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LEVY's mission is to Make your Marketing Count!

LEVY employs a unique B2B hybrid of market mapping, inbound marketing, content strategy, traditional advertising, and B2C creativity that has resulted in 7x more leads and >9x ROMI for industrial and technology companies everywhere.


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Samuel Gau

26 October 2018

Levy has a bright future ahead of it, with Francois at its head the company will surely flourish and become a beacon of innovation at the heart of Steel City.


Florence Hamel

26 October 2018

Congratulations to Francois Gau for acquiring the company and for Mr. Levy for entrusting Francois with taking the company to its next phase of growth and success! I have no doubt that with the existing team, LEVY Industry is going to become the leader in marketing and advertising in the Pittsburgh area and beyond! More...


JetStor San

10 October 2018

Excellent service, ideas and execution.

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Our motto: Create emotions via simple branding, appealing graphics and videos, persona messaging and clear CTA's

What is your strategy?
What are your goals?
Do you have systems in place to measure direct returns on marketing spent?
How is your marketing budget split between inbound and outbound?

We usually start with our proprietary Market Mapping process which allows clients and us to narrow down the priority segments and personas we need to focus on. From there we do deep market research to identify what we call "watering holes" to find out where these persona go to get ideas, inspirations and key words that would drive responses. We then get into creative mode to adapt or re-create branding and positioning elements that will be used in discrete campaign through the execution phase.

We can start with a simple interview, which takes usually 1 hour. When we get into Market Mapping and strategy development, we ask for specific data that is usually readily available. When we get to creative, we usually request face to face collaborative sessions to nail down the messaging, branding and campaign elements. Lastly, when we're in production, we have weekly stand up reviews and monthly management reviews.

I really like sharing my passion for business development with clients and providing guidance for growth by leveraging 30+ of experience managing very large marketing and sales organizations and running strategy and business development. I also like challenges, working with a small start up to a very large organization in any given day.

Sharing what I learnt at very large organizations and packaging it efficiently for small and medium companies that don't have the staff and budget to develop and implement an effective inbound marketing strategy. With marketing automation tools behind more and more affordable. I felt I could help many in what is largely an underserved market.

I am often called the "practical imagineer". With decades of experience in B2B, I have touched almost every tech and industrial sector and can bring that know how to you in a practical and result driven manner.