo before transfer. I really cannot say enough about the wonderful people who we encountered! We are excited to meet our baby girl Jolene in Oct and also excited to go back to transfer her sister and brother who are waiting for us to transfer later! Good luck to everyone and I wish you all success!Thank you, Tanya and Jason More...


Caitlin O'Gara

10 May 2019

Dr. Yelian & Dr. Kao are THE BEST! They are both absolute geniuses at what they do, you won't receive better care anywhere else! I have had the pleasure of working with them twice now (I am a surrogate) and I always refer anyone having trouble with reproduction to them =) More...


Amanda Lee

31 March 2019

After near 7 years of trouble conceiving and only 2 realizing I had PCOS and did not ovulate like I should (even with meds), Life IVF stood by us and helped us on our journey. 6 months, 3 monitored cycles, and 1 IUI later, we had a sticky baby! Well worth it for us. Our sticky baby is now 2 and I'm not sure he would be here if it wasn't for Life IVF More...


Pelic Pelican

8 March 2019

When I was 39, I did 3 cycles in Life IVF center. The last cycle was a natural cycle ivf (only one egg was retrieved), and I had my son. Since we still had 3 frozen embryos as the result of my previous two mini ivf cycles in Life, I went back to Life, and later had a baby girl when I was 42.Life IVF center is such a great clinic. Dr. Yelian is the best doctor I’ve ever seen. Before I went to Life, I had three failed traditional ivf cycles at three different clinics, which including some famous clinics. The doctors in the most famous clinic said my eggs have “intrinsic issues”. One of the doctors showed me some charts and the number of successful rate of using donor eggs at my age. I felt so bad there. If I use donor eggs the successful rate is the doctor’s successful rate, my successful rate will be 0. Anyway, I was so lucky to have found Life IVF center, and had two kids with my own eggs, both were transferred by Dr Yelian. Many thanks to Dr. Yelian and Life IVF center! More...


Bernardette W.

24 February 2019

My husband and I were looking for a fertility clinic that offered natural and minimal IVF options. After researching various clinics, we knew that Life IVF was the place we were looking for. The office staff is friendly and answers any questions you may have. During our initial consultation, we told Dr. Yelian we were interested in IVF without the use of injection shot medications. He was very optimistic about us getting pregnant without the injection shots. I took oral medications and just one trigger shot. Dr. Yelian was right, after the first embryo transfer we found out we are pregnant on our first try. We are overjoyed and so grateful for Dr. Yelian. He is amazing! During the whole process Dr. Yelian is very informative and talks you through it. You can tell he truly cares and wants you to succeed. More...


Grace H.

4 February 2019

My husband and I graduated from Life IVF clinic at 10 weeks !  We are filled with gratitude, as it has been a long journey for us.  We want to thank Dr. Yelian, Dr. Kao, Dr. Wu and Dr. Dourron and the entire staff (both Irvine and Arcadia locations) for making this happen.  My journey started two years ago at a reputable clinic in Pasadena.  After 2 rounds of IUI and 1 round of IVF, the doctor told me to consider donor eggs.  Deflated, but not ready to give up, I moved onto Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  I found a reputable TCM doctor in my area and devoted 4-6 months.  After no results with TCM, a friend referred us to Life IVF.  My husband and I agreed this would be our final attempt, as we were both physically and emotionally drained, not to mention the financial strain. We attended the Life IVF informational seminar, and never looked back.  After a few natural IVF cycles, Dr. Yelian got us pregnant with the first embryo transfer. If interested, keep reading for tips.***Foreword, Life IVF Center is incredibly busy. You will not get assigned one nurse, you will not see the doctor at every visit, and you will probably not get a call back every time.  But you can make it work.  Here are a few tips from someone who has been around the block:-Be proactive.  Unlike other clinics, Life IVF's approach is hand's off.  If this is your first IVF ever, you might be overwhelmed.  Not to fear, first-timers, you just need to do homework.  Listen actively (pay attention, put down your cell phone), take notes when they are explaining how a particular thing works and call the nurses for further clarity, if needed.  If you have done IVF before, you will find their instructions logical and easier to follow.   -Use the Life Patient Portal.  I love how my lab results, upcoming appointments, med instructions and private messages are all centralized in one place.  If I ask the "Nurse Portal" a question, someone will likely respond by end of day.  On a few occasions, I don't get a response.  If the matter is not urgent, don't freak out, call the next day.  -Schedule your blood/ultra sound early.  Yes, the clinic is always busy.  Yes, the waiting is constant.  Bring a good book.  However, if I schedule my blood and ultra sound early (like, be the first person that morning), I receive my instructions by noon-ish, and I'm off to the races.-Use of E-mail.  Rather than calling Finance for billing questions, e-mailing is a great way to ensure both parties have a clear understanding of what is going on. Michele of Finance is efficient.  She is clear and concise.-Less Face time.  Compared to other conventional IVF clinics, you have less face time with the doctors here.  This is true.  Likely you will see the doctors only at procedure time (retrieval, implant, & repeat).  However, at my last reputable clinic, my doctor greeted me at every single visit. So what?  I got no results, I came here and got my Big Fat Positive (BFP).  Follow the program, you'll be fine.Final special thanks to Rosa and Carla of the Arcadia office.  When I got my BFP over Christmas.  The 3 of us hugged each other and shared tears of joy.  Like everything in life, this experience will be what you make of it. Good luck everyone!!!  Baby dust all around!!! More...


Dhrumil P.

26 January 2019

The doctors and staff at Life IVF Center are truly exceptional, dedicated, and professional. I can honestly say our experience here was nothing short of extraordinary, from front desk staff making appointments, nurses handling medication and questions, to the doctors who advised and executed on the procedures. Dr. Yelian, the Center's director, is very dedicated to his craft and quite skillful. My wife and I fully recommend the Center to couples looking for a fertility clinic. More...


Jonathan Kruse

28 December 2018

From the minute we walked through the doors, sat with Dr. Yelian, we knew we made the right choice. The staff is wonderful, caring, and attentive. We were as patient as we could be and took the advice that was given to us. Through the emotional ups and downs we stuck with plan that had been outlined to us. We are very excited about our child that is due in May 2019 because of of all the things I said above!! Thank you to the WHOLE staff and doctors at Life IVF!! More...


Yesenia Valenzuela Montijo

8 December 2018

Fuimos a visitarlos apenas por primera vez y me gusto el trato la atencion muy buena. Y mas adelante les ire dando mas informacion. Pero estan muy actualizados en todo y tienen mucho conocimiento More...


Yao Sese

14 November 2018

We wanna cooperate with LIFE IVF CENTER


Jason P.

4 October 2018

As many have mentioned, the IVF process is extremely difficult and very emotional.  My wife and I were dealing with fertility issues off and on for three years when we found ourselves at Life IVF.  After reading other reviews, talking with a personal friend who recommended the office and weighing our options we booked an appointment.  Our journey had begun with another office that, while competent, didn't offer the specialized approach available with Dr. Yelian and his team.The office is indeed a very busy place, but as we discovered, this should not be a deterrent, but quite the opposite.  Dr. Yelian and his team are very methodical and extremely good at what they do, as such, they have a lot of patients who they are trying to help.  I appreciate that the office operates like a well-oiled machine, that does mean however that you are often seeing different nurses and support staff.  Dr. Yelian and his team of doctors are looking at every case and the files for every person that is seen on a given day.  Just because you may not see the doctor at every visit, does not mean that you are not being given the absolute best care.  Every person that helped us along the way was not only very skilled but kind and supportive.The billing and paperwork, as with any medical procedure, is a bit overwhelming, but contrary to many reviews, we found the department very willing to sit down and go over things with us.  They often answered questions we had throughout the process and were very transparent with costs and any additional fees that would need to be paid.The treatment at this office is very different than other clinics, their approach uses less medication, which produces better quality eggs and a better chance at getting pregnant.  After the first round of retrieval, our embryos were of better quality than any other round at the previous practitioner, and the first transfer produced a beautiful, healthy baby girl!  We will always have a special place in our hearts for the team at Life IVF and will always be indebted to their incredible work and caring attitude that they consistently showed us. More...


Samira S.

23 August 2018

We struggled with infertility for 10 years. We had male infertility issue and according to doctors IVF was our only option to conceive. We tried 4 Fresh and 5 frozen conventional IVF cycles and all of them were failed. Last 4 cycles we tried were among top 10 clinics in US. We almost gave up with no hope. Finally I came across Life IVF center and learned about natural and mini cycle. We decided to try it as we only tried conventional IVF. Our first mini IVF worked and I am currently 6 month pregnant. In mini IVF I produced 7 eggs and 3 of them were high quality (4AA) embryos. When I did convention IVF cycles I originally produced 14-18 eggs and only 3-4 embryos were survived by day 5 and all of them were less than 4AA quality. It was unbelievable. We froze all of them and transferred 2 4AA embryos next month and I am currently pregnant with singleton. I went for acupuncture with IVF, I think it helped as well. Please check reviews while selecting acupuncture clinics. Only few clinics provide effective service. It helps balancing hormones to create good quality embryos. In previous 4 failed cycles we even did PGS testing and they were failed. In Life IVF we decided not to do PGS testing and it worked on first try. It's a miracle for us. I am really impressed by IVF process at Life IVF. After every monitoring you get to consult with nurse to go through your result/progress. They provide medicines in clinic with reasonable rate. In mini IVF lot of stress and pain is eliminated by using less medications/injections. Their egg retrieval process is so easy. No anesthesia is required. It's like normal ultrasound process and takes few minutes to retrieve eggs. I thought it might be painful and I was scared, but I just felt pinch and I was able to walk and resume my daily activity without any discomfort. At other clinics my embryo transfer process was really painful for some reason. At Life IVF it was so smooth and painless. Dr. Yelian's experience really made a big difference. He provided us hope and support when we were about to give up. I want to encourage anyone who is struggling with multiple IVF failures not to give up. More...


Tina Ruth

23 July 2018

Dr. Yelian is very sympathetic to the mother's feeling and listens to my concerns. the staff was very nice. Dr. Yelian takes up the challenge.


Mari Ortega

23 July 2018

I'm a surrogate mother and he is the best for all IVF procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Yelian


Lisa Christina Martinez

23 July 2018

Went to a seminar and loved the staff and how informative the doctor was. I learned a lot and hope to become a patient. After a bad experience; it will be a breath of fresh air with the Life IVF Center! More...


Heidi Elaine

23 July 2018

I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second child thanks to Dr. Yelian and his team. 2nd IVF was a success. Thank you Life IVF!!


Cristal Angel

23 July 2018

Love love love it
Everything is done so naturally that it makes you feel so comfortable knowing you're not putting too many chemicals into your body


Kaye Ball

23 July 2018

I just finished my egg retrieval today and me and my husband would love to thank all staff...I have been to many ivf clinics and I must say that by far from the front desk to the new patient consultants to the blood draw people to the nurse and doctors all are great and compassionate and truly care...each and every staff are like God's Angels and made this process so much easier for my husband and I...if you are looking for a clinic who will become your extended family and make u feel comfortable and like you aren't alone... then this is the right clinic for you...look no further. There's no hidden fees and honestly I think you get more than you pay for in care and service. I thank God for this amazing staff.... More...


Diane Dominguez Zamora

23 July 2018

So far We love the doctors At Live IVF because they are sensitive to anyone's needs. Our situation is the distance and the financial part seeking out a loan if anyone has any information we can use please let us know . We would travel to do it at Live IVF because no other place has treated us better Thank you. More...


Julie Marie Martinez

23 July 2018

Had went to a seminar back in May 2012. I was one of 3 lucky women chosen to have a free natural cycle IVF. Dr Yelian and his team were great! I got pregnant on the first try! We were blessed with a healthy baby who is now 3-1/2 yrs old. I hope a second round is in my near future, God willing of course! More...


Gretchen Tim

23 July 2018

Dr. Yelian is the man. If Dr YELIAN cannot get you pregnant then no one can, Final answer . The word to describe All the negative reviews for lifeivf center is "boo-hoo" or "anyways".

Dr. Yelian is a human being. He cannot walk on water or give you "ever lasting life" but he quite skillful with embryos placements. The chances of you becoming pregnant is extremely high with Dr YELIAN. We have wasted 1.5 years and quite a lot of monies without any success with another fertility doctor who had now retired. Dr. Yelian made it happened for us in 3 cycles. We have 2 healthy childs. Not one regret except for one of not knowing about Dr YELIAN earlier.

Has been a long journey for us. We are glad that lifeivf with Dr YELIAN was there to help. Not going to lie, we were quite disappointed with the first failed cycle with Dr YELIAN. But the last two successful cycles have more than compensated for ALL of our disappointing unsuccessful cycles. The only thing that we can say is "THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. YELIAN". Chose wisely, my friends. We hope this will help someone out there who are searching for the right place. We get zero compensation for writing this. We just didn't want to see others to have to go through what we have experienced with other fertility center. Take care.


