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I am a voice, accent & presentation skills coach bringing the most effective aspects of theatrical practise into the corporate sector in order to achieve outstanding results for clients & customers whatever their level.

My work ranges from interview technique, presentation skills for everyone from C-suite to junior clerks, clarity of speaking for all levels which also includes accent softening & increasing audibility.


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shuchita mittal

28 December 2018

Wonderful trainer for voice coaching


Jennie Neumann

28 November 2018

A friend suggested Leon when I was looking for a new singing/acting coach in London. I cannot recommend him enough. He’s so knowledgeable and so easy to work with. My voice has changed and grown incredibly since I met him. Not only does he help me with my vocal technique but he also works the acting side of songs as well. It’s so hard to find someone who does both. I’ve also used him for scene work as well as dialect coaching. He literally can help you with anything. More...

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I love working with people, being inspired by their own & seeing my work have a positive effect on their lives both personally & professionally. The moment of realisation & knowing what you need to go away & work on in order to see a marked improvement & move a step closer to your target is also a huge pleasure to be a part of...

My work is unique in the field. I bring aspects of my time in the corporate sector, extensive theatrical experience as well as being a highly qualified & experienced educator with expert knowledge about voice & performance into the room. My work is entirely focussed on you & your journey to achieving your goals both short & long-term.

I will always give you something tangible to take away from the session so that you can take ownership of what you can do to improve & how you can make that happen.



Do you need to work on an aspect of your voice? Then this is a great option for you! - Accent? - Difficulty with clarity/being heard/understood? - Anxiety or Extreme nervousness when presenting or speaking in meetings or public? - Have you been told there is nothing wrong with your voice, but you feel there is something you want to change?

Singing is a great way to feel better. A wonderful means of expression. All too often people resist singing because "they always told me I couldn't sing" or "you couldn't teach ME to sing..." or any number of negative things you tell yourself. The truth is that almost everyone can sing & I'm ABSOLUTELY up for the challenge. It's mainly about how much YOU want to do it... It's also great for teams to sing together too...perhaps your whole team could do with some coaching & perhaps all sing together regularly?

It really isn't as simple as just getting up & talking...at least not for most people! Come & learn more about how your voice works, why you might just be sabotaging yourself without knowing you're doing it & how to actively counteract those tendencies. Sounds too good to be true...come & try it out...I dare you...

Your presentation has been written, it's nicely structured, there are lots of cool transitions, there's a video clip & some nice images...that's good enough, right? Well...not really... YOU are the one giving the presentation & 'people buy people not products' after all. So if you're not engaging, articulate, interesting & passionate, how on earth are you going to be successful? This doesn't just go for sales, but also for academia, teaching, key-note speaking & all sorts of other situations. Come & see how we can work together to make things better.

Do you have an audition coming up for a job or drama school? After more than a decade of directorial, coaching, teaching & auditioning experience working with & alongside countless actors, acting students & auditionees Leon has an extremely sharp eye for what's not quite working in an actor's performance. Coaching is bespoke to the individual & we work on what YOU need. Actor coaching ranges for drama school audition preparation & piece selection, to working with professional actors on text, technical aspects of performance &/or voice etc. Send an email to coaching@leontrayman.co.uk to discuss how Leon's work can help you.