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There are two main steps in correcting and maintenance of normal function

1. Structural Integrity

Reestablishing Structural Integrity is very important in maintaining good health. Structural stress, by inhibiting nerve flow, can decrease the efficiency of your cells, organs, glands, and systems, and thus may be the cause of many health issues.


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8 August 2019

I contacted Liza about my newly diagnosed celiac disease and found her services to be very beneficial physically as well as educationally! I am making steady progress in managing my stomach pain, weight and energy loss issues and am getting all of my questions answered. I highly recommend her for her expertise in Bowen body work and her holistic approach to self healing and nutrition! She is very knowledgeable and shares knowledge in a patient, easy to understand manner. More...

7 August 2019

I am impressed with Liza's knowledge, and ongoing study, of nutrition and how it relates to personal health.  Her holistic approach to diet and health improvement tracks with my own research and we are able to converse on a wide spectrum of healthy living. Her pain management, Bowen body work, has a favorable effect on my pain and energy issues.  I am very pleased to have found her and engage her services in helping me with my celiac disease management.  I highly recommend Let It Heal Now for diet and pain issues! More...

26 February 2019

Discovered Liza while researching help on chronic gut issues and ongoing recovery from a host of sports injuries. Wasn't at all familiar with Bowen previously, but have found the time spent with Liza to be nothing but great. She takes time to listen while you answer her questions about your history as well as where you are looking for improvement. She's always kept our early goals in mind during my subsequent sessions and builds from session to session.I've experienced both immediate short-term relief during painful recovery (knee surgery, spine issues, shoulder tear) and longer-term improvement in stress levels and general well-being. Always feel better after my time on the table.She's great. Highly recommended. More...

4 February 2019

I've been seeing Liza for a year now, starting with her Bowen treatments for minor pain and mostly stress. I've had other types of treaments over the years, and can only say that Liza definitely has a healing touch. I always feel so much better after a session. Liza also helped me with nutrition and eating better. I haven't been able to lose any weight in30 years, and have lost 30 LBS as well as inches in the last 8 months. She is very supportive, knowledgeable , caring, and very passionate about what she does. I would highly recommend her.Thank you Liza! More...

1 August 2018

My daughter and I have been going to Liza for years.  We just love her and love Bowen.  She has helped us sooo much with pain thoughout the years.  My daughter had cancer and Liza was a lifesaver and helped her with pain.  I broke my back years ago, and she helped me so much. She is so sweet, calm, kind, listens to you, I can't say enough about her. Thank you, Liza. More...

7 October 2016

I was first introduced to Heal It Now through an employers health fair and followed up with nutrition and health counseling. I had within the year lost a lot of weight and was seeing it come back through bad diet choices, she worked with me to tailor a food plan that would meet my needs. We met weekly to make sure that I was on target and she trained me how to eat normal every day foods and not rely on eating out for my meals. Great plan and great energy. More...

24 September 2016

I have been going to Liza for a variety of treatments for many years, first in Foster City, now in San Mateo. I always feel better afterwards, whether it is for massage or treatment for a sore back, shoulders, and neck. Recently she has been focusing on me generally needing to feel healthier. She works with everything, assimilating what I eat to physically balancing my body with Bowen and Applied Muscular-Skeletal Techniques. I am amazed and delighted after each session as I feel more energized, relaxed, invigorated, and strengthened-all at the same time. Liza is quiet, warm, and has a calming influence. She works efficiently and is very effective at knowing what will help with individual needs. More...

21 September 2016

I have been seeing Liza for about 7 years. Not only has she helped me with my pain, she had helped improve range of motion in a foot that no western medicine Dr could do. I love seeing her. She is always growing and learning new techniques. I trust her implicitly. While bowen is not a well known pain management treatment, I suggest you keep an open mind and try her out. She is my personal mericle worker. More...

14 September 2016

Wow I can't believe it.  I went in to see Liza for a Bowen treatment with an extremely painful knee problem, Iimping badly and having trouble walking.  After my treatment I felt so much better but my knee was still very sore.  The amazing thing is as the day progressed I got better and better and I could walk really well, normally and hardly feel any soreness in my knee. It really is quite remarkable that I was having so much trouble walking and limping and walking with my leg stretched out because it hurt to bend it and then I was walking fine!  I have seen Liza for a few different health issues and always improved after treatment.  I have had great results with jaw issues, alignment, sinus issues as well as other issues. I highly recommend Liza as she is very efficient, effective as well as a very caring practitioner.  The Bowen technique is so gentle yet is such an effective healing technique.FYI she has an office in San Mateo and in Sunnyvale More...

29 June 2016

I have suffered from sciatica off and on for years - mostly on for the past five+ years.  In years past I opted for traditional physical therapy, which did give me some relief from pain for a while.  A friend told me about Liza after she had  been treated for sciatica.  Bowen Therapy is hard to describe;  not a massage, not heating up muscles and manipulating them, not chiropractic - no pain or cracking.  I was relieved of pain after my first visit, and actually felt endorphins from my scalp to my toes - something I'd never experienced in more traditional approaches to sciatica.  Liza's approach is a whole body balancing experience. I am now free from sciatic pain.  I have since had her help me with other areas of pain, including pain in my jaw from gritting my teeth during a very stressful time and the improvement is amazing.  Liza is very professional and caring and I highly recommend her. Give Liza and Bowen a try and you will not be disappointed! More...