Devendra Singh

23 July 2018

Aside from the gorgeous location, Dr. Frank Yelian and his staff are the best in their field. I would recommend Dr. Frank and his team to anyone looking for a fertility specialist.


Jessie Moran Rodriguez

23 July 2018

Who's interested go for it.


Kay Magtoto

23 July 2018

Because of Dr Yelian and his staff, we celebrated our daughter's first birthday today! We hope to return next year for baby number 2! Thank you so much!

P.S. We still need to bring her in to meet Dr Yelian! :-D

Sorry for the late review! :-)


Jen L.

27 May 2018

Dr. Yelian came highly recommended to us. My partner and I went through IVF with another clinic, and we were disappointed by the lack of personalized care we received. When we met with Dr. Yelian for our initial consultation, he was really attuned to our needs and provided recommendations that made us feel at ease. We immediately got the sense that he understood where we were on this journey psychologically, and he tailored our program based on our needs while being realistic and straightforward about our odds of conceiving. Dr. Yelian is not the kind of doctor who is in this business for the money. He doesn't nickel and dime his patients, and he truly wants success for his patients. I'm currently 22 weeks right now, and we're more than satisfied with the care that we received at Life IVF. The doctors, nurses, and supporting staff are excellent. They are caring and compassionate, and understand how stressful IVF can be on patients. Although the clinic is very busy, they do a good job of streamlining the process as best as they can. Unlike our previous clinic, we weren't able to speak to the doctor as readily as we would have liked. Dr. Yelian takes his time and makes sure that he personally calls his patients back to answer any questions they may have. During our last appointment with Dr. Yelian, before our care was transferred to our OB, he said that once he is our doctor, he is always our doctor. We felt rest assured knowing that we could call if we needed anything even after graduating from their program. We got really attached to Dr. Yelian, and we couldn't be happier with the care that we received at Life IVF. More...


Kam H.

7 May 2018

It took me a while to write this because there is so much I want to say about Life IVF and the gratitude I have for them. I started this process at 41 with conventional IVF at "the" place in Beverly Hills. After 4 rounds of conventional IVF, 1 PGS normal embryo that miscarried, we were told by "the" place our only option at 42 was donor eggs.  I wasn't ready to give up. A friend of mine, who was my age, had gone to Life IVF and was pregnant by them. Their philosophy seemed to really make sense to me. Basically, too many chemicals damage already fragile older eggs. So, the theory is finding that perfect balance of enough meds to have a few eggs of high quality but not enough meds to damage the eggs further. Sometimes this means no medicine at all. At 42.5 we bought two packages of three rounds and did PGS testing. I found the nurses and lab techs extremely skilled at their jobs. Everyone worked with care and held my hand along the way. It was a lot to drive an hour from LA for monitoring but was less monitoring than conventional IVF so it was ok. And because it worked, at 43 I gave birth to a beautifully perfect son with my own eggs. I cannot thank Dr. Yelian, Dr Kao and the staff enough. They have changed all of our lives forever and a new human is starting the wonderful journey of life because of them. I wish they would open closer in Los Angeles! More...


Dr. Yugal Kishore Upadhyay

14 March 2018

Very nice ivf centre ...

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Khadija K.

21 February 2018

Got pregnant in the first cycle. My son now is 4 years old. When I saw the negative reviews I felt compelled to write this review.


Angelina Collins

10 February 2018

Dr. Yelian answered my daughters & son in & laws prayer, trying to conceive after four years there expecting twins this summer. My daughter was diagnosed with endometriosis. The chances of her getting pregnant naturally were 1%.. Dr Yelian and that staff are the most encouraging people I ever met!! I would recommend them everyone who thinks their not able to conceive,!! More...


Angela C.

29 January 2018

At the age of 42, I was reaching the end of my fertility journey. I had already gone through 12 unsuccessful attempts at IUI and 1 unsuccessful attempt at IVF at a different office. In between treatments, I conceived naturally 4 times but miscarried 4 times. 2 of the 4 miscarriages were confirmed due to chromosome abnormalities. I therefore decided I was going to stop trying unless it was via IVF with genetic testing.Life IVF offers Minimal Stimulation IVF which I had never heard of before. Traditional IVF involves pumping you with lots of drugs for a single egg retrieval at the goal of harvesting as many eggs as possible. Mini-IVF on the other hand uses minimal drugs with the goal of retrieving fewer but higher quality eggs. It may however require multiple egg retrievals. After attending one of Life IVF's free seminars, I decided to give them a try. I purchased a mini-IVF package that included 3 egg retrievals and I paid extra for PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening).I started treatment in November 2015. After 3 egg retrievals, I had only 3 viable day-5 embryos. Since I was paying for PGS that included the testing of 4 embryos, I paid extra for 2 additional egg retrieval cycles in hopes of increasing my odds with extra embryos. Unfortunately the 2 additional egg retrievals were a bust as they did not produce any viable embryos. After already spending more than I was expecting, I decided to move forward with the genetic testing of my three day-5 embryos. Miraculously my PGS results came back with 1 single good embryo.The next step was the transfer cycle. With only 1 good embryo, I had only one chance. I needed the perfect conditions to increase my odds that this single embryo would attach. Unfortunately my first 3 transfer cycles ended up being cancelled due to thin uterine lining. It was hard to be patient but I finally had my transfer on Oct 21, 2016, just about a year after starting this final journey. With the odds stacked against me, I was ecstatic when my pregnancy test came back positive. And at 44 years of age, I delivered my healthy baby girl.Infertility is extremely stressful and emotionally taxing. It's at this vulnerable time you hope for moral and emotional support. Especially from a facility that specializes in infertility and should understand what women/couples go through at the chance of conceiving. Be prepared that you may not find that level of support here. Life IVF is run very much like a clinic where they're trying to shuffle through patient after patient and although there are a few friendly faces, for the most part, don't be surprised if you feel just like a number. I suppose that's how they maintain efficiency but at times it'd be nice if they were a little more cordial and respectful. And unfortunately it seems there was often drama among the front office staff that then affected their demeanor towards patients. Diana Van, one of the ultrasound techs was maybe the only person in the office that I could count on to always offer a friendly and genuine smile. There's also no hand holding at Life IVF so you'll need to be vigilant in making sure you follow directions and ask questions if you're unsure about anything, especially because timing is extremely critical during the IVF process. Ideally try to ask questions during your appointment and when you're physically in the office because once you leave, communication is done primarily through email. And unlike other offices where you see the doctor at each visit, that's not the same here. The majority of appointments will be with a tech and/or nurse only.One big plus with Life IVF is that everything is done onsite. All blood draws, ultrasounds, egg retrieval's, embryo transfers, etc. They also offer early morning as well as Saturday appointments.The billing department needs improvement. I did not have infertility coverage so all the treatment I paid out of my own pocket. But once I was pregnant and was going there for ultrasounds, appointments were finally covered under my insurance. Perhaps me having dual insurance made it more complicated but it was irritating that they tried to bill me when my secondary was supposed to pick up the balance. They did this by sending me a "final notice" email when I didn't even get a first or second notice. Then I find out when I called my secondary insurance company that the office never even billed them when they insisted they did. I had to do a lot of the leg work myself but in the end, everything was covered and paid.If I were to rate my experience alone, I'd give Life IVF 2.5-3 stars with a bump up to 4 stars due to the convenience of extra hours and having everything on-site. I'd obviously give 5 stars for results since they did ultimately help me to conceive my little miracle that recently turned 7 months. Overall...4.5 stars which I'm rounding up to 5 stars! More...


Larkin M.

28 January 2018

I'm a month away from giving birth to a baby boy thanks to Dr. Yelian & his staff.  They were fantastic.  Even if I didn't have success I would still give Life IVF Center a great review.  Dr. Yelian's staff runs a tight ship. They are trying to help everyone.  I don't see where anyone should complain. When dealing with infertility you are depressed, desperate, and can get angry if you don't get the outcome you desire. I know because I've been there.  You're not going to get your baby when you hold on to those feelings.     The beauty of working with Dr. Yelian is that he wanted to try where in most Doctors would send me away. I felt we experimented together for this success.  I felt we were a team.  Also, I like him a lot.  His nurses & staff are top notch, professional & friendly.  I miss them! Dr. Kao & Dr. Wu do the egg retrievals. Dr. Wu is gentle during a painful process (Painful for me. It might not be painful for you.) Dr. Kao held my hand & laughed with me through the retrievals.  I have tried to create embryos at another lab using a different process and those embryos arrested development.  For some reason Molly and her lab had the magic touch for my embryos.  I was able to create more 5 day blastocysts than expected. The genetic testing says they have a two week turn around, but it was actually a lot faster.The only con for me is that I have 4 eggs on ice at another lab that use a different process than Life IVF Center.  I would love to transfer my eggs to Life IVF Center. If I want to try to get pregnant again I'd have to go somewhere else.  I don't want to go anywhere else!If you're dealing with infertility go to Life IVF Center. I've been to another "reputable" infertility clinic.  The one that shows on top of the google search.Yelp says that it has no bad reviews, but it was a complete nightmare. Life IVF Center is the place to try to get your baby.  It's worth the try if it has always been your dream. More...


Pat W.

23 December 2017

I felt compelled to write a positive review when I saw many negative ones just based on outcome. Every one should know it is not cheap to have IVF done, but scientifically it was proven to have much better success rate when tried on your own. My wife was a medical researcher, she did research based on Dr Yelian's reported success rate. We tried some Dr before without success, the nurse in the previous Dr did not follow up procedure. Like monitoring blood level on weekly basis and have medication if things did not goes correct. Here we tried once, it was a success. So we really thanks Dr Yelian and his staff for his expertise and responsibility to all his patients. As for the money, fortunately my insurance cover some of the expense, but you knows it is a pain to deal with insurance company, I found out the insurance premium I paid every year was much higher than the insurance benefits we used. They paid very little to Dr. The billing department did a pretty good job to file insurance on behalf of us, we also need to follow up with calls to insurance company to have things straightened out several times. So if you plan carefully, maximize flexible spending account each year. It can save you some moneyAgain I felt its is injustifiable to give poor review just based on outcome.You should be responsible to look the the numbers/success rate and make your decision. More...


Vanessa Grover

15 November 2017

This probably sounds like a fake review but......
I have NO complaints. I can't find one.
This was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to go back.
All of the staff was exceptional and extremely friendly. They made an appointment for me the next business day and even though i was there for 5 hrs, the wait time to see a nurse or doctor for each and every step was never more than a few minutes. Anywhere else that 5 hr appointment would turn into a 10 hr all day event. Everyone explained everything so well and in detail that there really wasn't any need for questions and it feels like they're right there with you every step of the way. I called the next day to ask a question and they knew my name by my situation without me giving any info for them to look at my profile. It feels like they personal knew me. Speaking of which they made me feel like there is no stupid questions and have/find an answer for anything i ask or need. Dr. Lee Kao is amazing! He explained EVERYTHING to me from expectations and legal advise to explaining the procedure and tools he was using. He even took the time to prepare me and insure that every base of this surrogacy was touched. He really cares about the IP, Surrogates and especially the future baby. He insures that the future child will be taken care of and he goes above and beyond. I feel a lot more confident now in this journey and a lot is thanks to Dr. Lee Kao. ... and due to the competence of the staff and there reliability. You guys are great! Thank You!


Heather H.

7 November 2017

I just gave birth to our little miracle girl on 10/30 & we couldn't be happier! Life IVF helped our dream come true & we are forever grateful. All of the girls that work here are so amazing & supportive. It does seem a bit like a factory line, with multiple patients going in & out, the frequency of appointments, etc. The one thing they could benefit from is a bit more of a personalized approach.At the same time I also saw an acupuncturist & followed a very strict diet due to a low egg count. I would not wish infertility on anyone, as it was one of the hardest things I have gone through. My body did not respond well to all of the injections used in most IVF/IUI procedures, so we loved Dr. Yelian's approach. This may not be for everyone but it worked well for us. After over 2 rough years of infertility, we were blessed with our little girl. We are very happy that we chose Life IVF!!! More...


Ruby S.

