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Positive, stress-free training means no e-collars. Welcome to a truly positive training experience for dogs. And dog owners. Our mission is to train your dog in a loving, accepting way—everything from the most basic obedience steps to intensive therapy/service training.


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Amber J. Clarke

We met at the far2kay event sponsored by Z104. I'm confident that Kim could train even MY difficult rescue pup!


Abbey Love

Kim is amazing! She got my pup not only obeying but understanding me.


Cassi Nova Beggs

Kim is an absolutely amazing dog trainer! She has helped my home become more happy and life is easier. Sabbath thanks you!


Katie Kume

Seriously, fantastic. Kim is so good at what she does!


Tasha Seal

Kim is amazing. She has helped train my 3 dogs to be better dogs. And me to be a better owner.


Brittany Jenkins

Works great with aggressive dogs! Has private and group classes available. And she will even come to your house.


Rafa Dutra

Kim is the best dog trainer ever!
She is indeed a dog whisperer and has all types of dog training skills!


Monica Crews

Kim is amazing! She works one on one, and in groups. Once our pup masters basic training, we will be working on training him as a service dog.


Mathew Lee Bitner

My wife and I were looking for very specific training after we'd completed puppy and intermediate classes from PetSmart. We used the app Thumbtack, to find a dog trainer and Kim was the most reviewed and highest rated trainer we found. She has been exceptional with our big puppy. Her facilities are great and her training has helped my wife and I become better puppy parents. � More...


Tiffany Gillespie Cruz

Best trainer ever and the love she shows to your little fury family members.


Kathryn Hotchkiss

Kim is the BEST. No one better. Her true love of dogs is what makes her the best. She is great with all dogs and all temperaments. I joined her class so Pumpkin could just get a refresher and be a little bit more disciplined. We eventually joined her group of Therapy dogs. I cannot be happier. Pumpkin enjoys the socialization. Great experience. Kim can handle any issue you throw at her. More...


Brette Stringham Goddard

We feel so lucky to have found Kim! Being first time dog owners we were overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities that came our way. We were way in over our heads with trying to train our new addition! That’s when we found Kim! Kim is a phenomenal trainer! She devotes her time and energy to each dog and helps them through their particular problem areas. Kim is easy to get a hold of when needed and is always prompt and timely when we have our private lessons scheduled! She goes out of her way to pick up, deliver or order anything we may need when it comes to our dog! Not only is Kim one of the most talented trainers she is one of the most KIND, LOYAL, HONEST and LOVING person I have ever met! She is always going above and beyond for others and she has never asked for anything in return but to see the smile on others faces when they are able to communicate with their pet!....thanks to Kim I am now a PROUD dog owner(never in a million years would I ever have thought I’d say that)!
Thank you for teaching Stewie and for showing us the techniques we need in order to sustain a lasting, respectable relationship with our dog!!! We feel SO lucky to have found the BEST DOG TRAINER IN THE STATE OF UTAH!!!


Shelley Love

We took two of our rescue dogs to Kim when we first got them, because the Momma was a bit protective of her pup, who we also adopted! We named them Lily and Cash! Lily was VERY high strung and active, but we were determined to help her! She was only a year old, and was a stray! Kim was amazing with Lily! She showed us how to take charge and show Lily who's the boss with love, not fear! Lily didn't like anyone but us, and she fell in love with Kim! We had our dogs with Kim for about 10 weeks! It was the best decision we ever made! They learned potty training, walking on a leash, no barking at other dogs, come when called, etc! But most of all, Lily learned trust in another human being, which was HUGE!! Thanks Kim!! More...


Jessica Stevens

I have worked with a wide variety of animals my entire life from dogs to horses, but when my heeler started showing some fear aggression to my boyfriend's puppy, I became really frustrated. Kim was able to come and do several private sessions with my girl and the puppy and I was also able to take my girl to group classes. I've seen a lot of improvement, the biggest being that my heeler and the puppy get along great now. I've witnessed many times what would seem like the impossible become possible in her classes and it's all centered around positivity. We haven't been to class in a while due to me changing jobs and starting school, but once I free up my schedule a bit more, I'm definitely taking my girl back. More...


Ariel Whiting

Kim trained 2 of my dogs. She did such a great job. One a puppy and the other a little over a year old. She was very patient and gave us the tools and the guidelines we needed to follow to make sure each dog was successful. She went over and beyond for our pups and we couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Kim to train or board your dogs. She is a very kind person and always willing to help you. More...

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I love working with animals and I love to watch the transition of a puppy into a well behaved dog or a dog with behavioral issues being corrected.