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Johnny Ross

27 May 2016

I first went to see Tammy after I had torn my hamstring playing football. It was the 3rd time it went in a year. After a few weeks of treatment it felt much better and I was able to return to the team well ahead of schedule.I had more confidence when sprinting and no longer had back pain when driving. With regular visits I stayed injury free for the rest of the year. More...


Catherine R

27 May 2016

I started getting chiropractic care many years ago and have not looked back since! My name is Catherine Roche and I came across Life and Balance Centre at a very stressful time in my life. I was running a beauty therapist business at Inner Peace on Nutgrove Avenue, raising a toddler and recently broken-up with my partner and oh yes I had hurt my lower back (disc trouble).Dr. Tammy had said she could look at what was going on with my nervous system and what a shocker it was near exhaustion!! I was feeling very low due to everything that was going on in my life and the pain I was experiencing. I was taking painkillers for the pain. While my back was giving a lot of pain it also put a halt to one of my gra's of life which is skiing- I have been an instructor for over 15 years and skiing since I was three a couple of times a week so that was a huge void to me.My response to the treatment was very quick and people were commenting on firstly my posture, I was standing up straight,then those close to me had noticed a difference in my state of mind - I was told I got my 'spark' back and that's how I felt. The joy in being able to do things I had before taken for granted. I could take my little girl for a walk or play with her after a hard day's work instead of lying on the hard floor for half the night for fear of not being able to work the next day and I was able to ski again. These were things I had taken for granted before and I was now really seeing things in a different light.I bring my little girl to get adjusted too! From her first visit there were amazing changes with her. She stopped almost immediately falling all the time and went from being timid on her feet to sturdy and strong and seldom if ever now picks up any colds etc either in creche or from family!OK maybe there is a down side to this - no excuse for not doing house work - but I can live with that!!I go for weekly adjustments now not because I need it for pain relief but rather for the feel good factor.Thank you!!! More...


Peter R

27 May 2016

I play a lot of contact sports and before I met Dr Tammy it was a constant struggle to stay fit. I had had several unsuccessful major shoulder surgeries that kept me out of sport for three years and I was always worried about a another major injury stopping me for good. Since I started to get adjusted I started feeling better straight away, not just the injuries healing quicker but much less muscle tension, having more energy, sleeping better, being less stressed, being a nicer person to be around and just functioning nearer an optimal level. I now rarely or ever get a cold or flu and can say as I get older I feel fitter and healthier than ever. I now understand it's not your age that counts but how healthy you are regardless of age and that you have control of keeping yourself healthy.Now I would see my chiropractic adjustments as the most important part of my life for maintaining my health. As chiropractors work with the nervous system which sends all the messages from your brain to the rest of your body having this functioning at its best means my body works better. Dr Tammy is a wonderful chiropractor and natural healer and there is a great energy about the centre. I would recommend you go there if you want lifelong health. More...

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