21 July 2017

It has been a very difficult journey that required a lot of sacrifice, but when you succeed, you know it's completely worth it. Now my beautiful and strong 2-month old baby girl is sleeping next door, and I am so grateful towards Dr. Yelian and his team. I found Dr. Yelian to be compassionate, encouraging, highly knowledgeable in designing medication protocols, highly skilled in conducting procedures and take it as a mission to help many couples to achieve their dreams of having a family.   I had my first miscarriage at 8th week in 2011 when I was 35 year old. I had another chemical pregnancy at January 2013. That time I cried very hard, because I was very much hopeful that it will be a successful pregnancy that will result in a beautiful baby. I went to see a quite well known conventional IVF doctor in my city, and she recommended that I start IVF cycles. My major problem was low ovarian reserve for my age (37 at that time).   After 4 rounds of conventional IVF, a lot of medication put into my body, 4 full anesthesia for egg retrieval and 2 fresh embryo transfers, nothing resulted in pregnancy. In May 2015, I packed my bag and flew to Irvine to try mini-IVF. From May 2015 to December 2015, I went through 5 egg retrieval cycles, got 7 high grade blastocysts, and 2 of them passed PGS test. I had a chemical pregnancy in May 2016 with my first frozen embryo transfer, which was very unusual for a PGS-passed embryo.    In July 2016, in a scheduled transfer cycle, it was found that I had an already grown follicle in a cycle day 3 monitoring, and Dr. Yelian offered to retrieve the egg. I got a high grade blastocyst in this cycle. Since PGS testing is costly, we didn't have this embryo tested. My husband and I wanted to have a girl if possible, and we asked Dr. Yelian to transfer the untested one first since the PGS passed embryo was a male embryo. Since I bought an insured package, this meant lower success rate which translates into possible higher cost for the clinic. Dr.Yelian still respected my decision and didn't raise any issue about this. This second transfer was successful and I delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl in May 2017.   The following are things that I have experienced/noticed about my IVF journey:   1. I had a leading follicle problem that never got properly solved, so I only retrieved 8 mature and healthy eggs in 5 cycles.   2. I had infection from my first egg retrieval and run a fever of 102 degree in a Friday evening. I went into Life the next morning and Dr. Yelian ran a CBC for me. When I called back, he honestly told me that I had an infection, which was a first in 5 years since they founded the clinic in 2010.   3. The embryo lab at Life is excellent. It also seems that I had much healthier eggs with Dr. Yelian's low dose of stimulation drugs. I got 7 blastocysts from 8 mature eggs. Needless to say I never got even 1 blastocyst in my previous conventional IVF clinic.   4. PGS test is one huge hurdle. I was 40 year old when it was done, and I got 2 healthy embryo out of 7 tested (I was quite devastated and disappointed).   5. Even with PGS passed embryo, you might still not get pregnant, as in my first frozen embryo transfer at Life.   6. For both of my transfers, I requested a mock transfer before the actual transfer. It turned out that it was very difficult for Dr. Yelian to pass the catheter through my cervix since my cervix had a quite an acute angle from my uterus. He usually get it done in less than 5 minutes with other patients. He told me that he was glad that I requested the mock transfer since if that happened during the actual transfer, he would have had to cancel the transfer since the embryo can't stay thawed for too long.   7. For my successful transfer, I used Lovenox and Prednisone for auto-immune problems, and another prescription medicine for high prolactin level.   Some observations and tactics about the process:   1. Be proactive: It's a very busy clinic where a lot of patients go through. You need to do a lot of research yourself, get yourself familiar with your own blood work and protocols, and talk to the doctor/nurses when in doubt.   2. When I had some questions about some protocols, I reached out to Dr. Yelian, even if it meant that I needed to pay $75 consultation fee to have an appointment with him.   3. I met many lovely ladies and gents in the clinic. Jan and Zi in the new patients department, Lupita in the front desk, Diana in the ultrasound division. I had quite good impression of the front desk, the hormone lab, the ultrasound department, the OR nurses and the embryo lab. I had less than perfect impression of the nursing staff that explain your blood results and treatment instructions, some were very patient and kind, but some others were quite rude. However, I had a specific goal in mind, and as long as I could achieve my goal, everything else was nuisance. More...


Erica M.

16 July 2017

I do not typically write reviews but I feel I must write this one.  I want others to hold on to a bit of hope knowing that women with extremely low ovarian reserve can get pregnant and have a healthy baby.  They just need to find the right fertility clinic. Please note that I'm not saying all women can get pregnant but that there is hope!I was diagnosed with Extremely low ovarian reserve at age 35 (amh 0.08). My doctor at the time told me that they wouldn't even offer IVF as an option for me as my chances of having a baby with my own eggs was less then 1% and that my only option was donor egg.  I went to a second fertility clinic which told me the same thing but they said they were willing to work with me and of course I had no success.  I was prescribed the highest stims about 6k worth and ended up with two follicles that grew but were empty?!  I look back and wonder why in the world would they prescribed me such a high dose when I had such low AMH and low antral count.  Again they said donor egg was really my only option.At that point two plus years later I was seriously considering donor egg but I just wasn't ready.  One night scouring the internet on all things fertility related I read about Life IVF.  I saw that they were experienced with women with low ovarian reserve and everything I read about natural or mini ivf made sense.  I also at this point was willing to try ANYTHINg!!!  That night I decided to call and make an appointment even though I live in a different state and would have to fly 2.5 hours to get there.  Dr Yelian was kind but didn't sugar coat anything.  I was a very difficult case (almost 38) but he said that he still thought I had a chance conceiving with my own eggs and that he was willing to try. He provided me with a few case studies of similar women with my same issues.  I decided I had to try and I'm so glad I did!  Please know that for some of us it will not happen on the first try and it could take longer then you may want to get pregnant.  Life IVF is a very busy clinic but they are well organized.  You may still feel like a number sometimes but I found this to be typical in most health fields.  If your like me and are not ready to give up please go see them.  I only wish I had found them sooner - I could have saved a lot of time and money and heartache.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Yelian and his team.  I have a beautiful baby boy laying next to me right now.  Run .... do not walk to this clinic. More...


Queen X.O. X.

4 July 2017

Just graduated from here last week and I cannot say enough about how good they are. I dealt with almost every department over there by myself and I have to say that Dr. Yelian has a very good team in his office. I'll try to be as detailed as possible and hopefully this will be helpful to their intended patients. New Patient Dept. - I was lucky enough to have Zi help me. She was so honest to tell me that I better make my payment in 2016 before they closed, because all prices will increase in 2017. She did not push me at all. Instead, I went in the next day to start my cycle and make my payment. On my very 1st day, I actually had pretty good experience with them. And then I had to call Zi again because a pharmacist at Walmart told me something negative about them and I totally felt uncomfortable, I wanted to hear what she says. Zi explained how everything works over there to me and she tried her best to comfort me. For some reason, she seems so sincere to me and I really had no reason to question what she said even though I'm a very difficult person.Front desk- They are all very nice and helpful. I never have any problem with them. Since I'm a very difficult person, I make special requests every single time, such as who I want to be taking my blood, who does my ultrasound, and what Dr. I want to be doing my transfer when Dr. YeLian is away. The lab - My most favorite people are Jennifer and Kevin. Jennifer is very friendly and she always talked to me when she saw me. Kevin is just awesome. He's so patient when you ask him a question. And every time he took my blood, I felt so safe because I knew it's painless. In my very last lab work over there, it was Kevin taking my blood and I had to tell him how good he is. Thank you, Kevin. I wish I can thank YOU again in person.Ultrasound Tech Dept. - I personally prefer Diana. She's super sweet, very patient, and always has the warmest smile on her face. She's the one did my OB ultrasound every week until I graduated. I looked forward to going there on Friday just to see my baby with Diana. She's the one that watched our baby grow with us. Debbie and Kimberly are also very nice; they did ultrasound for me as well when I was doing my monitoring. And I do feel bad that I only requested for Diana all the time, I hope I did not hurt their feeling.Nurses - They did their job well. I called to ask for pharmacy call-ins, they always called within the same day and emailed me with updates, they never drop the ball. They are nice too when I went in there and had to talk to them in person. Except one time that one of them was having some kind of attitude and was not nice at all, her name is Miyuki. (You are working in the service industry, so please watch for your attitude to patients.) And this same nurse, on one of my cycles, she did give me recommendation and was trying to convince me on not cancelling the cycle. There's one thing she said to me that made me so mad at that point, "you know things are not going to get better, right?". Guess what, I cancelled my cycle and the next one I retrieved 6 eggs. Please, do NOT give patients any advices, come on!! Especially when I did not even ask your opinion. Other than that, I really like the nurses that helped me before, Stacy, Lynn, Anna and Larney. So if you want to make sure you deal with the sweetest one, ask front desk for Lynn. Doctors - Dr. Wu did 2 egg retrievals for me along with Dr. Kao. It was extremely painful the 2nd time before they were getting 6 eggs out of me, Dr. Kao came over and held my hands to make sure I'm okay. He also noticed that my blood pressure was super low after the procedure so he told the nurse to watch me. What a great doctor he is!! Dr. YeLian is for sure amazing. He always has smile on his face and I could tell he enjoys talking with his patients, of course when he has time. I didn't really get to talk with him much until I went there for my OB visits, his schedule is crazy in the morning when he gets in. But believe me, if you ever get to see him, be prepared to ask him questions and he'll be happy to answer them for you and also talk to you. Billing Dept. - They helped me re-bill my insurance under PPO after I talked to them. I was afraid that they're for real messed up like some Yelp reviewers said, but they are not at all!! They were billing me an amount and saying that insurance rejected the claims, however I pulled up the EOB from my insurance and I saw "patient responsibility" section with all different amounts, and also extra explanation saying that some claims have been directed to my medical group. I called and explained what I have to Cynthia, she asked me couple questions and said that "let me re-bill your insurance under PPO and then we'll finalize your bill". So they were not "at all" trying to just get the money from me.Thank you guys again for everything. I'm so glad that I chose Dr.YeLian. I'm looking forward to going to my OB in a week & I will miss you all. More...


Eric L.

27 June 2017

This is my husband's ID. We are very grateful for Dr. Yelian and his team. In the past 5 years I went through four miscarriages that all occurred at very early stage of pregnancies. Genetic testing of embryos from the last two miscarriages showed abnormal chromosomes. Six months ago, we decided to try IVF and luckily found some information online about Life IVF center, one of the very few clinics that do mini IVF, a much less stressful procedure compared to the traditional one and thus more suitable for older women. Dr. Yelian recommended PGS given my history. I did my first embryo transfer in early May which turned out to be a success! Now I am 10 weeks pregnant and just graduated from the center this week. Dr. Yelian is truly experienced, knowledgable, and caring. He and his staff provide excellent service. I wish I had sought help from them earlier. More...


Maureen G.

26 June 2017

After 5 long years of trying and several fertility specialists we went to a seminar at life IVF. We met with Dr. Yelian a few short weeks later and had a consultation. He is an amazing doctor and gave us hope that we would be able to conceive a child of our own. His staff is wonderful and friendly and very professional. I felt like they all became part of our family when we started our cycle. On our second FET we were pregnant and delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Yelian and his clinic and would recommend Life IVF over and over again to anyone trying to conceive. More...


Dr. Frank Yelian

3 June 2017

The donor sperm ought to have an underlying HIV blood test (the test for the AIDS infection), and ought to then be tested and have a negative outcome on the HIV test before the solidified example is utilized. at @ https://lifeivfcenter.com/donor-sperm/ More...


Kelly B.

12 May 2017

Dr. Frank Yelian is Amazing. My first appointment was in January 2017 and confirmation of pregnancy was in April. Within just 4 short months I was pregnant with only one embryo transfer procedure. Frank provided me with a      " NATURAL IVF process ". Baby now is 6 weeks and has a heart beat. The employees are always so kind and friendly. Getting to know them has been such a great experience and they genuinely care about me and ask me how I'm feeling- every time! Frank is always smiling and is in a genuinely good mood with a positive attitude. I would definitely recommend Life IVF Center to anyone trying to conceive a baby. I wish you ALL the best of luck in this process and you should know if you choose Life IVF Center to assist you in your Journey-you WONT regret it. Love you guys More...


QiaoHuang Yang

12 February 2017



Keia B.

23 January 2017

Never Give up Hope.... I wish I could give them a million stars and hearts after being blessed with our miracle. God lead us to Life IVF Center after double digits failed medicated iui's. In fact, April 2015 I had my final failed iui thru my primary health care provider and they said we would never conceive with my husbands sperm or my eggs, and with my lowest ever medicated cycle I was finally able to produce follicles and started stimming and had retrieval for our mini ivf cycle in July, my transfer was in August and I got to finally see two lines on a pregnancy test and we had an uneventful full term healthy pregnancy and beautiful healthy baby girl who is 9 months and sleeping on my chest right as I type this... we are sooo excited and saving to have another full mini ivf cycle with icsi and assisted hatching just as we did in 2015 hopefully it will be by the end of the year and oh boy we can't wait... Life IVF Center is like a second home and everyone on the staff is amazing and helpful and just so welcoming and encouraging.... I pray that your experience will be the same and that you all produces healthy eggs and for them to all fertilize, implant and have healthy pregnancies and healthy take home babies... prayers and Baby Dust to u all....Happy New Years 2017 More...


Betty B.

30 December 2016

Dr. Frank Yelian is the man!!!  Went to Dr. Lane Wong, no longer practicing by he way, wasted a whole year and monies.  Came to Dr. Frank Yelian and  got two healthy kids now.  Should of gone here instead of Dr. Lane Wong.  Dr. Yelian is quite good with his techniques.  Give him a try and you will see what all the good reviews are all about.  Thank you Dr. Yelian :). More...


