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Ariel N.

16 May 2018

Located on Deerwood Park Blvd, Lemington Consulting specializes in the design and development of quality, innovative information technology solutions for business organizations. With thirty years of IT professional experience, they are a good option to consider if you are seeking organizational solutions and remote support for facilitating growth, effective/efficient competition, and cost reduction.Their Jacksonville office is one of four regional offices - the others are located in Atlanta, Miami, and Tampa.  In 2014, CIO Review Magazine named Lemington Consulting as one of the 20 most promising enterprise software companies in the US.  Give 877 536-4648 a ring for more information. More...



4 June 2009

It has been said that, in life, that you get what you pay for. But, at J & M Creations, we have found that this statement is not entirely correct, at least as far as David Lemington is concerned. For David has returned, to J & M Creations, a future place among the most successful software companies in exchange for his well deserved programming fees. He has permanently earned, many times over, our companies undying loyalty and respect. One very wonderful aspect of working with David, that we immediately noticed, was this: even when we weren't sure of exactly what we wanted, David intuitively knew precisely what our program needed. He would present several options for us to choose from, but the head of our company continually found herself defering to David Lemingtons best judgement. This man is reliable, a man you can trust. He is the most professional microsoft certified programmer that we have ever met. As a person, although David is renown for much in regards to his fine character and very kind heart, we feel compelled to highlight the fact that he is extremely patient. David never, ever made any of us feel self conscious about any shortfall in technilogical information related to computer science. David Lemington knows what he is doing. We have attempted twice, in the past, on two separate occasions to employ two separate, very capable, very skillful programmers to re-write the homeschoolsolutions.com software. This program proved extremely difficult; a challenging piece of software to complete. In the end, it required the genius of David Lemington to forge the foundations of the newly expanded and vastly improved record keeping database which we now sell at Homeschoolsolutions.com. Thanks to the brilliant and seasoned hand of David Lemington and his highly specialized professional team of experts, the future of our small company is set on a solid and level road to financial success. There is no programming job in existence which is too difficult for David Limington. regards, the entire staff at J & M Creations More...

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