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My training is one on one I love helping people and dogs . I have a lot of experience working with dogs in fact instead of you coming to me I will come to your home. So you can be relaxed and happy and I can find out what the problem is at your home.


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Rene Randall

11 September 2018

What an amazing master. You can trust Michael and his fur babies as they genuinely care. ❤️❤️❤️


Nancy Capone

11 September 2018

Mike did reiki on me from his home and I am at home. Since my body is feeling so much better. I slept like a baby that night waking with a ton of energy.

He's one of a kind, you have to try it. or call and speak with him if you have questions.


Susan M. Tragno-Gonsalves

12 August 2017

Mike was here for the first time today to help in training our almost 7 month Cavachon. I am speechless. He's one of God's earth Angels. He also did Reiki on my daughter who has PTSD and it just changed her sad face to a happy one . I read about people with special gifts and now I've met one . I BELIEVE !!!! Thanks Mike � More...


Bella Fabrizio

27 June 2017

My dog Mac was suffering from severe pan in one of his legs and was told by vets that he would have to face a surgery. Before listening to vets we reached out to Mike and he was able to help without hesitation. He performed reiki on Mac and now he is able to run,walk, and play without going through any surgery. We can't thank Mike enough for his help and we recommend him highly to all of our pet owning friends! More...


Diane Ousterling Hopkins

30 April 2016

Thanks Michael for sending a Reiki treatment to Butch! He is feeling better !


Linda Schroeder

17 March 2016

following a session, one of my very fearful and scared dogs actually made the decision to come inside ON HER OWN! Progress!


Merry Jo

6 November 2015

Mike performed Reiki on all our rescue pit bulls who all either have medical issues or some fears/anxieties. Great to see the calming effect !


Jean Asadoorian

30 October 2015

Micheal's, Distant Reiki, on my 18 yr old dog, is amazing..takes a special kind of person to be able to do this. A dedicated man to animals, and one with a great love and respect for them.


Nancy Capone

30 October 2015

Mike did reiki on me from his home and I am at home. Since my body is feeling so much better. I slept like a baby that night waking with a ton of energy.


I love dogs been doing this for my all my life since I was a kid. I have volunteered in Dog shelters and I see what happens when people just drop off the dog because it got old and got a puppy. It's sad now I have to retrain the dog and build up its confidence.

I love dogs and people I know that I will do a Great job working with you.

I am laid back I don't push my client because they wouldn't like it. And then the dog will shut down because it feels the stress.
You can also check out my Instagram account Liberty Pet Coach
Facebook page Liberty Pet Coach you will like what people post about me nothing is negative about how I train