Shag C.

8 December 2016

My wife just graduated from Life IVF last week. I usually don't write reviews. But in this case, I would like to share our experience with other intended parents suffering with infertility , so they can avoid wasting their time and money in the journey to parenthood.Our journey started 6 years ago from Northern California. We saw many doctors and did many tests. But none of the tests were conclusive of the root causes of infertility.  Years later, we moved down to San Diego to have a less stressful life hoping that will help. We then worked with two more clinics in San Diego and underwent with several IVF treatments. Neither of the clinics was upfront with their fees. After the embryo transfers were unsuccessful, the doctor at each clinic pointed to different possible causes. After several failed IVF cycles and emotional up and downs, we decided to try a new approach that's different from the traditional IVF and it's called miniature IVF. We are very grateful to find Dr. Yelian at Life IVF in Irvine.  There are several areas that we like about Life IVF. First, they explain and go over all possible fees and cost with their patients before starting the treatment so there is no hidden cost. Second, the test result is always available in the same day. You don't have to go home and wait for phone call or keep calling them for results . Third, Dr. Yelian is a phenomenal doctor. He not only provides excellent treatment for us, but also always provides his personal attention and support for us. He gave us the confidence and  hope several times throughout the process when we almost gave up. The first time was at our first consultation with him. Dr. Yelian reviewed our medical history and assures there is nothing wrong with us and was very optimistic that we will have a successful outcome. He asked us to stop taking the prescribed medication from previous doctors. The second time was when the 4th egg retrieval resulted zero fertilize eggs. He encouraged my wife to keep trying and designed a new treatment protocol for her 5th egg retrieval, and it was this retrieval that gave us two beautiful embryos that resulted in a positive pregnancy. Overall, we feel one of the reasons that we were successful was because the overall experience with Life IVF was less stressful with their transparent fees, friendly office staffs, and low dosage hormone injections treatment protocols . From a single mini-IVF egg retrieval at Life IVF , we were able to obtained the same number of eggs as from a traditional IVF cycle, with less medications and faster egg retrieval recovery time . And the embryos created were all better in quality comparing to the results that we had with the other two clinics.We are very thankful that Dr. Yelian helped us to make our dream to parenthood become true. More...


Aileen M.

28 November 2016

If you want to have a healthy baby quickly, this is the place to go! Doctor Yelian is a very nice and caring gentleman. His staffs are very professional and friendly. The most important, their protocol works. I was 36 years old when we started  trying to have a baby. My husband and I are both healthy, no medical problems. We thought it would be easy to get pregnant, but we were wrong. After trying for about one year, we realized we need some help before we missed the boat. we tried a different well-known IVF center in Irvine first. they charged us a lot of money, I have to take high dose medications which gave me bad side effects and it did not work. then they decide I need to have some surgery done in order to get me pregnant. My husband and I both hate surgery and decide to seek a second opinion. That is when we found doctor Yelian. Doctor Yelian carefully reviewed my case and told me I did not need any surgery. we did nature cycle and the first embryo transfer was successful. Now my daughter is 2 years old. She is a very healthy, beautiful and sweet baby girl. I am very happy we chose to work with doctor Yelian. Now I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my 2nd baby! I am very glad we did not listen to the first doctor in different IVF Center to get an unnecessary surgery, otherwise, I will probably never be able to have a baby. Life IVF's fees are very clearly listed. it is the same to all the patients and there is no hidden fees. Their price is very reasonable. Give yourself a chance and go to see doctor Yelian, just look at the wall which full of cute babies' pictures. they are all real people and real families, just like you and me, having a dream to grow a family and Life IVF made their dreams come true. I can not say enough good things about LIFE IVF. They are the best! Doctor Yelian will call you himself the same day if his patient request to talked to him. He will come to the office on a Sunday morning If you have an emergency. Now days, it is not very easy to find a caring doctor like doctor Yelian who really care for his patient and works in his patient's best interest. I am forever grateful for doctor Yelian's  help. I highly recommend LIFE IVF to anyone who seriously wants to have a baby. Do not waste your time and money to go to other places. Life IVF is the answer! More...


rae m.

18 October 2016

There is no better IVF center out there. Life IVF Center treats every patient with the utmost kindness, professionalism, and respect. Every patients treatment is catered to her needs and her body's needs. Doctor Frank Yelian practices many options of IVF treatment and strives to create the healthiest possible embryos using less hormones and more personal monitoring. Resulting in a more natural and successful transfer. I can not speak higher of Life IVF. After 6 years of trying all options I turned to IVF and was extremely scared and put off by what was out there and how intensive and cookie cutter the traditional treatments were, until I found Life IVF and attended their extremely informative afternoon seminar on mini IVF and Natural cycle IVF. I felt so informed and impressed by their facilities, technology, onsite lab, and staff.  I signed on for one cycle of treatment and I am now expecting my first child in April! More...


Tirtha W.

13 October 2016

Infertility is very hard, and specially hard when you are in your forties. Sometimes you can receive such dry and disappointing approach from practitioners. But Dr. Yelian is a ray of hope. Turned down from most clincis I found him and his clinic and i must say from the day one he was positive and gave me hope. I think most basic thing is that he is willing to give you a chance and the support of his best expertise. I have done multiple cycles with life IVF and in my experience Dr. Yelian's protocols are really refined and specific to your body. I am not surprised because he has a vast body of experience, specially in the field of minimal ivf cycle, where conventional clincis can be very inexperienced. His nursing staff is very polite and always friendly. Sometimes, outside monitoring can be difficult but they are very patient with waiting for the results and making sure you have a treatment plan by the end of the day. Dr. Kao who has mostly done my egg retrieval is also great. I would highly recommend people to go to Dr. Yelian as his protocols are easy on the body and so are his prices on the wallet. As an expert Dr. Yelian is top notch and unmatched. Most of all he really is trying his best to make the infertility journey easier. Thank you Dr. Y! More...


Daniel D.

4 October 2016

I have put off writing this review until I gave things some thought. While I know the results usually dictate what kind of reviews I am going to give a male point of view. First off I know what it's like as the husband to feel success and failure and what my wife went through. Dr. Yelian was very honest and straight forward from the begining. He did what was asked of him and his staff. He gave proper expectations as to the process and our health and how it would affect the procedure. There were clear expectations of what was required from us financially and emotionally. Dr. Yelian gave us from our initial consultation consistent lines of communication that he has a great staff that makes the whole process work. Now is that place busy. Yes. Are you at your personal doctors office. No. We knew that we were there because we believed they are the best at what they do.  We were told if we wanted to see the doctor beyond the scheduled appointments there would be a fee, which is fine. The staff is more than capable and when you have questions they are great at answering them. You can even email them.Please take into consideration that Dr. Yelian and his staff are trying to make the dream of being a parent a reality for allot of people. It doesn't always happen and that's sad. Here is our story.We started the process and the burden from the beginning is on my wife to endure the medicine. We did limited stimulation. The weeks of shots and pills were hard to assist in because you can hit nerves and leave numb spots. (Sorry hun) We got to our egg retrieval and she was so brave to do it without drugs. Painful but the doctor's made her feel so comfortable and got her through it. We got 4 eggs and after 5 days we found out we had 3 fertilized. 2AA 1Ab. We decided to go with the 2AA and found out a couple days later we were pregnant with twins.We had our weekly checkups with the staff and Dr Yelian and all went well. We graduated to our personal doctor who took over our care. Now with the morning sickness and shots for progesterone we finally stopped them at the 10 week mark which was the plan. My wife had mild to strong daily sickness  (Not just morning) but at week 11 they just stopped which was good as my wife had sickness all day and night. At out follow up appointment that same week we got news we didn't ever want to hear. We lost one of the babies. To see it on the ultrasound was one of the most heartbreaking things to go through. Especially for my wife. For anyone that is going through this please get your family and friends involved. This is not something you should shoulder alone. I still had to keep her positive as she still had one strong and alive.We are now at 28 weeks and our baby boy is doing well. He is now over 90% viable and estimated to be 3 pounds at our last appointment. Kicks and likes to hear my voice. Now you ask why I write all this and what it has to do with Dr. Yelian. Well everything. I thank God for Dr. Yelian and for the wisdom and grace in his craft. Dr. Yelian wasn't to be blamed for the loss of my other child. His job is to give us the best chance to have a successful transfer. It's up to God to decide if this is his plan. I know what it's like to not have this work. No matter if it's a transfer not taking or losing one later on in the process I am thankful for Life IVF for giving us the chance of being parents. Life IVF follows through with their claims. Everyone has different results but the goal is to have a successful transfer and get your body right to accept the egg. Beyond that it's up to that person's body. They do a great job of this.We will be first time parents in December and it's because of Team Life IVF. They are what they say they are and they do what they say they will. Thank You Life.Happy Daddy To Be More...


Cc C.

21 September 2016

My heart goes out to those who had failed cycles. Not until you had to go through this journey yourself to understand how devastated it could be if you could not become pregnant and how grateful you were to become one. Our journey started out just because I wanted to have twins pregnancy thinking IVF would save me time instead of going through 2x of the whole 9 months (yeah right!). I was 34, hubby was 37, both still young and healthy. Times went by as I had gone through 6 failed IUIs and 5 failed tradition IVFs (with high graded blastosyst) to realize having "a" baby isn't that easy and started to wonder what was wrong with me. I started to wonder if I could ever have just one baby. I was devastated and started to research and went to many seminars/clinics for consultations trying to find out what other options before I decided on my 6th try. Most clinics were most doing trafitional IVF and some who did minimal or guaranteed required my age to must be 35-37. I was 38 when we found Life IVF and went to their seminar and felt that Dr Yelian and his treatment might be better for me. The most important thing was Dr Yelian was always very optimistic and knowledgable. We both felt the connection and the trust in him that we decided to give our 6th try here. Honestly, we weren't used to not having to see the doctor every visits like our first clinic and felt a little nervous but we quickly came to realize that Dr Yelian was always with us in each and every step. Yes, the office was a little hectic at times but at the end of the day, all of the nurses and ultrasound tech were only just doing their technical jobs to help the doctor so he could have more time and energy to help us. His monitoring technicians are very skillful, especially Kimberly, his ultrasound technician. She is the best! We did minimal cycle with 1/6 of the amount of medication and we had similar result, not only that, Dr Yelian was able to put me back another 5 days to be able to retrieve couple more that weren't ready at the time of egg retrieval. I truly felt that Dr Yelian and his experiences was so amazing and truly believe he could find the best treatment to different scenarios individually.Everyone is different and I can say so much more about our experiences with Dr Yelian but all I needed to say was Dr Yelian gave me my hope back. We were back on the roller coaster again but only after over 2 months (2 egg retrievals) I became pregnant on our first frozen transfer (with one 4AA embryo and two 211 embryos left frozen still ;)). Our baby girl is now 3, supper smart and healthy. We also able to conceive naturally with a baby boy who is now almost 2. We are coming back for a frozen transfer this month. Hopefully, we will be blessed with a third child.For those who are looking for the best doctor, and "natural" IVF, Dr Yelian is the best! But if you are looking for traditional IVF (which for me it didn't work, only gave more stress on my body), this might not be the right clinic for you. We all know this journey not only physically but also financially very stressful. The most important thing is YOU HAVE TO TRUST AND BELIEVE IN THE DOCTOR YOU CHOOSE. At the end, not only you will need the best doctor for your body but also a little bit of luck. Regardless of how human can now assist in the reproductive system, it is still in God's hand. We wish you best wishes and best of luck! More...


A A.

24 July 2016

Thanks to Dr Yelian, our dream of parenthood has come true finally! So in love with our baby! For those still hesitating, I urge you to try Life IVF. I know everyone's body is different but it is worth a shot. More...


Da Shiek W.

2 July 2016

My wife, at 41 years old, had diminished ovarian reserve, high FSH levels, low AMH, and very few follicles. Other facilities directed us towards donor eggs, and one facility dismissed us as candidates over the phone as soon as my wife told them she was 41 (most facilities like to keep high success rates for marketing purposes).What attracted us to Dr. Yelian is his use of Natural Cycle IVF, something that is still relatively uncommon in the fertility industry. It suits older women with less eggs because there is no need to stimulate the body to produce multiple eggs when the reserve is low. It made sense to us. His process lets the body do its natural work while his process simply helps along. In our case, he theorized that my wife's eggs were not finding their way into her Fallopian tube. Once he retrieved an egg it turned out to be high grade (I don't remember the letters they used, but they rate eggs like diamonds some sort of way).It took us two tries, but we made it to the other side and my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby. We knew that it was very possible that it might not have worked at all, Yelian is not able to guarantee anything. But even going through the process was bringing us healing over the situation because going through his program allowed us to feel like we were doing all that we could to achieve our goal. That is probably the best part about the experience is that it can help bring closure no matter what the outcome. He stays current on medical trends, I remember hitting him with every new study and technique that I could find on the internet (oocyte reconstruction, for example), and he knew exactly what I was talking about. He even had his own unconventional techniques to avoid drugs in stabilizing a fertility cycle. I'm impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. I would encourage anyone considering IVF to go take a consultation at his clinic and learn everything you can about your situation before you go. Take some basic blood tests to measure hormone levels, chart ovulation cycles, and research as much as you can about IVF so that you will be in control of your decisions. The wait time can be a little long here, but if you can wait at the DMV for your license, you can probably handle waiting a little bit here too. Good luck to everyone. More...


