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Leiston Enterprise Centre

Norwich, Norfolk


Leiston Enterprise Centre

Norwich, Norfolk


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27 April 2019

Fantastic, professional agency with a personal touch. I dealt with Sian who kept me up to date every step of the way on my progress in my new role, helped calm any doubts I had about myself & was so lovely through the whole process. From start to finish, 2 interviews & I had the job in a week and start on Monday so thank you so much. Highly recommended. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ More...

26 November 2018

Very clean and complete setup.

30 September 2018

Great support for small business accounting from John Clarke

31 August 2018

NWES secured me funding for my home care agency two years ago, and I'm now running a successful business.Though the business plan I'd put together before first contact was apparently to quite a high standard, NWES were on hand to provide comprehensive help with the entire process. They were particularly good with advice on aspects of starting a business you might not necessarily think about, such as cashflow.Paul Walmsley dealt with my application, and I couldn't commend him highly enough for the way he was sympathetic to the aims of small business owners, yet commercially aware. One thing to consider before applying for funding is that while you might have a passion for starting something, there might not be sufficient demand for it to be commercially viable; nor might it be sustainable. If your idea is flawed, the process of application should highlight those flaws - if you're worth your salt you'll adapt or scrap it.No lender is in the business of throwing money away, and it would not be beneficial to either party for a loan to be awarded for something that will fail in its first year. Don't be a doughnut and submit a bad review - dust yourself off and learn from the experience. More...

29 June 2018

Been to the venue a few times. Great service

28 May 2018

Great non-profit company who help small businesses to reach their full potential. Grants, advice, courses and office space (+virtual office) on offer.

27 May 2018

Excellent service received from both Elliott and James. They are true professionals.

25 May 2018

Smart and clean, nice working environment

28 May 2017

The first steps to start-up and marketing workshops were extremely useful!

27 May 2017

Well built office building with knowledgeable and friendly staff.

28 May 2016

Thank you Jessica Collin, Midori Coleman and all team from NWES, for helping me to start up my business. Amazing people, passion for business and 5/5 stars business service! My beautiful journey to success just started. More...

28 May 2015

We think these guys are awesome, The staff are lovely, 24hr access and showers.
If you are a startup you would be foolish to not look at office space here