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Frédéric Jollien

Rob is a fantastic human being with deep empathetic/sympathetic skills. I Highly recommended him to help you.


Derek Cullen

Rob is not just the man to speak with during a crisis but also at anytime, anywhere - cheers for all the advice �


Danny Al-Khafaji

Rob is a fantastic guy at doing what he does. He’s enthusiastic, relatable and is easy to understand. He will be sure to put you on the right track


Jeff Pine

Rob's a great man for helping people see the choices they have in front of them and helping those people make the right choices for where they are, in their lives, at that moment in time.

Highly recommended.


Katarzyna Cyrbus

Rob has a rare ability to make you think straight when you find yourself in a difficult situation. With great capacity to understand the position of others, doing his work in a very professional way. Worth its weight in gold when you are stuck and need a nudge to come up with solution. More...

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