Eve S.

10 June 2016

We were skeptical about IVF. But now we have a healthy baby after first try with Dr Ye Lian. We tried another doctor for IUI, no result and cost a lot of money. There was no explanation why we failed. When we wanted to switch to IVF and found the price was higher than what we were told and felt there's hidden fees. With Dr Yelian The process was very transparent. There's price on website. We liked it's minimum medical stimulation and chose 3 treatment package. Staff members were very helpful. The treatment and exam reports were sent to my email on time following each visit. The facility is clean and comfortable. Of course IVF is not guaranteed success. We are also lucky and grateful. More...


Lily L.

25 April 2016

After rounds of IVF embryo banking at Life IVF, at an advanced age of 45, I am happy to report that I have found success via surrogacy. I was a reject from most reputable IVF centers in the country where I was told that my case was hopeless and I would be throwing my time and money away for this "crazy" pursuit. Today, I made medical history as the oldest woman to have had a biological child after hysterectomy at close to 42. All my eggs were retrieved after that. After my hysterectomy I was frantically looking for medical papers to find a success case close to my situation but found none. The world's oldest hysterectomy patient who was able to find success with her own egg was "merely" 40 when her eggs were retrieved.  I was backed into a corner and had no choice but blazing the trail.I am happy to report that I pushed the world record by a further 3 years.Dr. Yelian and his medical team have been extremely caring throughout the whole process. Without their dedication, this would have been a mission impossible. Better still, I still have a few blastocysts on ice, giving me a reasonable shot at a #3.When I found Life IVF in 2011, facing my impending hysterectomy, it was just a little startup center with a couple hundred cycles a year. Today, it does ~4000 cycles a year dwarfing most ivf centers in the country. This is no accident. Miracle like mine is just one of many unusual and hard-fought success stories that Life has made possible. Thank you, thank you so very much! More...


Jenn H.

19 February 2016

Can't say enough about Dr Yelian. Very compassionate and caring Doctor. The lab is top notch as well.I was turned away from another fertility center because my chances were too low for them. They refused to let me try a cycle of Ivf. I found another place willing to try. We cycled twice and never got pregnant. I was devastated. I found a random recommendation for LIFE IVF online and decided to give it a try.Dr Yelian was amazing. It was a completely different experience from my previous doctors. The process was much more simple for me and so much easier on my body. WE GOT PREGNANT ON OUR FIRST ROUND OF NATURAL IVF WITH DR YELIAN.My baby girl is sitting right next to me now. I will be forever grateful to this man and this facility. More...


Heidi M.

13 February 2016

I have been going to Life IVF for about a year now and just had my 3rd egg retrieval today by Dr. Kao. My 2nd egg retrieval got us one chromosomally normal egg with PGS testing (three retrieved all were AA blasts but at 37 yrs. old we opted to do PGS testing and only 1 out of 3 were normal. We did another retrieval today in hopes of getting one more good egg. Dr. Kao has done all 3 retrievals on me and he is the nicest Dr. I have ever met. Dr. Yelian popped in to the procedure today because they couldn't get to my ovary vaginally so they quickly shifted gears and did an abdominal retrieval and got on egg. Dr. Yelian then consulted with me afterward and was as kind and encouraging as Dr. Kao. My cousin referred me to Life IVF and I am so happy that she did. I live in San Diego and don't mind the commute at all because when I come, I am seen quickly (never have waited more than 15-20 min for my monitoring appointments) and the entire staff of nurses, office staff and Dr.'s are great! My husband and I have one precious 3 year old already and are so excited to start a transfer cycle to see if we can give our daughter a sibling. Thank you Dr. Yelian and Dr. Kao for your time and help with our baby journey-Heidi and Tony More...


Kay Magtoto

31 January 2016

Because of Dr Yelian and his staff, we celebrated our daughter's first birthday today! We hope to return next year for baby number 2! Thank you so much!


M S.

30 January 2016

It is unfortunate if you find yourself needing the service if life ivf.  After a miscarriage at 34 I finally went to an re at age 37 to be told my Amh was less than .16 and my only hope was donor egg.  I have regular cycles and a willingness to try, but I was being pushed out.  After 2 re's, several wasted years, and wasted $$ and trial and error finally found life and dr Yelian.  Dr Yelian gave no promises or false hope and in the first time I met him he said 'I like a challenge.' Very honest and refreshing.  We banked embryos for 1 year, some months were successful and some not, by the end of the year, we had 4 embryos and did a transfer-successfully resulting in a boy at age 39.  I love that Dr Y won't give up if you're willing to try, spend the time, and some $$ (it was the same cost overall as a legal adoption).  Don't give up!  Love life ivf and Dr Y! More...


Katie S.

28 January 2016

We went to Life IVF due to an issue with male factor infertility.  Since I was 32 with no known problems, Dr. Yellian recommended we do natural cycle IVF. If you don't know what natural cycle IVF is, basically they retrieve the egg you naturally ovulate and you don't have to do hormone injections. The only shot I had to give myself was something to prevent ovulation from happening and it was 1 time and really easy!  I actually ovulated 2 eggs and both fertilized and created grade A blastocysts.  We implanted one and froze the other. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant!  Our overall experience was wonderful. The staff there is so warm and friendly. We never had to wait too long for our appointments. Just the first one when we needed to see the doctor because he had some procedures that needed to get done before he saw us. Which is totally understandable once you go through the process since everything is timed so precisely!  We worked with both Doctor Yellian and Dr. Kao and both were amazing. The office is clean and nice, and the surgery room where they do the egg retrieval and transfers is first class all the way.  We couldn't have imagined a better experience, and I definitely recommend Life IVF if you are considering making the big decision to go through IVF! More...


C L.

14 January 2016

Hello, my name is Cara and my husband and I will be forever grateful for Dr. Yelian as well as all the other drs on his staff and his incredible embryologists...I would not be here today, pregnant with twins, without LIFE! Please forgive the lengthy post, but I found it helpful in the past when others posted their fertility journeys that resulted in a BFP. I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency and Endometriosis in February 2014. I have an endometrioma on my left ovary which was silent for many years...without pain, I had no idea it was there. I was 35 and my FSH was 39 at the time of my diagnosis. My RE gave me a 1-3% chance of conception. No words could describe the pain of that day and the following weeks and months that followed. My husbands in the military, and it took a while to diagnose me since he's constantly away. I started with a wheatgrass shake every morning which I hated, but drank for the next year. I also added DHEA, Evening Primrose, Coq10, Royal Jelly, Fish Oil, D-3, and while going through IVF I added Fertile Friends my acupuncturist gave me and melatonin. I went through 5 IUI's without having one BFP. After 2 IUIs, I began exploring IVF and discovered LIFE through the network 54 forum. My insurance paid for the IUIs, so I continued to do them despite my negative feelings that it was appropriate for my diagnosis. The military put me on a 1 year waiting list for conventional IVF at Tripler in Hawaii because after taking all the supplements and having surgery on my left ovary, my FSH dropped to 12. Before my FSH dropped, they wouldn't consider me as being a candidate for IVF. My endometrioma began to grow immediately after surgery, so I started a glutton free diet, which seemed to help it stop growing as rapidly as it was growing before. Dr. Yelian with LIFE did say at a later date that he didn't think I should have had my surgery because it was too risky and wiped out too many of my precious follicles. I was called on waiting list in October of 2014 and started IVF in November. I began doing communal acupuncture 2-3xs a week in October 2014 which cost us $20 a round. REs put me on maximum meds, and they were only able to retrieve 1 egg which became an embryo. They did a 3 day transfer which resulted in a BFP with HCG levels at 76 and 3 days later they were 186. I had my first ultrasound 8 weeks later, and there was no heartbeat. The devastation of that loss was indescribable. I did a D&C which Dr. Yelian said may have thrown off my lining. LIFE was my next step. I went to their monthly seminar and began to feel hope. After a consult with Dr. Yelian, I decided to go with the natural 3 cycle egg banking package. Dr. Yelian was confident from the very beginning, and thought I had a good chance of becoming pregnant again. It was such a relief to finally be discussing my diagnosis with a dr that specialized in high FSH. In my first IVF cycle, my lining was completely off and my FSH was 28, but it resulted to 1 4bb embryo...my second cycle, my lining again was completely off, but Dr. Yelian put me on Estrace which is an amazing pill and dropped my FSH immediately to 15 which resulted in a 4aa embryo...my third cycle, I stopped doing Estrace and my FSH shot up to 35 but regardless, I naturally produced 2 eggs on my own which became 2 4aa embryos and then the embryologists cultured a third egg and proceeded to do icsi on it before it completely matured which resulted in a 4ab embryo. One of the REs wanted to freeze the embryos, but I wanted to do a fresh transfer because my lining was perfect for the first time since the D&C...Dr. Yelian supported my decision and I opted to have my 2 fresh 4aa embryos placed which resulted in a BFP with twins! I continued to do communal acupuncture 2-3xs a week through the first trimester. The pregnancy has been smooth. I'm now 37 years old and am 35 weeks pregnant. My b/g twins are weighing at 5 lbs each! I feel as though I hit the fertility jackpot after so many years of struggling to get pregnant. During my fertility journey, I have discovered that our medical community in general knows very little about women's reproductive health...Dr. Yelian from the beginning told me that he thought egg quality and high FSH didn't have a correlation. I'm still stunned that we were able to retrieve 3 eggs in 1 cycle through natural IVF and only 1 egg through conventional. I'm still stunned I got pregnant on the cycle my FSH was 35...quite honestly, I'm still stunned that I'm actually pregnant, and with twins no less. I continue to pinch myself daily. I'm grateful to Dr. Yelian for never denying a patient, to LIFE's incredible embryologists, to my acupuncturists that worked on me for 6 months that I believed helped improve my egg quality.  LIFE is an amazing facility! I absolutely would not be pregnant without them! More...


Kent D.

11 December 2015

First I'd like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr Yelian and all the staff at Life IVF. We first came to Life in Dec '13 for the seminar, and started treatment in Jan '14. It was a long journey, but after several monthly egg retrievals and two transfers, we finally got pregnant in Nov '14 and graduated after 10 weeks in Jan '15. Our little girl is now four months old!  Along the way, of course there were occasional frustrations and disappointments, but we had assumed that risk when we started. We had been referred to Life by a friend who had gotten pregnant the previous year through Dr Yelian, also over 40 yoa and of similar like/work circumstances, and so although we had been unable to get pregnant for over three years, we had a glimmer of hope.  We are very impressed with the staff at Life IVF. Everyone is very professional, friendly and kind. When we found out we were pregnant, everyone shared our joy. We are so thankful for Dr. Yelian and his team and the important part they played in our life. More...


Heidi Moreno

28 November 2015

Great staff and wonderful Dr.


Carrie Y.

12 November 2015

I'm so grateful and amazed at Dr. Yelian and the whole Life IVF Center staff. I was recommended by a friend who was also turning 40 and had problems for years with many doctors. She got pregnant with Dr. Yelian and has a beautiful baby girl. I came in after a year of  heartbreak. I went to 2 different doctors since, at the age of 38, both told me I would be better off with a donor egg and that I was close to pre-menopause. These doctors were renowned Beverly Hills Fertility Doctors with celebrity patients. I was depressed and hopeless every time         I went to see them.  The first consult at Life IVF Center was happy and positive. The staff is so helpful and knowledgable. Dr. Yelian got me pregnant with my own biological the very first embryo transfer that he did for me. I also have 6 4AA embryos left to have more children. He made our dreams come true. I strongly recommend Life IVF Center to anyone who is having problems getting pregnant. And on tip of it, his prices are more reasonable. More...


Laura X.

