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Life Informed Fitness Training (LIFT) is a mobile personal training service helping clients make their impossible possible. I bring all the equipment to you so you can say goodbye to those unused gym memberships and achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home, garden or local park.



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I believe in a bespoke approach. We are all individuals with different mobility, strength and endurance levels which is why the 'one size fits all' training programmes don't work. I tailor training programmes to the needs of each client.

Appreciating all the awesome things your body can do. Long term health change comes from a place of love and dedication, not restrictive diets and physical punishment.

Sharing the joy when a client makes their impossible possible! Many clients really do not believe they will achieve their fitness goal until they find themselves crossing the finish line.

I have written a detailed post answering this question on my website. Please have a read.

My journey to a fit and healthy life has not been straightforward. Not only do I have the scientific knowledge to develop a bespoke training programme but I also possess personal experience of overcoming the physical health barriers that prevent us from living our best lives. This makes me ideally placed to help you smash your barriers and make your impossible possible.


Personal training in the comfort of your own home, garden or local park. You bring the commitment, I'll bring the equipment and together we will achieve all your fitness goals!

Not sure what are macro and micronutrient are? let alone how much of them you should be eating! This online service is for you. With a few body measurements and the completion of a physical activity questionnaire, I can set you on the path to a balanced, nutrient-dense diet that will have you living your best life!