13 April 2016

I just saw Liza for some neck pain issues I have been having for months. I saw a chiropractor 2 times and felt no better. I should have just seen her to begin with . Liza did Bowen on me and while I can't explain why it works...it does.  She not only helped my neck pain but helped improve movement in an ankle problem I have had for years. She truly is a gem. I have tried physical therapy, stretching, everything for my ankle and in what seemed like an instant it's so much better. She is a true healer. I will be back. And I highly recommend her!!!! More...

23 December 2015

The moment I met Liza I knew I wanted to work with her. She's calming, present, knowledgeable, professional and passionate. The Bowen technique and Metabolic typing have been helpful to get rid of pain and maintain comfort. I have also received a pregnancy massage from her last year. Liza has expert hands. I recommend scheduling a consultation with her ASAP. More...

21 December 2015

I was diagnosed with three bulging disks in my neck after my accident and suffered from a chronic pain in my shoulders and neck for a while. I have tried many things - different kidns of massage, chiropractor  but they all helped temporarily. Bowen Method was completely new to me. It is definitely not a massage. When I saw Liza, she was very attentive to my needs and very supportive. I went to see her multiple times and after each time I got a surprising amount of relief. Liza is VERY knowledgeable in her field of expertise and a great healer. She looks at your entire body and your lifestyle and offers advise on many more levels than just giving you a Bowen Treatment. Just  presence is very grounding where you know and feel that you are in truly caring hands. I highly trust and recommend Liza for Bowen Method. More...

18 December 2015

I decided to see Liza for Bowen therapy session because of my back pain and headaches. From the start, working with Liza was a completely different experience than the other therapists I had seen. It was clear that she knew what she was talking about, and she was relaxed and no-pressure.The first thing Liza does is your posture assessment. Then she eliminates dysfunctional tensions in your body. I have to tell that Bowen therapy is gentle, but very powerful type of bodywork. If you haven't heard of it, you need to look it up. If you have pain to get rid of, call Liza today and book your first session. More...

19 June 2014

I was a first-time Bowen Method client, and really amazed at this technique.I came in with a lot of chronic pain and imbalance. Now, several major chronic pains are almost gone. My spine is much closer to perfect alignment, and I find myself sitting with perfect, ballet posture. Bowen is totally new to me. The closest comparison I know of is Feldenkrais, which retrains the nervous system to relax and balance the deep layer of muscles that massage can't reach. The Bowen session also came with a feeling of total bodily and mental relaxation. It reminded me of a good Reiki session. I have been so much calmer and more productive since my session. Liza doesn't sell herself and has a very quiet personality, but I think she feels strongly about offering real skills. That's what I get bodywork for, not hype and bubbles. (Her music is great, though.) A 6 session package offers a very good price for personal bodywork from a well trained practitioner. (Try pricing out Reiki work!)  The individual session price is not bad either.The environment isn't "spa," it's health club, fairly basic but clean and quiet. The prices aren't spa prices either.Yes, that building complex is hard to navigate, but it's right off highway 92 so it's convenient. You are heading for the Foster City Health Club. From Chess Dr., enter the complex at the entrance with the Fed Ex and USPS mailboxes. Go straight to the back of the lot, turn left and park where you see the Health Club entrance. More...

18 February 2011

I have been going to Liza for massage therapy twice a month without fail for several years.  Recently I moved to SoCal so sadly I'm not able to go as often; however, I still consider her my only and best massage therapist.  In fact, I make a special effort to plan an appointment every time I'm in the bay area and wow! do I look forward to it!  Besides giving a relaxing and healing massage, Liza makes a point to be informed and informs her clients about many aspects of health and wellness.  I enjoy her monthly newsletters, advice on nutrition and diet, and recently some great skin care products.  Besides being a professional, Liza is someone I have enjoyed getting to know and look forward to visiting as a friend.  Do yourself a favor and get to know her as well. More...

9 November 2009

I have to say that if you are an athlete or even just a weekend warrior like so many of us these days.  If you are a  little banged up with sore muscles aching or strained, then look no further.  Liza  is an expert in utlizing Bowen Therapy to get back on the field, the court, or on treadmill.  I myself have never had such success with any other form or therapy, and the results have been 5 star each time.  Next time you want to make sure you can run, jump, shoot, slide, climb or whatever for that Tuesday night league game or simple run around the block, give Bowen Therapy and Liza a chance!  You 'll be amazed! More...

21 September 2009

I have been going to Liza for Bowen therapy for a couple of years.  She is fabulous!  She always listens very carefully and I walk out of there a new person.  I'm constantly amazed at the pain-relief that is provided by this therapy and Liza's expertise in implementing it.  Best of all, it is extremely gentle.  I have highly recommended Liza to my friends who have reoccurring pain and to those who just need a great massage. More...

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Healthy diet is a cornerstone of the person's health. Good health is so much more than absence of illness, but nutrition is a big chunk of it and we have full control over it. Everyone can take control of their health and it all starts with food.

My passion is to work with people like you whose health symptoms--like gut/digestive issues, excess weight, low energy, and skin & sleep problems--are getting in the way of you living life fully and with a sense of freedom in your body. I help you to regain your health so you can feel great and free to enjoy life fully.

My own health journey inspired me to leave engineering and become a health practitioner and help others to reclaim their health and well-being.

I am very passionate about my work. Everything I do, is about optimizing the function. I never chase the symptoms, nut rather work as a health detector to get to the root cause of the ailment or dysfunction.