6 November 2015

Choosing Dr.Yelian's clinic is one of the best decisions we made in our life. Now I am 12 weeks pregnant, and have 4 more 5-day embryos (all normal by PGS test) for future FET. I feel extremely lucky, because I had gone through 6 failed IUI and 2 failed IVF before I met Dr. Yelian.Prior to Life IVF center, I had 2 failed ivf in a very good clinic, which has good SART data, nice staff and excellent services. That clinic also looks perfect in many other ways: they open 7 days a week for monitoring, egg retrieval and transfer; they give you hands-on injection training; they have psychologist specializing in women's reproductive health to give you emotional support...All these only gave us more heart breaking after 2 failed ivf. Even such a good clinic couldn't help us, then who can? In both of these 2 failed ivf, I was stimulated about 10 follicles, from which only 3 was retrieved, and I had nothing but 2 6-cell 3-day embryos transferred. I don't even have a chance to get a 5-day embryo.I heard of Life IVF center from an internet IVF chatting group of about 3000 highly educated members. People shared their detailed treatment data. Dr. Yelian was mentioned a lot because he tries to give you high quality 5-day embryos no matter how difficult your case is, and their treatment plan and lab technique make this happen all the time. I found someone similar to my age, basic data and prior failed IVF cases who got good result in Life IVF center. This gave us new hope when we were even considering donor eggs and adoption. So here we come, we did 5 mini-IVF with Dr. Yelian. Every time Dr. Yelian tuned the treatment plan and got better and better results. In the end I got 8 5-days embryos in total, and 5 of them passed PGS test. I had absolutely no luck in my previous treatments elsewhere, and I also know that I am relative difficult case (responding poor to medicine, empty follicles at egg retrievals) of my age at Life IVF center, but my luck was collected here through multiple IVF cycles, because they always improve their treatment plan to make it fit just for you.I wonder if it is fair for Life IVF center if they count me in SART data. because I was kind of doing 5-day embryo banking with them,  so one transfer success out of 5 egg retrieval cycles? but I have 4 more 5-day embryo for future FET, how does they count? More...


Mary B.

20 October 2015

Being a patient at Life IVF Center has been life-changing for my family.  As someone who got married late in life, our biggest desire was to just have a child of our own.  We tried many different ways to get pregnant but failed each time.  When we walked into that red building, I had a feeling of great hope.  The staff was friendly and J was the first one to help us with our forms.  Even when it gets really busy, they are never rude and tries their best to help.  Our personal favorite is Stacy.  For our initial consultation, Dr. Yelian was approachable, knowledgeable, and confident.  Even as we explained our situation to him, he understood what was involved and gave us a comprehensive overview of what the clinic offered and the best option for us.  There was no pressure to choose a particular treatment, just guidance and explanation of the processes.  I was most impressed with his emphasis on the health of the mother and baby, which is why he stresses transferring only one embryo, two at the most.  He puts more emphasis on quality, not necessarily quantity of the embryos.  I can sense his earnestness when he told us stories and expressed sadness when mothers deliver low-birth weight twins.  He was sincere and straightforward with what he can offer.  Dr. Yelian gave us hope when we were looking for one, so we signed on for our first IVF treatment with him.To make a long story short, we opted for the minimal stimulation and had 6 eggs total, all of them fertilized.  A good 5 of them made it to the blastocyst stage, some 4AA and 4AB.  We have to give kudos to Molly, the embryologist.  She calls herself the embryo-sitter, but she is more than that.  She does an amazing job with ICSI and we are grateful to her!  We transferred two embryos for our first cycle, and we got pregnant with a singleton!  The first ten weeks of ultrasound monitoring, weekly treatment plans, and follow-ups led us to "graduate" with flying colors, and the pregnancy was smooth until delivery.  This all happened two years ago, and I now have a happy and active toddler!  The other three blastocysts did not become embryos, sadly, and we wished we did PGS early on.Because of our first experience, we decided to go back for a second round of minimal stimulation, hoping for a second baby.  Our time at Life IVF Center was always shaped by the relationships we formed with the staff there, and this time was no different.  Besides Dr. Yelian and his encouragement to "go for it," we found warmth and helpfulness all-around in the clinic.  Jonathan from billing was helpful in accommodating our financial situation.  Blood tests were done regularly so I got to know Courtney and Jenny quite well.  Kim and Diana are wonderful ultrasound technicians.  Miyuki and Julie are awesome nurses, always kind and helpful.  We couldn't have been happier with how we were treated.  Long story short, we got pregnant with our second!  We will always remember our experience with Life IVF Center and grateful to the doctors and staff for literally giving life to our hope!I know that everyone will have different experiences, as is the case anywhere.  But if there is one rule of thumb I follow, it is to open ourselves to all the positives that life can offer, and it will come right back.  Don't be afraid to hope.  The worst that can happen is the opportunity to hope again. More...


Jennifer C.

20 August 2015

My experience with Dr. Yelian and his Nurse staff has been great. I am a first time surrogate and since day 1 of monitoring, Dr. Yelian and his staff treated me with genuine kindness. I was weekly monitored with blood draws and ultrasounds and I am now 3 months pregnant with a baby girl for my Intended parents who couldn't be more happy with our success.Any future surrogacies I decide to do again will definitely be with Dr. Yelian and his Nursing staff. More...


Erica k.

15 May 2015

Dr. Yelian made this experience easy, care free and was such a pleasure through it all. I would recommend anyone to him, that is having problems getting pregnant. The staff is so kind and they do their best to insure you are comfortable and feel welcome. More...


Cindy C.

11 May 2015

I will always be grateful to Dr. Yelian and his staff for helping to complete my family. Dr. Yelian did not even flinch when he looked over my medical records indicating high FSH with diminished ovarian reserve. Two cycles with Dr. Yelian and I became pregnant with my daughter, born last month.Prior to Life IVF, I had treated with a well-known fertility clinic. Sure, the doctors there had impeccable bedside manners and everyone held your hand and gave you hugs. Hugs and pep talks didn't get me pregnant. More importantly, that clinic had a policy of canceling your cycle if you are not expected to develop at least 4 retrievable eggs. For someone with DOR, that is not only hard, it can very well be impossible. I was a patient at Life IVF in mid-2014.  I have read the reviews about long wait times. Personally, I did not wait long for the vast majority of my appointments. There were a few times when I did have to wait for longer than I wanted, but overall I did not think the wait time was extreme. More...


Lin L.

29 March 2015

I am 42 and just graduated from Life. I cannot thank enough to Dr. Yelian and LIC staff. I was diagnosed POF at age 37, AMH 0.26, AFC 2-5. Hubby's sperm test results came out high DNA fragmentation rate and low motility. Before I went to Life, I failed two conventional IVF at 38. All three transfers - 2 fresh and 1 frozen - ended up BFN. When the doctor told me he will increase the stimulation dose from 225 bravelle + 225 menopur to 450/600 menopur each day next time, I decided to go for an alternative way- mini/natural IVF. I was lucky to find Life IVF Center. The results improved significantly compared with conventional IVF. I also had three transfers in Life from 40-41, all came out BFP - only one with fetal heartbeat though, not unusual at my age. Each cycle I got at least one beautiful blastocyst. I have to say, Life has a super strong lab and best embryologists. They push every embryo to day 5 no matter what your age with high blast rate. Dr. Yelian is friendly, dedicated, caring and very experienced. He's good at all kinds of procedures. He's always positive and has no fear of challenging. Combating infertility is not easy, but Life gives me true hope. More...


Cindy S.

3 March 2015

No one likes coming to the doctors, but this place is different! Staffs are friendly and I love how this facility is always kept clean!! (Who wants to go to a nasty dirty doctor?!) They are always on top of their tasks and have good coordination with their appointments. I've never waited for more than 10 minutes for my gyn visit. More...


Tina R.

22 February 2015

My husband and I went to Dr. Yelian after 1+ year of pregnancy issue. He was very caring, attentive and  gave us great advise,and always takes time to listen to question and provide an honest perspective. I'm now 8 week pregnant and could not thank him enough.The staff in his office is very friendly and caring. They always follow up an calls, and are very patient with instructions. Even emergency / night calls were answer effectively. More...


Brian S.

20 February 2015

If you are 40 and over, and really want to have a baby, you may find other reproductive clinics unhelpful. They are quiet about how unsuccessful they are, and often times, the insurance company you use will not let you try anywhere else despite this bad track record. We were recommended to Live IVF by my general doctor who had also used our past clinic with no success. He and his wife now have a 3 year old baby, and he suggested we go to the monthly seminar at Live IVF.We did and after speaking with Dr. Yelian, we began the process. Naturally, with some healthy suspicion. Every woman and situation are different, but Dr Yelian spends time observing each patient, altering treatment accordingly, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.  There are of course no guarantees regardless of which clinic you go to. In my wife's case, it took several months to add just enough chemical stimulation but after that, we finally had embryos lasting 5 days. This never happened at the first clinic.We've had a transfer. So far, all is working wonderfully. We hope for the best, but it is obvious to us that Live IVF is far superior to our previous clinic.The staff is very friendly and accessible. My wife doesn't feel like a number and enjoys the visits. She feels that they are compassionate and truly care about their patients. The facilities feel modern and cozy, whereas the previous clinic felt like something only slightly better than Soviet-era Russia. The doctor is not boisterous or chatty, more subdued than some, but still cheerful.  It helps to ask very specific questions, but he answers them honestly and with concern.Granted, not all insurance covers this (our typically great insurance did not). But that's a fault of the American medical, pharmaceutical and insurance industries, not Live IVF.  It is probably not for everyone, particularly if you are younger and can better leverage the use of clinics subsidized by insurance.But there is no quackery going on here. Just a passionate doctor with a lot of integrity, and a caring crew trying to help women get pregnant through as little medication as possible. More...


Tina Marie P.

9 January 2015

Dr. Yelian and his entire staff are absolutely wonderful! From day one until our 10 week graduation of pregnancy, every appointment, all procedures and visits were dealt with care, efficiency and absolute excellence. My husband and I travelled 90 minutes each way and every visit was worth it. We have experienced 3 other offices on our fertility journey and none can compare to the kindness, honesty and willingness to go the extra mile. Throughout our experience I knew in my hear that no matter the result we were getting the best care and best opportunity to achieve our dream of having a family with them. They have become a second family to us and all aspects of their treatment, facility and patient care was A plus. The chances of us being successful were very slim, and this was dealt with honesty, compassion and always hope. A hope that was always realistic but positive. The costs were also significantly less than three other facilities that we interviewed and experienced. I truly cannot say enough about Dr. Yelian's presence of warmth and professionalism along with the staff and their true care for my husband and I. I have been waiting to give a review for quite some time as its been a great experience since the moment we walked through their doors. It is also outstanding to have the option of "natural, low stim" treatment that is not only less expensive but also milder on the patient. I loved that we had the option for both traditional and innovative options here with Life IVF. Good luck and best wishes to all families looking to create the family of their dreams. We found it here and our journey until Dr. Yelian was not without difficulty. Thank you Dr. Yelian and Staff you are simply the best!!!! More...


Kay W.

1 December 2014

Dr. Yelian deserves 5 stars. I highly recommend going to his office to meet with him and his staff. Everyone was very friendly and answered any questions immediately that we had. Dr. Yelian and his staff made us feel very comfortable during each office visit. I absolutely recommend Dr. Yelian as your IVF doctor! More...


cody c.

26 November 2014

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Yelian and all his staffs at the Life IVF clinic for a successful pregnancy and a 5 star monitoring.  Like everyone that came to this clinic, I too came to this clinic in hope of a new born in my life.  The idea of getting pregnant during this lifetime never crossed my mind until last year when my mother suffered from a heart attack.  From that day on, there was numerous talk of having a grandkid would help prolong her life.  Due to the cultural traditions that spans back thousands of years, suddenly the pressure to procreate falls down on my shoulder.  You might wonder why would the responsibility fall onto a female. Well, as we all know once a daughter is married she takes on the last name of the husband and therefore the kids will also take on the last name of the husband. Since I am single, therefore I can keep the newborn within the family. It took a lot of persuasion and courage on my part to overcome the pain of giving birth and finally making this decision and as if God knew and He planned for me to hear the advertisement of Life IVF Center on KIIS FM radio.The moment I heard the advertisement I hestiated and it took me two months before I decided to visit the IVF website to find out more about IVF.And it seems everything is going as planned by God, as soon as I entered into the website I saw a seminar will be hosting in one week.I immediately took the opportunity and registered. Sitting in the seminar I was surrounded by all those couples that came to seek help for pregancy.During the presentation, the voice of Dr. Yelian gave me hope and I learn so much about how to choose the right clinic. Later I found out from the newspaper on the wall that Dr. Yelian was an opera singer.After the seminar, I sat and waited patiently in the seminar room for almost 2 hrs before I was called in to meet with Dr. Yelian.Dr. Yelian is very amiable and his voice brings calmness to me. I told Dr. Yelian about my path to IVF and for the first time I broke into tears in front of a stranger that I have only met once.An elder once told me never to cry in front of a stranger because it is embarrassing and it shows weakness. However, I think the reason I bursted into tears in front of Dr. Yelian was because I feel I can trust him to help me and he understand what I am going through.I spoke to Dr. Yelian about my financial hardship and asked if he can suggest to me a treatment plan that will be to the best of my situation.  He suggested the mini IVF, which is to retrieve 5 eggs.  At first I thought, why not the natural IVF, if according to the seminar the Dr. mentioned that you only needed one good egg.  He was very patient and detailed about why his suggested treatment was better.  After the egg retrieval, I am glad I listened to his suggestion, because during the culturevation only 2 out of 5 eggs actually survived the 5 days.It actually took me another two months after the seminar before I decided to officially become a patient at this clinic.  I have to say I am so glad I made this choice.  Even though there are much closer IVF clinics near where I live, but after much thought I know Life IVF is the most knowledgeable clinic.  Most of Dr. Yelian's patients are from out of states and also out of country.  I am sure there is a reason behind all these.  If he is not knowledgeable enough why so many people come seek for his help.I know waiting could be tedious at times, but for a clinic with so many patients everyone is waiting.  I don't mind waiting because I know when I am being treated for bloodwork or ultrasound someone else is also waiting patiently outside.  The staffs at this clinic are very nice and they always ask how my day was and they even remember my name.  I especially like my weekly ultrasound after the transfer.  It is like bonding time with my baby.  If I can, I can look at the ultrasound all day.  Seeing the baby kicking and moving around inside always brings a smile to my face.  Today, I graduated from my 10 weeks.  I got to say, it sure is a long process, but it is totally worth it.  Thanks to Dr. Yelian and all the staffs at the Life IVF center for all the time spend monitoring and providing me the detailed treatment plans on time.  Especially for the support during the whole IVF process and making the motherhood a reality for me. More...


