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LevelUP are "changing the face of property management". We are a property management company able to offer a more personalised, transparent and customer friendly service through modern management methods using technology and unrivalled levels of customer service.


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kylie coates

6 April 2019

Very professional company to deal with. Efficient and pro-active in their approach


Carroll Downing

6 March 2019

The communication levels were excellent from levelup! Really easy to get hold of and very proactive in getting things sorted in our block!I’ve experienced numerous different property managers in a couple different developments and Freddy and the rest of the team have been a level above! More...

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The opportunities to meet a whole host of interesting people, and the opportunity to provide better property management - and see smiles on faces along the way!

Years of working in property management! The industry is old-fashioned, outdated and an overwhelming amount of customers are unhappy with the service being provided. Labour turnover is high and many employees who enter the industry do not view it as a career - and the people who lose out most are the customers. We see no reason why the industry views its problems as 'just the way it is' - there absolutely is an opportunity to change the face of property management... so LevelUP was formed.

Because we care. We don't manage 'blocks' and 'units' - we manage people's homes and investments. This mind-set coupled with our focus on technology and modern management, allow us to deliver a better property management service to developers, landlords and residents.