Sasa V.

21 November 2014

I can not thank Dr. Yelian enough for truly being the driving force of giving me my loooong awaited family!  Unfortunately I had been through unsuccessful cycle after unsuccessful cycle at other clinics with no results, and no answers until I found LIFE!  I had worked with several different Drs throughout my journey, and Dr Yelian & LIFE were truly in a league of their own.  I was also exhausted with all of the medication I had been prescribed at other clinics, so the natural & low stim protocols were such a refreshing change.  Yes, they are extremely busy, but that is for good reason.  I came across their office while researching the premier clinics in the country, and I had heard from a few people that had success at LIFE after failing at the (supposed) top clinic in Colorado.  After doing extensive research, and after having consultations at most of the top facilities, I knew LIFE was the right answer for me.  Dr. Yelian is such a phenomenal Dr!  Having grown up surrounded by Drs, I was even more taken back with his dedication to his patients.  I had previously been a patient at one of the largest fertility clinics in the country, where I was lucky to receive even an email response from the Drs... so I was especially blown away when I started at LIFE and received a return phone call... on a Sat... at 8:00pm!?!?  Dr. Yelian is extremely busy, and the fact that he was returning calls on a Sat well past office hours solidifies the fact that he goes above and beyond for his patients, and truly wants to see them succeed.  I nearly gave up hope after several unsuccessful cycles at other clinics when I met Dr Yelian.  He actually listened to my individual case, and made adjustments to my protocol given my history.  After years of disappointment, I was pregnant just a few short months after becoming a patient at LIFE.  I know without a doubt that the combination of their lab, my individualized protocol, and Dr. Yelian's expertise & knowledge have given us the family we have dreamt of for SOO long.  I feel so blessed, and so grateful for the care I received at LIFE.  Two months ago I gave birth to the absolute love of my life, and I can not thank Dr. Yelian enough!!! More...


Amy H.

9 November 2014

My husband and I had such a wonderful experience with Life IVF! Dr Yellian and his team give you the best possible chance at conceiving with IVF. I work in the medical field myself and I was impressed by the Life staff. They were so knowledgable and so willing to help with anything! You won't see much of Dr Yellian during the process but rest assured, you are in great hands with his team. We have been to other offices for infertility treatments and always kind of felt that they just wanted our money. Life IVF wants you and them to be successful, that is what they are there for! We are 14 weeks along with our first IVF baby and will certainly go back with help for the rest of our family! More...


Tracy G.

4 November 2014

Dr. Yelian and his staff were amazing. Everyone there was so nice and professional.  Fertility issues are a sensitive subject and everyone there showed compassion and understanding. They answered all our questions in a timely manner and made my husband and I feel like we're not alone in this. We were fortunate enough to get pregnant the first time with a natural cycle IVF.  Life IVF was the answer to our hopes and dreams and we owe it all to Dr. Yelian and the Life IVF staff! More...


Jennifer L.

29 September 2014

Dr. Yelian and his staff were amazing!  They were very compassionate, knowledgeable and always available for questions.  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 4 years, and Dr. Yelian was the answer to our prayers.  After hearing many horror stories about IVF clinics, I was skeptical about spending so much time/money on a procedure that is not guaranteed.  Dr. Yelian was very honest and open regarding our options, and we never felt we were taken advantage of in any way.  We are now pregnant with our first child and we owe it all to Dr. Yelian and the Life IVF staff! More...


Jen P.

5 September 2014

I am so grateful to Dr. Yelian for giving me my miracle baby girl.  I was diagnosed with high FSH/ low reserve.  I had been to 2 other IVF clinics before I found Dr. Yelian.  The first clinic told me that my chances of conceiving naturally were about 2% and told me that I should consider donor eggs.  The second clinic was willing to work with me, but I was to be pumped full of fertility drugs (i.e. FSH injections) which my body already made too much of on it's own.  I almost proceeded with this clinic, but they were more interested in getting my money than tailoring a plan specific to me.  I would have been spending 10,000 for one cycle plus another 7,000 for medication.  I just couldn't afford that and they kept pressuring me to pay them.  Plus, I would have been on the same medication, retrieval, transfer schedule as every other woman going through IVF that month.  That just didn't make sense to me.  I had given up on even trying IVF when my OBgyn recommended Dr. Yelian.  I am so thankful she did because he was so different from the other doctors.   He worked with my body's natural cycle and was way more cost effective.  I was able to get 3 minimal stimulation cycles for the the price of one at the other place and my medication bill was much more affordable.  I actually ended up only using Clomid for the cycle where I got my best embryo.  I did 3 retrievals, ended up with 3 embryos, transferred 1 embryo and ended up with one beautiful baby girl born in July.  Yes, the wait times are a little long and the clinic is always crowded, but that is because he has such a good success rate and reasonable prices.  I always made sure to book the earliest appointment of the day when possible and that seemed to help.  I am so thankful for Dr. Yelian!  My family is now complete! More...


Shannon K.

2 August 2014

I cannot thank Dr. Yelian and his staff enough for helping us. I knew going in that there would be some long wait times but it was all worth it. My husband and I thought they were kind and attentive. I now have a happy and healthy baby who is my world. I was super lucky and only had to do 1 cycle. We chose the mini IVF. Dr Yelian has been super nice as to answer my emails long after I have stopped seeing him. He told me once you are my patient you are always my patient so feel free to email me at any time. THANK YOU for my little princess. I have recommended him to several of my clients and friends! More...


Jun R.

14 June 2014

SUCCESS!  My wife is pregnant for five monthhs now and we are awaiting for the arrival of this beautifll baby. I cannot thank Dr Yelian enough, he is just such a kind, caring and intelligent doctor.It took us a long time to decide who the best doctor and facility for us. We visited and attended numerous presentations but Dr Yelians program is the best. The staff is friendly, available for any questions and respond even on off hours. The facility is great, clean and good atmosphere.My advise to anybody who is searching for right IVF doctor is;  attend seminars, learn thoroughly about IVF, do the cost versus benefit, communicate with other people who has successful experience with the dr or the facility, then decide.The cost is insignificant compared to the DREAM that can come true.- Z & J More...


Enya H.

20 May 2014

I TOTALLY CANNOT BELIEVE  people would rate 1 star on life IVF. I highly suspect that low ratings were from some of the competitors of Dr Yelian!I am hosting a forum for infertility and IVF. Currently I have more than 200 members. This gives me a chance to over look at the success rate of all infertility treatment specialists and IVF clinics throughout the US. I can give you my #1 recommendation of IVF clinics within the United States and that is LIFE IVF CENTER. You might hear people criticize mini ivf saying, oh, mini ivf success rate is very low. Well, firstly you have to understand what is a REAL success rate.A REAL success rate you should care about is SUCCESS LIVE BIRTH RATE PER PATIENT!  Not per cycle, not per transfer. Unfortunately this has not been set up as the standard for IVF clinics. Why we should care about the success live birth rate? Because it is your ultimate goal and dream- is to have a healthy baby, right? Some clinics are quite commercial(money driven), they don't really care about what patients want, they care about their numbers looking  better, that's why we see many patients even get rejected from the treatment, eg patients with 40+ age,  high FSH or low AMH, etc. Or, many were forced to have PGS/CCS test for their blasts (when the result is bad, they don't even have a chance to have a transfer.).  Some clinics want to increase their success rate per transfer and simply they put many blasts back into patients, 2 as minimum,then3,4,5, even 8, 10,12!!! That's totally insane. What about the risk of multiple births? Well, they don't care! to be continue. More...


Christina E.

3 April 2014

I'd like to start by giving you some history: After 3 ectopics, loss of both tubes, and a 3 day FSH of 26 I just delivered my 1st baby (girl) March 18th. While almost every other doctor would have looked at my elevated FSH and refused to cycle me but not Dr. Yelian, he didn't even flinch. I've done months of research and from what I found, Life is top notch, the treatment offered, their state of the art equipment, and the fact the Dr. Yelian really does care about his patients. I didn't have to subject my body to unnecessary drugs, I didn't get left with an abundance of embryos that I didn't know what to do with, and because their were no need for lots of medications the price was very affordable comparatively. Yes, the practice is pretty busy these days so hopefully they can find some good help and work out any kinks they've ran into lately. Overall, Life IVF offers treatment that is hard to come by and has truly been a blessing to my family! More...


Jinhy Y.

11 March 2014

I am an IVF veteran and I am writing this review because thanks to Dr. Yellian and his perseverance, I now have a healthy baby girl.  I went through four years of IVF treatments, 2 full IVF cycles at other IVF clinics, and 19 mini-IVF cycles with Dr. Yellian.  I had met with three other leading IVF clinics around the country.  All of them would prescribe the same protocol and my case was always diagnosed as "unexplained infertility".  I tried surrogates and egg donors.  Dr. Yellian was the only doctor that (1) would not give up on me (although I often times would give up on myself) and (2) would challenge the status quo.  After every failed cycle, he would review my case and try a different treatment plan.  I could tell in his heart, he wanted me to succeed.  Well, when we only had two frozen embryos left, on our very last transfer, one took and now she is here.  The practice is busy which is attributable to their success.  Sometimes the wait times can be long especially on a Saturday.  But it is because the staff is working very hard to meet everyone's needs for a fraction of the cost.  I didn't mind the wait as I knew what i was signing up for.  If you want the best, you have to be willing to deal with a busy office.  I didn't need a lot of hand holding.  I just needed cutting-edge medical treatment for a reasonable price.     Finally, I would add something about their lab and technology.  Since I went to many different fertility practices, I can say Life IVF has the best ultrasound equipment and the best lab.  I highly recommend their freezing technique (vitrification).  Not all labs use this.  It has a 98% or 99% thaw rate.  Hope that helps. More...


Jenny W.

20 February 2014

My experience at Life IVF center is superb!  I bought a three cycle package and started my treatment in November, 2013.  After performing 2 egg retrieval cycles,  Dr. Ye transferred one 4AA embryo for me in January,2014 and I am right now 2 months pregnant!  It is such a smooth process.  Everyone is very nice at life,  the receptionist, nurses,  lab technicians.....  Dr. Ye and Dr. Wu's egg retrieval skills are excellent.  Every time I did retrieval the pain is minimal.  Not to mention life has a high-quality lab for embryo culture. I wish I had known this place earlier. By the way, I am a patient with extremely low AMH (Less than 0.4) and I find mini-IVF is a perfect treatment for me. Highly recommend Life IVF!!! More...


Lisa K.

31 January 2014

I have had an exceptional experience with Dr. Yelian and Life IVF Center.  In my first hand experience, Life IVF has the most up-to-date procedures which are the least invasive, least costly, and most likely to produce successful outcomes.Let me give some background:  Previously, I had a very traumatic experience at another center - 2 back-to-back failed cycles of IVF, and $10,000 worth of drugs pumped into my system in just 3 months.  It was so bad, that I refused to access the 3rd cycle which I had already paid for (I had gotten a 3-cycle package) opting instead to walk away!  Luckily a friend referred Dr. Yelian who apparently has pioneered several key processes that make Life IVF Center the place to go:  (1) Less Invasive & Less Costly Egg Retrievals - The Egg Retrieval Procedure uses vaginal ultrasound instead of a physical needle inserted into the navel.  This means that ER can be done *without* general anesthesia!  Dr. Yelian has performed 8 Egg Retrievals on me without anesthesia of any kind.  Given that General Anesthetic costs about $1,600 *every time* ($1,000 for the anesthesiologist to show up, $600 for the anesthetic itself), that's $12,800 I've saved on just general anesthesia alone.   Not to mention less pain in the days following the procedure!  (In case you're wondering about the pain of the procedure itself, it's about as "bad" as having your blood drawn, except the place they are poking you isn't your arm.  It's not exactly fun, but the vast majority of patients including me seem to find it tolerable.)(2) 5 Day Embryo Standard - All embryos except for the first one are cultured out to *five days*.  Five day old embryos are the strongest and have the greatest chance to successfully implant once transferred.  The other place I went to (PRC) didn't have enough faith in its Embryology Department to culture embryos out to five days, instead insisting on 3 days only.  (3) No Mandatory Bed Rest After Embryo Transfer - Other places require total bed rest for 3 or more days after ET, meaning that for every Embryo Transfer attempt, you are missing at least 3 days of work, not to mention feeling trapped in bed, while spouse and family are forced to take care of you.(4) "Natural Cycle" IVF - NO DRUGS!  The other place cavalierly put me on $5,000 worth of drugs per attempt, meaning I had to take pills morning and night, inject myself up to four times a day, experiencing a dozen side effects that mimicked menopause, raging hormones, weight gain, and the worst emotional "out of control" state that anyone in my family has ever seen.  When I said I wanted to go with NO DRUGS for my third attempt, the other doctor refused.  With Dr. Yelian, I have completed 8 drug-free cycles of retrievals.In sum, the other place's standard procedure was to pump a woman full of costly drugs, hope for her body to produce the most amount of eggs in one cycle, retrieve as many eggs as possible, create embryos, and transfer up to 3 embryos at a time.  (See my review of Dr. Rifaat Salem at Pacific Reproductive Center.)  By contrast, Dr. Yelian's procedure is to allow the woman's body to produce eggs naturally (avoiding the problems that come with excessive medication), retrieve eggs (although usually only one is viable per cycle), culture embryos out to five days, remove one cell for Pre-Genetic Screening biopsy, and out of the batch of PGS tested embryos choose to transfer the one that has a chance of survival (abnormal embryos tend not to survive).  As far as costs go, here is the break down in my case:Other Place:  ONE 3-package cycle (3 Egg Retrievals + 3 Embryo Transfers)MedicationGeneral Anesthesia + AnestheticTOTAL COST for only 2 cycles completed = $32,000 (Had I done all 3, the total cost would have been closer to $40,000.)Life IVF:THREE 3-package cycles (9 ERs + 9 ETs)Cycle Management FeesNo medicationNo anestheticTOTAL COST for 9 cycles = $28,350As you can see, I'm getting a lot more for a lot less cost than the other place.  Other women I know have had 10 failed IVF cycles at a cost of over $100,000. I'm getting almost 10 at less than $30k.Now let's look at the chances of success:Other Place:Diagnosis of "Low Ovarian Reserve"Immediate transfer of 3-day old embryo each time, with no cryogenic freezing, and no option of Pre-Genetic Screening (PGS).  Given that at my age, slightly less than half the eggs retrieved / embryos transferred will be "normal", and I was only capable of producing very few viable eggs per cycle, resulting in even fewer embryos to work with, there was practically no chance of success after all the pain, lost days of work, side effects of drugs, and financial costs.Life IVF:After 8 Egg Retrievals, FIVE 5-day embryos successfully produced, and ONE 2-day embryo produced, all cryogenically frozen, awaiting PGS.  If slightly less than 50% are strong, presumably at least TWO if not THREE would be viabl More...


Julie M.

24 November 2013

In February 2013 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I can't thank Dr Yelian and his staff enough for making this possible. I will soon be celebrating my son's first birthday! He is our pride and joy and truly a blessing! Thank you! More...


Sarah R.

8 November 2013

Update- another one of my friends whom I referred here is 18 weeks pregnant with a little boy on her first try with natural Ivf.  I can't say enough about this place.  I'm eternally grateful for their help in giving me my baby girl! More...


Liz C.

10 October 2013

I cant rave enough about this place.  The staff is knowledgable, caring and accomodating.  The lobby is always busy because people come from all over the country, plus all over the world to see Dr. Yelian.   You may have a bit of a wait but the whole process requires patience and dedication.   His natural ivf techniques are affordable and available despite age.  My husband and I have tried to conceive for well over 2 years and have spent thousands at other clinics with no results.  I urge everyone who is searching for answers to their infertility to at least try his free seminar he offers every month.  We did a mini ivf and I am over the moon that Dr.  Yelian called to announce at long last we were finally pregnant! More...


M T.

19 August 2013

Thank you Dr   Yelian   for helping  us to make what seemed like an impossible dream come true for us. Your skill and compassion contribute to your excellence as a doctor. You and your caring staff are very special people in our lives.My story with infertility start one year after my marriage and our problem was low number of sperm  ,we started with IUI for about  4 times with no results  and every doctor we went to , said we should do the conventional IVF which we didn't like at all , and one day  some good friends from infertility group told me about Dr  Yelian as the perfect doctor  for our situation ,in the  next day I called his clinic for the monthly free seminar , when we went for the seminar everything was amazing ,Dr  Yelian is a doctor and a scientist   at the same time ,he explained everything in simple way so everybody can understand what the option  to choose from ,then in the end of the seminar we were lucky to win a free natural IVF cycle which changed our life forever ,the technique is so simple ,exactly like my natural cycle but with some medication just to support everything  ,and that is  how I get pregnant , from one follicle which is my natural one and  the best one ever ,I know Dr  Yelian could gave me a lot of medication to have a lot of follicles but then we will never knew what the best one and what is the natural one that my ovaries gave,  so we had one embryo that transfer to my uterus and the result was positive in 10 days ,this result was the most beautiful thing in my life , and now I'm 10 weeks pregnant and everything going well so far.There are no words to describe how grateful we are for everything   Dr Yelian   have   done for us. He     have  always been kind, caring, honest and professional.  With   the most   wonderful   staff. We always felt we were around people who cared and knew how important this was for us. We are very happy   with our little miracle   and excited to finally hold him/her in March. We will always remember and be grateful for what you did for us. Thank you . More...


E N.

20 June 2012

I went to Dr Yelian having seen another doctor who told me that my hormonal imbalance was so poor that I would not have another child. That doctor had said my body was pre-menopausal at the age of 38. I have one child already but was quite devastated with this prognosis. Dr Yelian agreed it would not be straightforward to help me but he was positive and patient. He waited until the right moment and, despite my fears, I got pregnant at the first attempt of IVF! My baby was born three weeks ago today, healthy in every respect. As far as I am concerned, this was a MIRACLE and it was all due to the amazing skill and persistence of Dr Yelian. He said at the beginning that 9 out of 10 doctors would have turned me away as a no-hoper but he believed in me and I believe in him. Thank you Dr Yelian. In regard to the few negative comments I have read, yes, he is busy and sometimes you have to wait to see him longer than you would like. So what. Having a child is a true blessing and if makes possible the impossible, quit the whining and be grateful that you can see Dr Yelian and give yourself that chance. I strongly recommend Dr Yelian and his professional team. They changed my life for the better. More...


E. A.

28 January 2012

I went to Dr Yelian because he is one of the few Dr's to offer Natural Cycle IVF. This was a viable option b/c we had male factor issue only (low sperm count). My first consult happened to be perfect timing (day 3 of my cycle) because I was able to start monitoring(put on the fast track!). Everything went amazing well and Dr Yelian truly is the best there is. He is straightforward yet caring and patient. Today was our beta and our 1st try proved to be successful. It is still the early stages but after trying for over a year, i know Dr Yelian and his staff alone made all of this possible. If you are looking for an awesome IVF Dr, then i cannot recommend him enough!! More...


olga k.

12 September 2011

Dr. Yelian cares!!! If you are worried about your appointments being on-time and nothing else then he is not the right doctor for you. He does spend time with his patients, he listens, he encourages, he is always there for you. Dr. Yelian is a strong believer in pursuing motherhood with your own eggs. His clinic will not turn you down if your FSH is too high or because of your age or lack of follicles. They will work with what you have... until you succeed. I have been turned down by a lot of clinics in the Bay Area saying that I run out of eggs.  Dr. Yelian was able to retrieve 3 eggs from 1 mini-ivf cycle! We have our hopes again... after a very long journey. More...


D C.

21 July 2011

Like the last reviewer, I too learned of Dr Yelian and the Life IVF center through my acupuncturist Dr Daniel Lee (also fantastic). And I agree- he is a Godsend. The mini IVF approach is exactly what I wanted and needed to deal with my unexplained fertility issue. Dr Yelian's approach just seemed to make perfect sense and I felt perfectly comfortable with him right from the start.  If you are at all interested in the process I would highly suggest attending the free seminar he conducts one Sat a month (check their website for dates). You get to tour the facility and provides an extremely informative lecture and Q & A. Besides being extremely knowledgable, I always felt as though Dr Yelian had my best interests in mind. Rather than rushing the process like I think many other IVF doctors do, Dr Yelian always made sure we were doing things at an optimal level, even if it meant being patient and waiting a cycle for things to be perfect so we'd have the best chance. And happily the waiting paid off - my second try is now 13 weeks along.My philosophy is that you don't find great doctors too often, and if you do, they're worth waiting for. Although wait times were long when I started going there, it seems like they have tried to implement ways to cut down wait times since their business is absolutely booming. For example, on days you're just having blood drawn or a routine ultrasound, they give you the option of waiting for the Dr when youre done, or leaving and having the dr call you with results, in which case you're in and out in 15-20 mins and the dr calls within an hour.I also can't say enough about the quality of Dr Yelian's staff. They are the kindest, most patient, helpful, sweetest group of nurses I have ever met. I literally cried leaving there the day of my last appt because I didn't want to leave them!! All told, I had a wonderful experience with Dr Yelian and the Life IVF center and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a slightly non traditional yet obviously successful infertility solution. More...



24 April 2011

I would recommend Dr. Yelian as the top choice to anyone wanting to have a baby with the safest, least expensive and most up to date and sensible approach. I have been seeing other doctors for 2-3 years for fertility problems and finally found Dr. Yelian. I am from Michigan and saw that he had set up a new practice in Irvine California. I traveled all the way to his new office for my treatment. It was totally worth it. I now have multiple high grade embryos to transfer. And I didn't have... More...


M A.

19 March 2011

I have to agree with the VERY first reviewer on this page, Dr. Yelian has also been a GODSEND for me.  My husband and I have been going through the expense and heartache of fertility treatments for over two and a half years now, and anyone who is reading this now, can probably relate to the emotional roller coaster and heart break that often comes with having to go through treatment.  I had tried another very "prestigious" fertility clinic in Newport Beach for over a year and a half with no success, while spending thousands and thousands of dollars from savings, 401 k and everything else.  I took 6 months off, and almost gave up on trying to have a baby, at least through any means of fertility treatment.  Then, when I finally considered getting back on the roller coaster ride, my acupuncture doctor, who is also amazing, Dr. Daniel Lee, gave me the name of a relatively new doctor in town,  Dr . Frank Yelian.  He said Dr. Yelian had a completely different philosophy which was a more natural/less meds approach, (which also equals less expensive.)  It  would also mean less eggs, but his theory was they would be of better quality, because you weren't mass producing them and there were less drugs involved.  I thought this made sense to me because I had gone the traditional route of conventional IVF, producing many many eggs, with no success.  Dr. Yelian's method is called mini-IVF.   A side note to the mini IVF is that it is so sooooo much easier than the conventional IVF to handle.  Probably an 1/8 the amount of injections and drugs, which means less side effects, and you just feel so much better.  It's manageable to say the least, if it's something you have to go through.  I met Dr. Yelian and found him to be the most kind, caring and compassionate man, who is clearly MOST concerned with getting you pregnant rather than just collecting your money, like some of the other clinics in town. He has a lot of knowledge in research and in the field of fertility in general.  I truly believe Dr. Yelian has your best interest at heart, and can say without a doubt he  has gone above and beyond for me.  I have gone through a couple of mini- IVF''s here, and now am almost 6 weeks pregnant.  I am praying that this one, is THE ONE, that happens for me, but I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, I do not believe I would be this far if it wasn't for Dr. Yelian's care.  I am so happy to have found him.  He's been a blessing.  Oh-and yes, it's a very busy office because I believe the good word is getting out about him, but ultimately, it's because Dr. Yelian wants to see and spend time with each of his patients, and he's worth the wait. More...

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The donor sperm ought to have an underlying HIV blood test (the test for the AIDS infection), and ought to then be tested and have a negative outcome on the HIV test before the solidified example is utilized. at @ https://lifeivfcenter.com/donor-sperm/



The donor sperm ought to have an underlying HIV blood test (the test for the AIDS infection), and ought to then be tested and have a negative outcome on the HIV test before the solidified example is utilized. at @ https://lifeivfcenter.com/donor-sperm/